Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 2 / Croco vs. Harvey

Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 2 / Croco vs. Harvey

Bootcamp Round Robin: Set 2 — Croco vs. Harvey

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tags: gang warz, bootcamp, croco, gang, harvey , roundrobin

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# 9   Posted: Jun 2 2019, 04:14 PM
Thanks everyone for the support!  I felt so embarrassed to have basically wiped out after such strong hype.  But, you guys have been so kind and understanding and I am super grateful.  Thank you so much guys! And this time no matter how many disasters befall me I will keep at it until I finish these comics and make them worth your while.

Approval Committee
# 8   Posted: Jun 1 2019, 06:01 PM
stylo- the way you do comics leads to really solid foundations even when in better foundations. Make sure to take care of yourself and don't let this weigh you down

sean: your inks and backgrounds are amazing and your inks are great. I do also like how you build up the relationship between the two characters. I will say the while the final dialogue is good i think it needed a bit more flavor, right now i don't feel like it has enough of Harvey's individual voice in it, since he's also drunk at this point I would imagine there being some mess ups in words and stuff but i don't have much drunk experience and he could just be buzzed. Still a realy solid comic overall.

# 7   Posted: May 31 2019, 07:04 PM
Stylo- I love the mood your comic has- the dark colors are great and I always love seeing your painterly style. I hope you’re feeling better!!

Astrosean- Your inks are fantastic, especially on that first page- it feels populated and dense but still focused, it just looks great! I do agree with g.lo that there could be some more transition at the beginning of the second page, and transitions right before the final page, which does feel a bit sudden. I can’t think of much else to add on though, this is pretty solid and I love that bar interior!

# 6   Posted: May 30 2019, 12:03 AM
Stylo: Really wish we'd gotten to see this finished, cuz man I bet it would've been badass. Even at the stage it's at now, there's already an intense feeling of atmosphere and emotion that's coming through. Also, man. Croco looks badass in a lot of these panels, with the lighting and everything.

Astro: Man that is a killer first page! so much going on, yet somehow it's not overwhelming or confusing. Just a lot of small details that make you kinda just want to stare for a while to pick out all the details. I do wish the same level of detail had carried through all the way to the end; it does crop up in a couple of panels, but I feel like the very last panel, on the last page, could use that same level of detail as a sort of bookend. Also, I feel like Harvey kinda went from zero to 100 real quick there; a bit more buildup would've made Harvey's final words have a lot more impact. As is, even though I do love that final page, it does kind of feel like it comes out of left field. Still, great comic overall! :D

# 5   Posted: May 28 2019, 08:31 AM
Although this isn't finished, it's really cool to see the beginnings of how you build up shapes and render things. I admire your painterly approach! I agree with Astro, the way you painted the explosion was awesome and I loved the light fallout!

The details of your inks are GORGEOUS. I love all the texturing inside the bar and especially on the first page in the outside environment. I think a teeny weeny transition of Croco noticing Harvey in the bar before plopping down next to him would have been nice. I definitely feel where Harvey is coming from tho - there is a major need to be drunk when the mayor of your town is a legitimate murderer and so are many of the city's inhabitants. I would have liked to have seen their encounter play out a little longer- obviously Harv has a LOT of pent up emotion that could lead to disaster!

Either way, great job working through these deadlines!

Astro Sean
Approval Committee
# 4   Posted: May 27 2019, 08:54 AM
Stylo, my dude, I am so glad I got to battle you again and this time my dumb ass didn't default. I think your side of this battle is great, its a shame it's unfinished, but sometimes life gets the best of you and that's totally okay! I really appreciate what you did submit! Your painters style is so unique for comics and I really can't wait for your next comic! That painted explosion was absolutely amazing.

Think Tank
# 3   Posted: May 26 2019, 01:27 PM
Croco Crocodile Rock: You got a good hand on blocking out your scenes, and you're one of a few artists I see on this site who approach their visuals through painting technique--Monday being a notable other.

Harvey Here Comes the Boom: That last page is like a punch in the gut and I felt it.  Way to call me out for any future characters I have in the wings, haha.  But he has a point, the mayor of Void is an Actual Real Life Criminal and the common people gotta do something to improve their quality of life.  Plant a community garden.  Volunteer at your local shelter.  Donate food to banks, that sort of thing.

But that's kind of ironic reading this come out the mouth of a wanted terrorist, even if his crimes are by accident.

# 2   Posted: May 12 2019, 04:22 PM

      Edited May 12 2019,  04:23 PM by Orion

Astro Sean
Approval Committee
# 1   Posted: May 12 2019, 01:12 PM
My redemption match!

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