Living Meat / Elizabeth vs. Tyidid

Living Meat / Elizabeth vs. Tyidid

Living Meat — Elizabeth vs. Tyidid

by Flytee

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tags: action, catherine, elizabeth, fair, jumps, staffs, the terminator, tyidid

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# 11   Posted: Nov 9 2019, 10:21 PM
Flytee: I really enjoyed your comic! Personally I didn't mind that Elizabeth seemed to be talking past Tyidid, since that sorta felt in-character for her lol. Poor Tyidid. Can't catch a break. I do kinda agree that you could've made the initial kill a lot clearer, I did find myself having to go back to realize what Tyidid meant when he mentioned someone dying, though on second glance it became a lot clearer.

Reecer: For me, there wasn't really a lack of clarity as to what happened with the staff--the overall plot was pretty amusing, and there were some moments that got a good chuckle out of me. Especially that last page :P
The chase scene was, art-wise, really well done; lots of dynamic shots and some good action poses. And, on its own, the Terminator joke is funny--for me, the problem is that it doesn't really go with the chase scene. I get that that's kind of the point, that the joke was supposed to be Tyidid talking about something silly when he's running for his life, but in a comic medium it just doesn't work imo; action sequences like chase scenes are supposed to lead the eye and convey a sense of fast-paced movement, but the dialog of Tyidid explaining the different Terminators forces the reader to slow down which in turn really interrupts the flow of the chase scene. It would've been an excellent joke in a movie, or animated, but imo it just... doesn't work comic-wise.

Happy May 25th! -Reecer6
# 10   Posted: Oct 29 2019, 05:47 AM
definitely would admit the terminator stuff is my most cow tools-like joke so far. but you know, i still liked it :v

thanks for all the comments! honestly was mostly wondering if the short chase sequence itself would be well received and i'm taking the complete lack of comments on it as a decisive "yes," that it was SO FLUID and SO CONVINCING that you hardly could take note of it. and of course, FLYTEE'S COMIC IS EXCELLENT, THANK YOU FOR THE BATTLE!

# 9   Posted: Oct 27 2019, 05:35 AM
Thank you for the lovely comments and helpful crits! It's massively appreciated.
also cheers Reecer for the battle, I had a lot of fun with this! :)

# 8   Posted: Oct 26 2019, 07:19 PM
Superb quality on both sides for the one week amount of time. Sheesh how do you guys do this? I need tips.

Flytee - You're easily becoming one of my favorite artists in this site. Consistent great quality and unique style. Plus I love your quirky and fun story telling. I really don't have any crits (or I am drawing a blank). Keep doing what you're doing :)

Reecer - I just want to appreciate your backgrounds so much. None ofthem look rushed and really felt like I was  watching a cartoon. The colors are so nice and clean. Aside from what the others mentioned about the terminator ref, I have once crit on the last panel: I thought Catherine had a severed head. Her hair blended too much in the background. Maybe something to watch out for next time : try to consider the composition as well and plan your environments so they also highlight the characters and not let them  get lost in or with the background :). Objects can be used to direct the readers' eyes as well so use it to your advantage!

Great job both of you though!

# 7   Posted: Oct 26 2019, 06:09 PM
Flytee - This was an entertaining read.  However, I feel I need to know more about this gang that keeps threatening Tydid and what Elizabeth plans on doing to that gang.

Reecer - Your anatomy is improving.  However, I feel that you could have left out the parts of dialouge constantly mentioning different versions of The Ternimator.

# 6   Posted: Oct 26 2019, 04:40 PM
Flytee: These characters have some chemistry, even though it's the kind where they're talking past each other because one is so caught up in her the thing and the other just wants to make a buck and not die. I like the use of grey with increasing touches of color to indicate an afterlife that Elizabeth would be bored of. I'm not sure if color for thinking but white for speaking works here. I was unsure for a moment who was talking. The fact that she killed someone went completely over my head the first read until more than just a little of the body appaeared. I thought she'd just scraped Tyidid. Rereading, I can see it, but I don't think your visuals brought enough attention to it.

Reecer: .... XD Staff Infection?! This was funny, although I wish there could have been a little more payoff at the end. Maybe a "Do not Drink The Product" sign or something. Also, maybe a shoddy staff pouch needed a little more displaying, since... "staff pouch" is such an odd thing anyway. Or is the joke that it could only ever be shoddy, so "how could a staff pouch be shoddy" misses the point?

Community Manager
# 5   Posted: Oct 24 2019, 04:55 PM
Flytee: I'm just here waiting for the official published or webcomics from you at this point, even with the 1 week deadline this material's too solid. I usually tell people to skip handwriting if they can't get it to look good and switch to a font or even a self-made font but you make a good argument for sticking to hand-writing

Reecer: Usually your writing is sharper but this one didn't grab me as much, the ending particularly feels rushed and the terminator gag didn't seem worth the effort without another terminator-related punchline at the end. Also what happened to these pages' borders? there's just empty gray on both sides as far as I can see

keep it up guys!

Community Manager
# 4   Posted: Oct 23 2019, 11:12 PM
Flytee: I love Elizabeth and producing this much content in one week is very impressive. great job with this. I don't really have any crits i just enjoyed this and always like seeing more stuff seeing Elizabeth since she's such a fun character.

Reecer: I like that you're trying more different and dynamic angles, also the backgrounds for this comic are really good especially for a one weeker. You have the same problem I do with stiff gestures so you should also trying to capture the gesture of some figure poses in 30 second 1 minute figure drawings. also I didn't fully get Tydid's remarks since on page 3 I thought Fahnolian was the name of some obscure director and weird indie version of the terminator before i realized you were talking about other planets. that being said the ending was really funny.

# 3   Posted: Oct 22 2019, 12:29 PM
I can't believe i went all this time whitout knowing the existence of Elizabeth! She easily became one of my fave characters from void lol (too bad she's dead).
I'm also a fan of tyidid since i read his intro, and i was very excited to know there would be a new battle with him.
They both have a good chemistry and both stories were fun to read.
I also find it amazing that you two could color your comics so well in the span of a week! (i wish i knew how to manage my time this well so i could color my comics in time lol)
Good job to both of you! <3

# 2   Posted: Oct 21 2019, 07:25 PM
Flytee - I really like Elizabeth’s design and you manage to pull of Tyidid’s expressions really well despite him basically just being a pair of eyes! I’ll also echo Boogi’s comment in that I enjoyed the limited palette. I especially like when Elizabeth used her powers on the corpse and you get swirling green from her side with a backdrop of purple for Tyidid.

I didn’t really feel like characters had physicality in this comic though? When Elizabeth flicked the eyeball creature and when she accidentally stabbed the gang leader, I didn’t sense any impact at all. (More on character interaction at the end of the comment, bc I feel it applies to both of you).

Reecer - Good job on doing full colour and freaking crowded market scenes for many of the pages. That’s really impressive for a one-weeker. Honestly all of your backgrounds were very detailed so kudos for that.

This comic was.. very muddled though, imo. It took me a few reads to realise how Tyidid got the staff, and that Elizabeth was talking to the person next to her - the other character isn’t really looking at her, and since she is dressed mostly in white she doesn’t stand out that much more from the rest of the crowd. As for the staff, I think there’s too much of an assumption jump - we see the staff fall, a guy looking slightly sketchy.. and then we see Tyidid with it. I think even one extra panel of the guy with the staff at his own stall would have cleared it up.

There’s something I didn’t like about both of your comics as well, and that’s the fact that in both, one character just kind of stumbles into the others path and they don’t have strong reasons to interact. They’re not passive per se, but they’re not exactly active either, if that makes sense?

# 1   Posted: Oct 21 2019, 02:24 PM
@Flytee: Your choice of limited colors really suited your story, for example, the overcast gray color for the afterlife was
effective in conveying the lifelessness in that realm. Panel 1 on Page 9 was my favorite because I liked the staging in there.
The story had good flow and a unique sense of macabre humor. The part about flushing the skull down the bog made me laugh.

@Reecer6: I like how you put a lot of effort in illustrating the environment in terms of not only drawing buildings but also large crowds of people to populate the background. These crowds look in proportion too, which is amazing. The dialogue was lively and humorous.The staggered panel on page 3 really added some more impact to the content contained with the panel, that was a good choice.

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