RETRIBUTION: Taste Test / Wendigo vs. Raygun

RETRIBUTION: Taste Test / Wendigo vs. Raygun

RETRIBUTION: Taste Test — Wendigo vs. Raygun

by kubo

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Critiques & Comments
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# 17   Posted: Mar 13 2019, 01:53 PM
Kent: It’s really awesome to see you back on your game with a complete comic of this length. I like how you incorporated the theme of loss and doubt in Ray Gun. I would like to see you work on your perspective fundamentals, your backgrounds, while serviceable, are consistently wonky. Fun comic, though, good characterization, great scar.

# 16   Posted: Mar 13 2019, 01:40 PM
Kubo: First off, I love that cover image. I almost wish they were fighting in a supermarket, or that the opening scene had the Danger Rangers grocery shopping, or something, but still, great cover. I really like this comic, and I like the ending, but it does leave me a little conflicted. Kent went with a scar that could only happen in a scar match (and I can just see how Wendigo might deal with that, either seeking out Harlow Ironlocke and coercing him into creating a new cybernetic jaw, or retreating to Dr. Fowler’s lab and using his inherited knowledge to design and build one himself, and perform his own surgery!), and while the memory loss is certainly a heavy blow to the character, and I’m all for scars that aren’t outwardly apparent, is amnesia a plot development that couldn’t be done in a normal battle? I think it’s a legitimate scar, for sure, but I’m curious what others think about dealing that drastic of a change to a character outside a scar match. Just an interesting thought.

Global Moderator
# 15   Posted: Mar 12 2019, 11:40 PM
Now this is a scar match. just two bros coming to blows. This is such a great job on both ends from you guys. Definitely a hard vote!

I'll have to admit, while Kubo's battle is visually stunning and packed with some intense action, Kents scar was definitely the more dynamic of the two. I totally didn't see it coming and was a bit shocked by Rayguns ruthlessness. I also love how you always involve Rayguns crew and how they support and work with him. You've built up a great narrative I think we've all come to expect and enjoy.

Think Tank
# 14   Posted: Mar 12 2019, 09:05 AM
Im commenting very late, but WOW this was a great match. Just. Wow.

Mister Kent
# 13   Posted: Mar 11 2019, 04:53 AM
Thanks for the critiques everyone, and thank you KUBO for the great match! Wendigo is an amazing character to draw -- I hope remembers him someday for a rematch!

# 12   Posted: Mar 11 2019, 12:30 AM
Kubo: Man oh man! there's not a lot to critique here, because it's quite fantastic all the way through. Your panels are clear and concise, and you're consistently using incredibly dynamic angles and poses that make the comic feel like a real bare-knuckle brawl! You gave Kent here a real classic-style scar, one that will have definite repercussions on the writing of the character in the future, and i think that's a very clever and brave thing to do. And 19 pages! Jeez louise that's something. If i had anything to say, i think your shadows stay a little on the light side and i think if you pumped them up a little bit it would make the action and a lot of the lighting effects (Like Raygun's alien blasters) pop a lot more.

Kent: Also another great scar! It definitely would have had an influence on the writing of Wendigo (how ya supposed to eat now). The writing was really enjoyable, almost Marvel movie like (likeable superhero characters, witty banter, good action). I do feel that wendigo was dispatched pretty un-eventfully though. Your blacks and whites are still really crips and well delineated, and there are some good panel layouts, but it's mostly business-as-usual with the visual aspect of this comic.

Community Manager
# 11   Posted: Mar 11 2019, 12:01 AM
Kubo: 19 full colored pages is amazing, The art is all super solid all around and i enjoy the simple fight story because the dialogue between the two characters really sells it. The only thing i could maybe think of as a crit is the word bubbles specially the tails of word bubbles. Word bubble tails shouldn't be the same width the whole way through but should start ticker end in thin. that's a minor thing in an overall amazing comic.

Kent: It seems your full swing in your comics recently which is awesome. I like the story for this and all the characters dialogue. for the art I do like your style but i wish there was a bit of gray scale in it. as just the lines with all the white feels a bit too empty in some panels.

Happy May 25th! -Reecer6
# 10   Posted: Mar 10 2019, 08:58 PM
kubo: okay i don't know your comic-making-abilities very well but TWO WEEKS!!!!! 19 EXTREMELY COMPETENT FULL-COLORED PAGES IN TWO WEEKS!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! YOUR WORK ETHIC IS MAKING ME VICIOUSLY ANGRY AND ENVIOUS. the composition is all super dynamic and the linework is super solid and cared-for, this is such a technically good comic, what the heeelllllllllll. all i can say against it is i don't like fighting-only comics but this guy is a pretty fighting-only guy so i guess i'll never get what i want there. and MAN that SCAR is RUDE!!

kent: super good and loveable as always!! the process of locating wendigo feels like it deserved at least a little explanation, but other than that, good action and good drama. i'm glad raygun found someone to keep <3

Global Moderator
# 9   Posted: Mar 10 2019, 08:26 PM
Kent: writing-wise, this is the best ive seen from you in a while, i think. it catches Raygun up in a way that doesnt make me confused, and introduces your foe excellently: plus, thats a fucking BADASS scar. I think, personally, the only thing suffering here a bit is your art- I dont love the stable line width, how its always so thick. Honestly, this go-around thats basically my only crit, everything else came out excellent, keep up this great pace!
Kubo: first of Wendigo is a smart mouth shit and i absolutely love him. Also he has an excellent booty just fyi. for a first fight this killed it- I love how you portrayed Raygun and his team, and the banter between them, and the excellent fight scene. The scar was so delightfully brutal! I feel like there places where the impact could be emphasized... like page 7 when Ray is punched into a wall, it feels so static. Speedlines or hitsparks in a couple of places might help sell your speed and force more. But honestly thats me being nitpicky becauser this is an excellent comic, great first battle, i hope to see more like it!

# 8   Posted: Mar 5 2019, 07:20 PM
Well goshdang. This match was an exciting one to read. Both ends were fantastic. Well done you tow, holy heck.
Before I forget, thank you both for the Paavo cameo. That was unexpected and a fun surprise. I guess it is canon he's part of the Donger Rangers now haha

Kubo: Watch your spelling, the dialogue felt intense and appropiate for each character, but I was taken aback from the immersion when stumbling upon a "you're" that should have been a "your". Don't be afraid to have a third person proof-read your comic(s) before uploading them to the site.
I really enjoyed your story, the fight/interaction with the characters was fu from start to end. Wending is a morbid character, and of course I enjoyed the morbid humor. You had me hooked since page 2; The last pannel made me snort like an idiot haha.
And as an OBVIOUS nitpick from me: Page 10, Last panel. WHERE'S THE DONG!?

Kent: Quite refreshing to see a complete comic from you. Seems you were breaking the 4th wall a bit there with saying Raygun was blue for losing the Sexiest Royale.
I liked your interpretation of Paavo being Ray's dog lmao
Your inking is quite enjoyable, especially when working on Wendingo. I really liked the cementery panel from page 9. "HOT CUCK".
The scar on your opponent was pretty gruesome; I have Resident Evil in my mind what with the recent remake, so I am unsure if it was a coincidence or not, but ending the comic with "Nemesis" gave me some really cool vibes.

# 7   Posted: Mar 5 2019, 11:44 AM
Got damn, this battle was fantastic! This won’t be so easy to score.

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Mar 5 2019, 10:41 AM
This was a great battle!  I enjoyed this very much.  In terms of writing you guys are a good matchup and definite equals.  The characters were all very well written and in their own unique voices.  And not only that the world feels fully realized.  Great job on that.

Kubo in terms of art I feel your entry was really excellent.  It's eye candy for sure.  And lots of fun cameos and references to watch out for in the backgrounds.  If I can nitpick then it's that some of the background color choices weren't as bold or exciting as I would have liked.  I know it's reflective of the city but gray spaces feels so drab.  I do like when the scene changes to the Slums and that is a great scenic shot.  The first panel in page 5 feels a bit off to me.  Like Wendigo is not really standing in the same perspective as the bg behind him so I'd be careful of that.  It can be difficult placing characters in scenes where it doesn't just feel like they're standing in front of a cardboard set.  I love how dynamic your action is though.  The effects with the sound effects are fantastic.  And the page where they are fighting inside of kaiju guts is so fun and fantastic.  Excellent job.  

If I had to sum it up, there's a lot of little places where perspective and anatomy are a little off but I feel like it would be silly for me to list them one by one.  I'm sure you're aware yourself and I think you'll only get better over time.  One suggestion I do have would be to avoid grays and browns.  You have excellent colors especially in the latter half of the comic.  I would try to experiment with bolder color choices or even colors you might not normally use but would be complementary to what you're already using.

MisterKent, this was also a great entry!  This feels like you are back to form when you were in your prime on Void and cranking out good comic one after the other.  Your linework still doesn't feel too clean or solid sometimes.  I wonder what tool you use to draw but I think you should experiment with your linework.  You have a distinct style but I'd love to see more solid outlines and shapes.  I have no issue with backgrounds or compositions as everything is clear.  I do feel like some sort of shading to give the characters a bit more depth would be cool.  I also found the scar to be a very fun one as we haven't had many scar matches in recent times.  

Also thanks for the shoutout to my dead people!  I really appreciate being remembered haha.  Thanks man.

Fantastic battle all around.

# 5   Posted: Mar 5 2019, 08:13 AM
Kubo: nice Entrée en bouche, mon ami! Starting void taking on a veteran like MrKent is nice to introduce a new character. Especially since Wendigo have such a creative power

MrKent: FATALITY! yeah poor boy really had it rough during his career on Void. Nice to see him dish it back on Void

# 4   Posted: Mar 3 2019, 07:10 AM
Heathen: I just want to know what the hell attributes Wendigo inherits when he takes a bite of Raygun!

“I immediately regret this decision!”

Wendigo might, but you all won’t (at least I hope)

# 3   Posted: Mar 3 2019, 07:09 AM
OMG this wait is AGONIZING

# 2   Posted: Feb 22 2019, 08:24 AM
I just want to know what the hell attributes Wendigo inherits when he takes a bite of Raygun!

“I immediately regret this decision!”

Global Moderator
# 1   Posted: Feb 19 2019, 11:51 PM
Of all voiders you could eat, Wendigo goes for the most supercalifragilisticexpialidociousflavored one XD Can't wait!

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