Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 3 / Miwesa vs. Croco

Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 3 / Miwesa vs. Croco

Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 3 — Miwesa vs. Croco

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tags: boot camp, croco, crocostyle, dream, ghost, horror, miwesa, noir, round robin

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# 5   Posted: Jun 21 2019, 12:32 PM
The way you render faces is great, its super expressive and I especially like Croco’s face on the second panel of page 2. A couple of the panels were unclear to me but I could still understand the story as a whole, and I like the story you went with, that final panel of Croco looking at Miwesa is very nice!

# 4   Posted: Jun 20 2019, 06:37 PM
Yo doode, I am really digging the expressions you gave these characters! While not finished, I feel that you still did a good job conveying the story through Croco and Miwesa's body language and your paneling is really good. I think that just a few more hours of work on these pages would have been enough to really punch us all in the face. I look forward to more Croco comics!

Approval Committee
# 3   Posted: Jun 20 2019, 04:22 AM
You have a great style of building up value with your colors and chosen brush- this is such a cool effect and successful on panels where you really want to relay that emotion as Croco seems to not only be wrestling hostages, police and Miwesa, but his own inner demons. I will admit your panels end up losing their integirty and become to abstract to properly discern what I'm looking at. I really appreciate this look, but I'd look into ways to pull your characters away from your backgrounds ass they all tend to bleed together.

Also grats on making it to he this third round!

# 2   Posted: Jun 18 2019, 11:25 AM
stylo: as i said earlier i really am happy you managed to get a more clear outcome on this entry. the events were mostly clear but in the end the comic told a sweet impacting story for Croco. I hope you will someday deliver us a finished entry on your own terms :)

yarnwitch: i just hope you are allright.

Community Manager
# 1   Posted: Jun 3 2019, 05:13 PM
your trials are nearly through! go out with a bang!

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Type: Sparring Match
Drawing Time: 2 weeks
Ended: Jun 24th, 2019
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