Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 1 / Trip & Paper vs. Twobody Sextuplets

Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 1 / Trip & Paper vs. Twobody Sextuplets

Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 1 — Trip & Paper vs. Twobody Sextuplets

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
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Critiques & Comments
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Web Dev
# 10   Posted: Jun 17 2019, 08:49 PM
@papermachei: if that isn't the most meta comic I've ever read on VOID, I don't know what is! Thanks for giving me secondhand deadline anxiety lol

@sony-shock: speaking of meta comics, this could be posted as a PSA for artists charging correct prices on commissions! I'm so in love with your art style, and I cannot WAIT to see more!

Approval Committee
# 9   Posted: Jun 17 2019, 04:28 PM
 PAPERMACHEI- sdfhiseodjfgtiaw the announcers visor is flippin rad. What a great little detail for an NPC! It's an endearing change of pace to see an in universe battle in such a bloodthirsty city like void to be non violent. Who knew hide and seek had such high stakes? You managed to make a non lethal 'battle' not only entertaining, but super endearing. I especially dug your exaggerated expressions.

I'll also second and third the slow clap over the sheer amount of pages you dedicated to so short a deadline. Super impressive! I know whomever you battle next will be shaking in their boots.

SONY-SHOCK- What an utter and complete treat these pages were. The backgrounds, the expressions, and the painterly style all done within your deadline timeframe is seriously bonkers. I have no nitpicks really appart from the fact I wish you'd used all your characters in as engaging a way as your opponent.

# 8   Posted: Jun 17 2019, 03:43 PM
Papermachei: 21 PAGES holy cow you went hard. I suppose it was appropriate for your opponent, but you probably could have found a way to trim some of this story so you could spend a little more time refining your lineart and fleshing out the backgrounds a bit: Your drawings are clear and expressive, but because their lines are so thin and this is a purely black and white comic, the white space really stands out. There is a lot of empty space even when there is scenery, and gets a little flat sometimes. Still, I have to hand it to you managing to address each character in an interesting way. All in all this was a good, ambitious introduction!

Sony-Shock: Wow, that is such mood lighting for eating a sandwich. You render characters so beautifully! I love how the layout and the setting have such a moodiness to them using a limited violet-grey. And, wow, I take it a certain art-related subject was on your mind. Is the ending twist that they're going to be defeated by EXPOSURE?

# 7   Posted: Jun 16 2019, 11:45 PM
Paper: I LOVE the setup for this comic, it was really unexpected and very fun. A high-stakes game of hide-and-seek, hell yes. And, seriously, really impressive that you managed to get all six in! The only downside is that with having to fit all six in, some of the interactions felt far too brief; using even one or two less characters might've made it so you could spend a bit more time with each of them. Honestly, the only other minor n itpick I can think of is to maybe work on your backgrounds a bit--but then again, this was only done in a week, and you got the most important things in so that's not a huge detriment for me. My favorite part, though, is the way you set up the solution from the beginning; Oz constantly being in the way was some excellent foreshadowing (and hilarious to boot lol). I can't wait to see what you can do given more than a week!!

Sony-Shock:Goddamn, I'm seriously impressed with the level of quality you were able to achieve in just a week. I feel like one or two pops of color might've elevated this even further, but you did such a good job with the shading and lighting that color isn't even fully necessary. And I loved the plot twist there at the end!

Approval Committee
# 6   Posted: Jun 16 2019, 11:22 PM
Papermachei: 21 pages in one week is amazing and being able to include a story with all 8 characters in it is awesome. This was a really good job and while the length does result in a quality drop i highly respect you doing this and really want to see you do more comics with longer deadlines or even doing a full screentoned version of this as a BB.

Sony: Your style is so damn pretty Like it's all soft but you still manage to do good contrast in this and all the background details are amazing with this. My main crit is the lack of borders/white borders. The lack of breaks make it a little confused to read at times. Like on the first page the railing directs our eye directly to the third panel and with no hard borders to stop us the eye goes directly to the third without seeing the 2nd first. it also makes stuff like the first panel of page 2 look awkwardly ends there  when it should be moving further. A panel border would give a more clean stop to the moving elements like that. Also the same could be said for your word bubbles but I kind of like your handwriting and it sort of works. Your art is really great and I look forward to seeing more of your comics.

# 5   Posted: Jun 16 2019, 07:17 PM
Papermachei: I remember literally seeing the triplets on the Invitational and feared for anyone who had to encounter them, and for what you did I'm impressed. You managed to get all six of them, in 21 pages too, with some 4th wall breaking and interesting humor. This was an interesting twist on the Invitational genre I've seen where its a literal tourney. Color and more background would have been nice, but we had a week and 21 pages of 8 characters is enough lol. Your expressions are great and it was fun to read, good job!

Sony-Shock: This was well executed for something that took a week. It is extremely well rendered for something done in monochrome, shading and "coloring" in all. Focusing on one character was a good course of action on your part since you know them enough to pull it off correctly. Again, breaking the fourth wall jokes are some of my favorite and it was subtle but effective. Again, color, but again, a week. Fantastic job!

Both of y'all didn't hold back and this will be interesting on how this'll turn out! Good luck to the both of you!

# 4   Posted: Jun 11 2019, 04:22 PM
Both of these are amazing in their own ways! You both really went wild and did a great job with this!

# 3   Posted: Jun 11 2019, 10:21 AM
Aaah! Papermachei's side is so good! And they drew all 6 characters so very much in character, I love it! If I could, I'd totally vote for them

Think Tank
# 2   Posted: Jun 5 2019, 08:58 AM
Is this gonna be a doodle's victory or will it go to the dogs?


Web Dev
# 1   Posted: Jun 3 2019, 12:09 PM
Talk about a large cast of characters! Papermachei asked in the Discord, but just for reference I want to link to VOID's official rules and etiquette page:  If you take a look at rules 1 and 1a, you'll see you don't have to use ALLLLL the characters in this comic, so feel free to just pick and choose who you represent as long as at least one character on each team is shown.

All that aside, I love all of these characters and am so excited to see what you come up with! Feel free to hop by and ask questions if you find yourself struggling or just need advice. These 1-week comics can be a bit of a shock to newcomers, so don't hesitate to reach out if you feel overwhelmed :)

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