▲Spoilin’ for a Fright▽ / Spoiler vs. Craven

▲Spoilin’ for a Fright▽ / Spoiler vs. Craven

▲Spoilin’ for a Fright▽ — Spoiler vs. Craven

by Orion

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by Cab

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# 11   Posted: Nov 9 2019, 10:38 PM
Orion: Man, I'm so sad it seems like you didn't get to finish this! It had such a good setup and I was so jazzed to see how the battle ended that I kept clicking on the page hoping it'd get to the next page haha. My biggest critique is that the first three panels got a little confusing on what order to read them in at first. That first panel of page 2 though is just. So good. Love the composition of it :D

Cab: I don't have much to add that hasn't been said already, but I will say that despite wishing there was more Craven and less Veruca, I did at least enjoy the storyline!! And the climax was really neat, it was a great visual payoff.

# 10   Posted: Oct 27 2019, 11:53 PM
barely made it lol. great job, both of you! cab you are just a terrifying force when it comes to art battles. you pack so much detail, even rendering huge crowds of people, and even some minor shading and special effects! Orion, I love your panel layout, and your contrasting panels. Really love your artistic growth, especially with composition! good battle, guys!

# 9   Posted: Oct 27 2019, 09:10 PM
Orion - Somehow, I feel like a page or two is missing.  Love the set-up, though.

Cab - I enjoyed the story.  However, I felt Craven didn't get a lot of screentime here.

# 8   Posted: Oct 27 2019, 05:35 PM
@Orion: You did a good job on adding texture lines and action lines to your background to help separate the characters from the background. Page 2 was my favorite because I enjoyed seeing all the action in there. You captured the movement of the attacks well. You are improving a lot with these short comics, keep up the good work!

@Cab: Page 1 was amazing with all the details, you are really good at fleshing out backgrounds and giving them so much life. You portrayed your opponent well, showing that Spoiler is this imposing force. The tactic used to defeat him was very clever. Your work is always impressive!

# 7   Posted: Oct 27 2019, 05:19 PM
Orion- loving the spot blacks here and again, art quality is improving in every comic! Ah it is such a shame you weren't able to finish!

Cab - HOLY SMOKES!  Excuse me while I put my jaw back up. How long did this take you? Give me an honest answer lol. I can't even create this much quality content in 4 weeks. Hats off to you. And is that a Raven cameo I see or is it just wishful thinking on my part XD. As others have said, this felt more like Spoiler vs Veruca more than anything and that is my only complaint really. I wish I saw more of Craven (even though I love Veruca as well!) .

# 6   Posted: Oct 26 2019, 05:31 PM
Orion: Craven feels right at home in your artwork. It's only two pages, but I am really digging the action in the second page.

Cab: Loving these costume choices! I agree that it is more of a Veruca comic, but they do go together well enough. I wonder if it's for the best that the ending implies Craven is dead to her. I also like the running gag of the Sphinx, even though there's something of a "Saturday Morning Cartoons with Computers" element to the resolution... but DANG this was a 24 hour comic so having such a beginning, middle and end is super.

Community Manager
# 5   Posted: Oct 24 2019, 05:20 PM
Orion: I was into it, shame you couldn't finish though

Cab: Not many artists bring their multiple characters worlds together, it's neat but be careful about overindulging in it at the expense of your opponent. In this case it didn't really suffer from that, it's great to see you picking up the baton from Deji with creative ways to deal with Spoiler. Your blinding fast output is impressive as usual but I'm gonna keep trumpeting about working with varying (and smaller) line widths til I see it happen! There's still times here and there where the taperless monowidth lines make images harder to read than they should be

Community Manager
# 4   Posted: Oct 23 2019, 11:06 PM
Orion: I like the experiment with the paneling here, also the heavy inks are really good. though since it was a one day it ended up a bit messy and a bit hard to read, i would still like you try this style again since it's pretty cool.

Cab: Good job getting so much done in one day, it's really impressive how much you're able to do so quickly so good job with that. I don't generally find the line thickness too much of an issue normally, however the stuff with the flames is a bit hard to read, for stuff like that i would recommend trying a different brush maybe a less opaque one to have it be grayer or even a smaller brush, i do know you work kind of at this size so it's hard to go smaller but maybe you can work at a bitter size to get more variety with line thickness.

# 3   Posted: Oct 20 2019, 03:17 AM
Orion - I like the spot blacks and the intensity of the motions on page 2. Nice setup too - Craven obviously knowing the place has a negative energy but not suspecting the object right under his nose being the source!

The panelling kinda threw me off though. I wasn’t always sure what order I was supposed to read in, and the use of characters as “box outlines”, while pretty creative, makes the confusion worse. And I would liked to have seen at least a sketch of the final page so I could see the complete story ^^”

Cab - I love the idea of this being set in a costume party! I never really thought of Spoiler possibly using the event to sneak in and then kill a bunch of people, but it’s a really good tact. I also thought it was clever to overload him with a bunch of questions, really playing the system there haha. And again, amazing job producing so damn much in such a short time.

However this... really felt like a Veruca battle, not Craven’s. The focus is on her, and she has almost double the “screen time” (as it were) as Craven. That, and the usual line thickness and busy-ness issues I’ve mentioned before are my biggest problems here.

# 2   Posted: Oct 20 2019, 02:43 AM
Orion, nice blacks! quality is nice enough. though watch your paneling. the first page should have been inverted on the top three panels to make sense in reading direction. i´m sure with more time there would have been more content to enjoy. didnt get too far into the story sadly.

cab, i don´t recognize any difference quality wise in this compared to longer battles which is amazing. can only hope to get to that level someday. have rarely seen such consistency. my only real complaint is that it gets confusing with such many characters in cramped pages like this. it delivers the sense of a cramped party well but is also somehow distracting. here and there a more simplistic series of panels for the eye to rest would have been nice. Maybe pull out the camera a little more. its all pretty dense.

# 1   Posted: Oct 19 2019, 12:22 AM
Time for a Burly Brawl!

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