24hr Match: Summer Cruisin' and Bruisin' Week III / David Birch vs. Rae and Blue

24hr Match: Summer Cruisin' and Bruisin' Week III / David Birch vs. Rae and Blue

24hr Match: Summer Cruisin' and Bruisin' Week III — David Birch vs. Rae and Blue

by Orion

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by Flytee

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# 9   Posted: Sep 9 2019, 04:01 PM
Orion: Gotta admit, I think this is my least favorite of your 24 hour battles--mostly, I think, cuz I'm not sure why Veruca's still sticking around with this group, haha. That said, you did an amazing job at the library bg, and you got a chuckle out of me with David just being straightforward and the sort of unexpected anti-climax with talking to Rae.

Flytee: Oh nooooo poor Rae and Blue! :C still, I love the storyline of this comic and I'm glad Rae and Blue are making more friends!! My only gripe is that the panels are all fairly tightly cropped around the characters which is difficult to get a sense of who's where.

Both of you: ..... I ship it :P

# 8   Posted: Sep 4 2019, 01:34 PM
Flutterbyes: Glad to hear it for as soon as I settled on making that establishing shot I immediately regretted it haha! maybe next time I will try and do less with more but I am glad I tried for it anyway. You are also very right, legibility went straight out the window once the time crunch came on I will admit I tried to make a better go at it in The Ghost one.  And yeah... Blue with her blue eyes is much creepier then I was intending. She is still really cute though <3

Rivana: Romance? Maybe. Recurring well meaning dope that is David? Very likely. (if Flytee is up for that)

Arts: A good challenge it was. Making a diamond shaped raised platform with railing and books shelves all while in perspective was a fun ride for sure (now If I had only used that establishing shot in the rest of the story it might have been a little more worth it - _-*)

Thank you all again for your comments and votes! These were really great to read and hopefully will bring more to come!

Thanks for letting our characters meet Flytee. It was really fun making this!

Community Manager
# 7   Posted: Aug 31 2019, 07:47 PM
Orion: my favorite thing about these 24 hour battles is you challenging yourself with backgrounds like the 2nd panel on the first page, good job with this.

Flytee: your style works even in this 1 day deadline, Good job and with this cute little story, I think you managed to find a clean way to end this up.

# 6   Posted: Aug 29 2019, 07:56 AM
Orion - you are one crazy person doing 24 hour comics  one after the other! I love it! Keep going! Damn, that library has some insane details and I love Veruca's cameo here as well.

Flytee- I looooveee your style and it's insane how  you're able to add some warm tones in your 24 hr comic (and a 3 pager at that!) . Did you sleep at all?

And I smell romance here between Rae and David. Mmmm...hopefully it won't be a one shot thing ;)

# 5   Posted: Aug 28 2019, 04:43 PM
Orion: That's pretty gutsy of you, taking on a library in a 24 hour comic. The writing and jokes are pretty funny, although it's a little hard to tell who's saying what, which makes "I can't read" a little less hilarious.  And that's a creepy but effective way to depict Blue in black and white line drawings.

Flytee: Once again, you've worked in a lot of charm and appeal into a workflow that needs efficiency. What a sweet little story, where they casually go out for a date but are still technically locked out of their home... I'm not sure if that flesh creature suddenly entering and leaving the narrative helps or hinders.

# 4   Posted: Aug 27 2019, 01:02 AM
Flytee gosh dang this is a warm fuzzy comic! I absolutely love it! Also a strong showing for a 24 hr comic. Love the colors and the little details (I really love the way you draw Dave’s hair I gotta try that)

Thanks again for taking my challenge on such short notice. I am having a lot of fun with these 24 he comics you brought a lot of soul to so little of space. I hope I can learn from you Going forward.

SnowyMoth: honestly I am loving this experiment and the continuing theme and storylines just makes it so much more fun(and in a sense easier to write) It’s always good after a high energy part of the night to cool down with looking through the vinyl archives at the local Library.  Only the cool kids do it! *plays Instructional Fishing Guide:  Tackles and Flies Side B*

# 3   Posted: Aug 26 2019, 08:21 PM
I simultaneously love the fact that people can do so much in 24 hours and frightened by that fact, lol! Both of your comics were really fun to read, good luck to you both! I can't wait for more from you. ( :

Orion - I like that you've been continuing these 24 battles like one long comic, it's interesting to see what you add in to the story with each additional character. I also enjoy the fact that David's idea of a party is going to a library...

Flytee - I love that Rae finally has someone (somewhat) normal person to hang out with after everything she's been going through. Even though it's at the expense of an apartment being infested by a giant flesh monster... I really like the colors that you used for this, as well!

# 2   Posted: Aug 24 2019, 11:27 PM
I see good ol' dave might have a bit of a romance in his future, eh ? and I see Veruca is his wing gal there to help him pick up girls lol,  good job both of you, these were fun reads indeed.  :-)

# 1   Posted: Aug 22 2019, 02:29 PM
submitted- I struggled a lot with the 3-page limit, so sorry If this reads a bit weird and abrupt. Thanks for the challenge Orion!

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