Dr. Freakinstyle vs. Doannah Donut

Dr. Freakinstyle vs. Doannah Donut

Dr. Freakinstyle vs. Doannah Donut

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Think Tank
# 5   Posted: Nov 20 2018, 09:10 PM
Oh man I really love these comics, they hit me in totally different ways.

MRPR, you got me with the zany, and I loved it. There's something really charming about the persistence of "skills" learned during commercials that brought this whole thing together, and using Dr. Freakinstyle to explain some of Doannah's quirks are really neat, and the way its done is hilarious. Your writing is always fantastic. Something about this comic seemed really rushed though? Though you have a very toon-ish style, there were still some general sizing/proportion issues throughout, though not glaring, i did notice. There was also an instance where you forgot to color inside the hole in doannah's head! whoops! I liked the simplicity of this though, and I appreciated Dr Freakinstyle's reaction at the end.

MISTERKENT dude whoa that was really touching. just. touching. your cover page is unnerving in a good way. I have a serious soft spot for comics that redefine their opponent's pasts. Thank you. There were a few times where Dr Freakinstyle's outline was like, EXTRA BOLD. Most notably the last page where she's talking to Doannah, and I couldn't really understand why she was being made more focal that way when we've got such a nice emotional shot of doannah. Maybe just be mindful of that? (or explain to me something I'm missing, im so sorry.)


Approval Committee
# 4   Posted: Nov 20 2018, 12:10 AM
Kent: I love your sense of humor and the ad on page three was really good. I also like how freakenstlye keeps up with Doanna, the ending interaction was short but showed a lot of their chemistry with very little and that was good. The only crit i have is some of the background characters look similar, like when i first read it I thought the father scientist was also the manager, as well as the fact both the manager and customer have blue hair which is a unique enough color that at first glance most would think those two characters are somehow related. Other than that minor issue this was good and I really want to see more of this type of humor.

MrPr: I love this story, it sort of has  similar one to your pageant royale where the character keeps does a montage of stuff repeatedly failing, and I found this humorous both times. In this comic it really worked because all the absurd commercial experience causing her to escape is hilarious. The main crit i have is i would like to see more of an establishing shot of the lab, like panel 1 on page 6 could have been a full-body shot showing the lab and could have also set up the KO potion as well by putting that shelf in the background there. Writing this type of story works for you and I want to see what else you do with this.

Community Manager
# 3   Posted: Nov 18 2018, 05:03 PM
These were both entertaining in different ways.

I like the retooling of Doanna's origin and tying it in with Dr. Freakinstyle.  It was a very nice ending.

The humorous repetition of Doanna's escape attempts work for me.   Good times.

# 2   Posted: Nov 18 2018, 09:43 AM
Kent, the writing in this was hilarious. I need more of these characters together. Now work on your perspective.

MrPr, I like the gag you went with here, and how DD derives all her skills from the various commercial roles she's done. I would have liked to see Dr. Freakinstyle have a bit more to do besides repeatedly state her intention to do research.

# 1   Posted: Nov 16 2018, 01:03 PM
Kent: the idea is hella good, but i feel that it could have been even better. Like seeing the other pastrywomen acting irl.

MRPR: good old scoobydoo vibes ! i honestly laughed at that one

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