Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 3 / Craven vs. Twobody Sextuplets vs. Iain MacTavish

Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 3 / Craven vs. Twobody Sextuplets vs. Iain MacTavish

Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 3 — Craven vs. Twobody Sextuplets vs. Iain MacTavish

by Cab

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tags: craven, iain mactavish, invitational, invitational 2019, twobody sextuplets

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Critiques & Comments
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Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Jul 17 2019, 09:57 PM
Cab: I love your inks and the amount of quality you are able to produce in on week is amazing. Also this story was a great build up from your previous ones and the reveal at the end was amazing. I don't really have anything to say crit wise but you are already a powerhouse and I look forward to seeing your stuff beyond this tourney here on Void.

Sony: Your style and characters are very nice. My favorite thing is how you draw Craven in this, he looks really adorable. I would also echo Pyras's same crit that your action feels a little stiff at times. the main one that sticks out is page 3 panel 6 where Craven's body is not going at the same angle as the action lines making it feel stiff and have not as much of an impact. In terms of story I love the characterization of Morgan in this, I feel like this comic has done the best at revealing a bunch about one of your sextuplets through their interactions with others and I found it really enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you do battles with longer deadlines.

Buggy: Aiming for 8 pages in one week is really bold and great job on getting full character sketches and getting some colors in for all your pages in that time. One critique i would have is that your compositions and figures are a bit stiff which is a problem I also have. I would recommend for your next comic when you're story boarding spend that say also looking up reference, As you write out the comic rather than trying to just write out what happens, try to write out the emotions you want the scene to convey and think about what scenes in movies/comics/shows that made you feel those emotions and look them up for reference to try and get some more solid ideas for when you go into sketching as well as some better compositions.

Community Manager
# 5   Posted: Jul 13 2019, 04:19 PM
Cab: Linework is great as usual but sometimes the thickness is a bit much when the characters are too far/small within the frames, you should really just switch to thinner lines in these situations to give the whole linework an A+ job as opposed to A- for these few instances. The story going on here is the best in the tournament, and your whole run in the tournament so far an excellent example of long form narrative storytelling, with everything building up to this emotional and powerful chapter very effectively. You stand to be one of Void's major forces if you choose to stick around beyond the tournament and I hope you do

Sony-Shock: Your visuals continue to be incredible renders and masterclass backgrounds, but I'm seeing now one critical problem in your character art: a lack of dynamism in the posing. Too many of the scenes even the action scenes have the anatomies of the characters shockingly stiff, like dolls with limited movement of their legs and very limited movement of their spines. It's a shame to see this because you excel so much everywhere else, to see the characters feel so un-animated by contrast is a little jarring. But as skill as you are this is either a fluke of this comic or a problem you can solve very quickly. For future comics, especially those with any action in them, try to focus on delivering some A+ poses to complement your A+ renderings. Storywise it ends really abruptly, I don't know if that's from the rush of one week or otherwise

BuggyPumpkim: Shame you couldn't finish the comic, there isn't much to critique here that you probably don't already know given how unfinished it is, just keep it up

Congrats on all of you for making this this far!

# 4   Posted: Jul 12 2019, 01:33 AM
Cab- This was really great! The arts on point, I just love all the detail you put into your linework- it doesn't make me miss colour/ shading like I usually do with pure lineart comics. The way you've weaved a bigger story into your comics has me really invested in Craven as a character.
This was SO GOOD, I don't really have any proper crit. But I will say I was little surprised so much of Iain's appearance focused on him having a drinking problem, that I can't find referenced anywhere else. (maybe I'm missing something? But his charactisation felt a little off)

Sony- shock- I love your art so much. Its legit goals, particularlly how you do light/ shadows./ background. its so lovely to look at ~ I enjoyed the story too, it was a fun read! I thought the dialogue was really funny too and each character had a clear voice. Great job!

BUGGYPUMPKIN- The ending was cool, its nice that you tied it into Cravens past comics and got the ball rolling on a bigger story. Your art is also clean and you do a good job drawing characters (particularly their faces) consistantly. Also propts to you for chosing to draw all 6 doggos.
In terms of crit- more background detail would go a long way, your faces/ poses can also occasionally be on the stiff side. I'd be really interested to see you experiment with different digital art methods- because ultra-thin lines can be punishing/ its hard to creatre lively art with them. (this may be my personal prefence, so take with a pinch of salt)

But yeah! Amazing job everyone, I really enjoyed reading all of these comics

# 3   Posted: Jul 11 2019, 11:56 AM
Ahhhh omg I loved all three of your comics so much, you all worked brilliantly!

Dude Cab your comic hit me in the feels, I feel terribly sorry for Craven he didn’t deserve all that, the way u written all the angsty bits were so good. The ending threw me off omfg.

Sony your art never ceases to amaze me, you have such a cute art style! I love the dialogue for Dario and all the extra facial movements for him make him much more entertaining, the comedy in your comic got me cracked up with laughter.

Buggy you did so well with yours, I really liked that cliffhanger at the end and the character’s interactions with one another. However, I have a bit of critique for your comic regarding the presentation as some parts just appeared really stiff, more could be going on in the background too. Other than that you did a great job!

Good luck to you three!

# 2   Posted: Jul 6 2019, 06:06 AM

# 1   Posted: Jul 4 2019, 02:44 AM
I am IMPATIENT to see the awesome outcome of this battle!!

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