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Intro Story / Precious

Intro Story — Precious

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# 12   Posted: Dec 31 2018, 04:54 PM
Aside from the shortcomings already mentioned by others, as an intro, this comic is super solid. The setting, the friend group, her strange dietary needs, all really well presented and naturally exposited. I predict a huge spike in comics taking place in strip clubs in 2019.

# 11   Posted: Dec 31 2018, 10:36 AM
Thank you all so much for your comments! I'm going to work on overall palette's in my comics, color theory isn't something I'm great at and it looks like I need to think about the colors beyond the flats. And of course her hair, hehe.

# 10   Posted: Dec 27 2018, 05:13 PM
Precious is a really interesting character and im very eager to learn more about her. I really like that you made it clear that she doesnt just eat precious metals, shes a connoiseur, and has a real appreciation for the value and craftsmanship of the things she eats. It seems weird at first that someone can have this appreciation and still eat the thing, but thats exactly how it is with food connoiseurs, isnt it? Very cool!
Really looking forward to seeing her in future comics!

# 9   Posted: Dec 26 2018, 09:02 AM
Yessssss I love her and her friends!

I feel like intro really did it’s job with introducing us to Precious. I also love that you added more depth into her character by p making her a connosier of fancy metal things. I feel like that’d be a fun element to add to battles!

I think you could have played up the club lighting a bit more by drowning the charcters in heavier colored lighting. Also I know it’s a small detail, but I think it could have easily have been missed- I feel like you did a stellar job keeping that couch and the ladies upon it proportionally consistent with the variety of angles and shots you chose!

I’m looking forward to seeing her comics!

Think Tank
# 8   Posted: Dec 26 2018, 07:55 AM
Tay I love your stuff. Just. LOVE. more please!

# 7   Posted: Dec 24 2018, 01:00 AM
Ah, good point arts. The nails are just normal fake nails, and painted silver. Her lips could technically do either. If the skin is still on, she'd paint them whatever color she wanted, which is frequently silver again. But in a pinch she could technically tear the skin off her lips to reveal the silvered skin just the same.

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Dec 24 2018, 12:46 AM
This was a really good intro showcasing her abilities and her personality. I also really like the subtle camera squares on the second panel on page 3. One question I have are the silver lips and nails make up or actually her underskin? since her underskin is the same color i wasn't too sure, even though they do glitter a bit.

# 5   Posted: Dec 23 2018, 10:14 PM
Thank you guys so much~ I wanted to really put a lot into her intro, and I'm glad so many people like her and the comic. I'm hoping with Precious that I can have a little more random fun stories with void comics, and I really appreciate how many people seem to think she'll be fun to battle against. Once Tsumi's election bid finishes up, of course. ^_^

# 4   Posted: Dec 22 2018, 07:51 PM
I am ECSTATIC about this character, man!! Stellar build up and character creation my man.
 Excellent pg 1- I can she what she's all about in a single image. The necklace is such a banger detail. Alot of the details are very on point. The goth's fake tits are so obviously fake, you drew fakes so well, I am proud. I enjoy that they all have their own colored word bubbled, really tells them apart. And I love that I can hear their voices XD The shots and atmosphere are very fitting, I can tell you put alot of time into this. The hair looks a bit flat at times, especially Precious. And I can sometimes see the color outlines from the color fill, especially in page 4.  It's an awesome comic and I'm very excited to see where this goes. I love her meta abilities too btw.

# 3   Posted: Dec 22 2018, 03:07 PM
such mindsets were tried on void with others character (the whole popular, starlette etc) but instagirs and vanityapocalypse? i'm impatient to see what it could gives us in the future. Aslo her powerset is hella interesting.

# 2   Posted: Dec 22 2018, 01:34 PM
This is a stellar intro. I really feel like i got a great sketch of Precious' character. Her powers are wacky(in a good way), and i feel like her personality is really informed by them. The writing was clever, the colors were really bright and complimentary- overall, i really enjoyed this. Good luck!

Global Moderator
# 1   Posted: Dec 22 2018, 11:03 AM
I've already said so when this was going through approvals, but I'll say it again. I am thrilled to see this departure from your usual character trope. Precious appear to be a character type I wholly wouldn't expect you to be the artist of. I'm both excited and intrigued to see what sort of unsavory or questionable means to ends this gal gets into.

Do a I smell an opportunistic villain? anti hero? Looking forward to whomever you battle first. Just know I'm getting in line!

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