Month of the Dead: Dead Meat / Wendigo vs. Catherine

Month of the Dead: Dead Meat / Wendigo vs. Catherine

Month of the Dead: Dead Meat — Wendigo vs. Catherine

by kubo

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by Sunrise

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques

Critiques & Comments
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Global Moderator
# 7   Posted: Nov 6 2019, 05:15 PM
Kubo: thank you for the Akira reference! Good stuff all around, I got nothing to add RN

Sunrise: I enjoy the mind altering scene shift, shame it's incomplete but hope to see more from you going forward

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Nov 3 2019, 07:52 PM
Kubo: Your technical skills area amazing and I love seeing your comics. Your story is also really good in this. the only technical crit i have for this comic is that some of Catherines swings seem to read the wrong way, but that could just be me. Like the 2nd panel on page 2 I looked at wendigo's reaction to being thrown before seeing the arm doing the throwing, also the final panel on page 10 i'm not sure what Catherine is aiming as as it looks like  Wendigo id going upwards to dodge but the arm seems like it's totally behind him.

Also in discord you recently asked some stuff you would like to us to see in Wendigo's story so I will add on to what i said before; More conflict and cons from his power. As he gets more homunculi they should start to have conflicting goals that cause them to clash and maybe force Wendigo into a leader position. Right now they just blindly follow them and it feels a little unearned for Wendigo and want to see Wendigo prove himself as a leader and make them follow him or also seeing him internally struggle as the homonculi goals start to conflict with each other. Catherine is a great chance for this with stealing the power of a god. I wantt see more of your comics and more Wendigo and look forward to them.

Sunrise: I love dramatic and heavy inks as well as the sketchyness for this. I also like the concept of Wendigo going on a trip trying to eat catherine's body However you should try to make certain parts cleaner so that when you go sketchy it feels more intentional. On page 3 panel 2 Wendigo's hand is made of rough sketch lines that doesn't look intentional, you need to show some line confidence and clean lines so that when you go sketch for bigger shots or dramatic shots we can tell it's more intentional (part of why i don't think it's fully intentional is the close up panel 3 page 4 of Wendigo's head has a much cleaner line art). Here's a good video to watch on how to get clean lines when you need them:

to clarify this point a bit more I think the sketchy rough style works on pulled out shouts with lots of shadows, but when you get close ups of hands and heads I think the outer lines should be cleaner. Basically i think you need to mix clean lines with the sketchy lines so they can have more impact and let us know they were an intentional choice. But you learn that just by doing more and even though it ended up unfinished it's great you were able to do this comic and I look forward to seeing more comics (bring in space cat please)

# 5   Posted: Nov 2 2019, 08:23 PM
kubo: it is KNOWN that your technical skill is MARVELOUS and unmatched. i also super respect the confidence in which you tackle and try to define the church of the cycle without much canon explanation to go off of! even if, uh, i'm not a big fan of those uniforms. comic was super cool, classically comic booky, full of great shots and flow, once again establishing a very high bar for anyone to beat. the weakest link here is definitely the backgrounds - making the cult of like 10 people meet in a gigantic warehouse made the whole comic feel empty, as easier as it must be to draw.

sunrise: i absolutely respect the rough sketchy look, it definitely conveys a strong tone, but it also makes some of the sequences at the end pretty unclear. but that might be the point! catherine becoming this unobjective mass is pretty good. i am left a little confused what's actually happened to wendigo, and how catherine has this teleportation/pocket dimension power. i guess this is the first we've seen of you on your own, and this is pretty neat! i don't know if i can particularly critique anything, other than very general technical skill, which i'm sure will continue to improve.

# 4   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 07:19 AM
Kubo - excellent art and story writing. I really got nothing to say except that I thought Catherine is a girl but she looked very masculine in your depiction (is that intentional?). I can't believe you're able to produce all this quality in 2 weeks. Wow.

Sunrise - I like the black/inked style that you used and I think it sets the mood pretty well. Just a shame that it looked unfinished.

# 3   Posted: Oct 31 2019, 08:38 AM
Kubo - Wow. This looked amazing! The cover page was just stunning, as was page 11 (that lighting, damn). Catherine’s flesh extensions were.. really disgusting and made me wince physically so good job. Enjoyed seeing Wendigo’s personality changes with the homunculi too, I know that’s not a new thing but I just like how you made it so that he doesn’t just merge physically.

I can’t rhink of much critique tbh? The only thing I can think of is the blood effect on page 6 doesn’t work great imo, it looks too transparent and more like paint brush smudges than blood spatters.

Sunrise - I love the dramatic look of white and spot blacks, and Catherine’s floating head reveal was super creepy.

Unfortunately the comic was also super sketchy and it was often unclear what was going on. Sketchiness can work obviously but this was really messy looking, seeming more like a rushed job than a stylistic choice for most of the panels.

# 2   Posted: Oct 29 2019, 05:33 PM
Very much enjoyed Kubos entry a lot. It's very polished.

I did like Sunrises too, and it feels like it would have had a lot of style if it got finished but sometimes life happens so oh well!

# 1   Posted: Oct 29 2019, 05:25 PM
Yooo my dude, kubo your work is fantastic! I lost it at Wendigo standing with that gun and the gleam coming off the barrel, what a LAD. I really liked the build up to the fight. Catherine looked super creepy all wrapped up. I really liked the lighting effects you used on the weaponry, they were super effective. I often find those look super janky but you did it flawlessly. It's to be expected Wendigos flesh shaping would have it's own touch but you really went the extra mile with it to make it look unique. Neat touch with keeping the embedded eyes the same as his own. Yeah, can't praise this enough. Excellent work, man.

As for comments on my own work, yeah it's missing its last page; I never got round to doing it. Not much missed. He just wakes up on a beach with the Catherine homunculus looking at him and he has words to the effect of: What the fuck was that all about? In spite of getting the week extension it was bodied by home visits and doing mortage work. So it might be worth mentioning I did only do two weeks work on this. Anyway, once again great fight, I really enjoyed doing this battle! Cheers!

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