Nomad vs. Wendigo

Nomad vs. Wendigo

Nomad vs. Wendigo

by Hellis

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by kubo

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# 11   Posted: Mar 15 2019, 03:27 AM
Thank you everyone for the kind words. This was a very much a experiment and cementing of certain techniques i've veen messing around with. I am super happy it was received so well.

In regards to writing: I fully admit to being somewhat stumped as to what to write for it and just defaulted into a very bog standard plot that lacked both coherency and consistency. As well as flow.

# 10   Posted: Mar 14 2019, 05:51 PM
Hellis: Crazy huge improvement from your last comic, its night and day. The colors, lighting and shading has been bumped up a ton. Keep working at this pace, and you're gonna level up even more.

Kubo: i really love the paneling in this, its really dynamic and constantly shifting., which along with the ominous narration totally elevates this from a simple brawl. Like others have said, less empty backgrounds are the big thing you could be working on. Keep killing it!

# 9   Posted: Mar 14 2019, 05:35 PM
Hellis: one thing i really wanna point out is that in your actions scenes involving bites and chunk of lesh being ripped off, you could  draw the blood splatters in a less straight forward way. Make it messy and all over the place to make the scene even more brutal and violent. Good Use of big lettering in plain background in bottom second page. Classy but goody.

Kubo: the curse of too neat and clean roads in page 2 make it seems like Wendigo is floating in the void like a boss. Maybe making the road and asphalt a bit more dirty could add to termination of the pesky "big empty space" problem.

Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Mar 14 2019, 05:17 PM
Hellis: You have been improving a bunch and your lighting has gotten really awesome and is my favorite part of the comic. I will echo Kozi's crit that your action shots do need more work. Specifically you need to work more on the characters reacting to getting hit. As someone who is also trying to learn how to do action I kind of want to try redlining these shots for practice if that would be okay.
For example Panel 5 page two Wendigo's attack looks really good and is a good line of action, but Nomad's reaction to it is the problem. First of all I think the panel is just a little too close and not being able to see nomad's feet is a problem becuase we also don't get to see his stance, which I think would be closer to the ground maybe even wolf life. Along with that Nomads chest and upper torso should be twisting reacting to the push back from the stab. the other instance I would like to talk about is the first panel on page 3. The wind up for Nomad's attack is unclear since it is intersecting with the rest of his body, when showing wind ups for attacks try to make the silhoutete more clear, like having the hand that was winding up for the behind the rest of the body. Just practice this stuff more and I'm sure you will do great ince you're improvement has been going amazingly.

Kubo: First of all I want to know how you did the gradient tones with the smaller dots to bigger cause that works really well in this comic. second I love black and white style with limited color and you did a great job with that in this comic. The only real crit i have is on the final panel with Wendigo's silhouette the hair looks oddly pointy, his hair normally is pointy but from the distance he's at it makes the hair look tall than it should be. also wendigo's silhouette being a lot sharper which makes him feel less unified distance wise compared to what he's standing on.
Also the narrative was an interesting surprise, I didn't expect that of Wendigo's character but considering the first person he ate was the scientist it would make sense for him to be kind of introspective at moments. Overall great comic and you have done some strong stuff already and I look forward to more

# 7   Posted: Mar 13 2019, 01:24 PM
Hellis: The color work you’re doing is really coming along. Compare this to your first battle, and your growth is extremely clear. Knowing the sorts of bold plot moves and intrigue you’ve managed in the past with Hara and Huey, I do kind of want more from this comic in the plot department. A straight up fight in the woods is a great place to experiment and push yourself artistically, which you’re definitely doing, but I don’t feel like either character had any clear motivation or reason for being in the woods to begin with. I didn’t think Nomad was meant to be a protector of nature, akin to Swamp Thing, but if he is just defending his territory here, it would have been nice to create a clearer threat in Wendigo. The wolf homunculus he does create disappears immediately, and it seems like a missed opportunity for a plot point to hang this conflict on, or at least seeing Nomad be attacked by a deformed wolf homunculus. I really like how you drew it, though.

Kubo: I don’t have much to say about the art, I think it’s good, and the way you move the action around the environment is always great. The only thing that stood out to me is that the streets are noticeably empty of pedestrians, which would have made for some fun collateral damage or reactions as people try to avoid the chaos. While your plot suffers similarly in that there isn’t much story happening beyond two monsters fighting in the streets, I really like the narration you’ve got, giving some insight into Wendigo’s mind, and most importantly, pacing an action comic that could otherwise be read in a matter of seconds. The text works perfectly to slow the reader down and allow the action to play out at a more digestible clip. The “hello and goodbye” part is especially well done. Just a great, classic ending to a battle comic.

Global Moderator
# 6   Posted: Mar 13 2019, 12:10 AM
HELLIS- I've already told you this, but I wanna say again this experiment with having your environment influence your coloring is great. The dappled shadows due to the tree canopy really adds character and depth to your story panel top panel. While I understand the need for daylight to achieve this effect, I'm surprised you set your story during the day. Though to be fair I don't think it affected the stakes of your tale as the environment gets more shadowed and darker the more visceral gore we get.
I know this was a tight deadline, but I think your action moments need work. There isn't much sense of impact or movement in  your really violent moments panel to panel.Nomad punching his arm through Wendigo or a wolf leaping to take a bite should be reflected in Wendigo's body language, but he's just standing there. I'd wager Nomad is strong enough the blow would bow Wendigo or jostle his backward.
Also I think you needed a panel depicting Wendigo's hommunculi emerging from hiding out as it wasnt too clear who he was speaking to, and I don't think the smidge of hommunculi in the last panel is enough.

KUBO-Coming off your last battle, this definitely feels like the more experimental of the two. It was more conceptual depiction of a city and elements which was neat. You got a nice handle of black and white, and the accent color the blood adds just that right touch. I really like the montage of violence on the first page as a way to depict a battle and I kinda wanna give it a shot myself! I didn't peg Wendigo as one to monologue in such an introspective manner, which to me felt out of character, but who knows? I may of missed something and this is something developing and true to the character.

Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Mar 10 2019, 08:45 PM
oh my god you both did so good i could CRY i love both these characters so much
Hellis: LOVIN the new painting technique, and you used the Spackle light so effectively to give depth to the surroundings! Daylight is hard to do horror in but you are DEFO getting closer! I think a think we need to work on is to do less in Local colour- less blue is blue and red is red but colour more for MOOD. hmu sometime and ill see what i can do to help you with that. Because this is all so good but Wendigo's cool colours contrast almost a little too hard with the colour scheme you have going with the rest of this. My other crit would be impact- the tearing Wendigo apart on page 3 could be MUCH more visceral. Not to say you did bad, it just lacks impact- more speedlines, hitsparks, blood and guts coming out the other side, line of action, something to make it really pop. Youre getting clOser though for sure, this is the strongest comic Ive seen from you and its a really awesome step up!
Kubo: LOVING the narration. The action tells the story so perfectly, with the narration over it telling more about Wendigo's emotional state, which I love. As I gave you my crits before you uploaded, I dont have much to add. That snout lick was MAGNIFICENTLY threatening. Nothing to crit atm, keep up the great work!!

# 4   Posted: Mar 4 2019, 03:21 AM
the carnage continues!

Approval Committee
# 3   Posted: Mar 2 2019, 10:35 AM
hype hype hype hype

# 2   Posted: Feb 28 2019, 04:48 PM
Hellis: 3 Page maximum. lets doooo this

Hellz yeah

# 1   Posted: Feb 28 2019, 03:47 PM
3 Page maximum. lets doooo this

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