Voids Sexiest 2018 Pageant Royale

Voids Sexiest 2018 Pageant Royale

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by Fred

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by Energy

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by zee

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Critiques & Comments
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# 18   Posted: Aug 11 2021, 09:42 AM
someone else broke the seal so I can finally come up to say I really loved ZEE's comic and I think about it every day.

# 17   Posted: Aug 10 2021, 09:26 PM
2018 really was the year we just kept seeing Casino's junk.

# 16   Posted: Oct 16 2018, 08:56 PM
Thank you for all the votes and comments. I'm glad to hear a lot of you liked my comic, and I also appreciate the criticism, so thanks for the feedback!
I do want to apologize to Energy and Rittz, Jessie and Navy originally each had pages where they got much more attention, but they ended up getting cut for time's sake and I feel bad about that.

Thanks again all who read and participated!

Think Tank
# 15   Posted: Oct 14 2018, 09:38 PM
Nothin: The setup that you have is pretty interesting and I like the judge! It’s too bad you weren’t able to finish but I like what you have so far!

Boogidibzdo: Your comics are always a wild ride and have a ton of energy to them, I agree that the other characters could have used more attention but this was still pretty entertaining!

Energy: You had a pretty strong start here! I had trouble understanding the second half with its unfinished state but the beginning had some nice introductions and dialogue going!

Zee: The panels with the greys casting their votes was great, I love your colors and the humor was really solid! Love it all, nice work!

# 14   Posted: Oct 14 2018, 09:50 AM
Thanks everyone. I had tons of fun with this and it was a good experience for me. Congrats, Zee, your comic was mind blowing!

# 13   Posted: Oct 11 2018, 04:11 PM
Nothin: Is that final joke a meta joke, cause it feels extremely meta with half the others defaulting. So it’s good you got something in but you need to work on not procrastinating and submit more.

Boogidibzdo: It has been understated so but far, but great job on finishing with full color on your entire comic. Looking at this royal and the amount of defaults it should be clear that above all your ability to complete on time is a valuable skill and a great start for you as you improve your technical skill.
In terms of writing the biggest problem is your pacing. The first 4 pages is with a character that never shows up again with no information that is vital to the story and could be done with characters who stay in the comic like the host. And after 9 pages of trials Egg dealer wins in 1 page completely unrelated to any of that build up from before, making everything before it feel pointless. This can be fixed by explaining his powers and more showing them slowly grab hold of others rather than just an immediate switch.
Along with that the other characters needed more time for you to make them as equally bizarre as egg dealer in their own way. You did it pretty well in your sumiko battle so it’s a shame to not see more of that here. The other contests should have had a bit more of time for you to make all the other characters bizarre and even those single panels could have had two images of the characters to make it look more like walking. Also their bathing suits could have been more unique and said more about them like how egg dealers has an egg on it. Finally you should try and have someone be able to fight egg dealer and not just immediately lose to him so that the reader can have a sense of tension and get more invested in the story.
Another thing you should try doing with your writing is make a different tone of comic, specifically make it a tragedy about the other character knowing their impending doom of being an egg and trying to fight it unable to fully come to terms with it. It would be fun to see you try a radically different type of story through that perspective.
Overall though you managed to complete a comic which is the most important thing and the rest is just stuff to work on so I look forward to seeing more of your stuff as you improve your writing and technical skills.

Energy: it’s a shame you didn’t complete it and even in incomplete form try to make sure to get the text in regardless of the completeness. I will also say I did like what you were doing with page 3 with schmagics entrance, it was cool to see you try some different panel ideas and i look forward to see you experiment more with that.

Zee: easily the best and an amazing comic, but there is one issue i have with it. By page 9 the announcer stops becoming a character and ends up becoming a generic bully trope to drive the plot forward. I personally dislike this trope a bunch so when I see it I tend to hyper focus on it and this comic falls victim the the problem of the trope, in that he just needs to say really nasty things so we can move on to the next part regardless of how fitting they are for the character and move on. On page 12 there is the comment that “he’s a little too harsh” but compared to actual tv hosts when they flip out this is just basic schoolyard bully insults.

This guy is a supposed to be an entertainer but all his insults are basic surface level shit with PG language and not one swear word. Whenever a TV host goes off in actual shows they go off way harder because it’s memorable and entertaining, I’m talking about Gordon Ramsay levels of going off where there are more swears than words and they get violent throwing shit around and yelling loudly, even if you think Gordon Ramsay may be an extreme case there are plenty of other TV hosts who when they flip out they flip out hard. When this TV host does his insults it is the only generic and forgettable part of this comic. Bully’s are characters too and their insults should be unique and personalized to their characters. Other than that this thing amazing comic and you got yourself a sexiest void title pretty much in the bag.

# 12   Posted: Oct 9 2018, 11:53 PM
Alright, like the last one, gonna try and keep it brief. Then again I said that on the last one too and blurted out a lot so....yeah.

Defaulters: :(

Nothin: I'll be straight with you, and you probably already know it, but you really gotta actually finish these things and stop procrastinating until the last minute on these. Unless you actually do it, you will be stuck in a cycle of not finishing your work. This is not a matter of getting "motivation" or "feeling like it", but a matter of getting up and doing it. If you refuse, then you will be stuck not finishing things.

Boogi: I'll be straight honest with you too. I didn't like this comic. For one, I am aware your gimmick for this character is simply being a weirdo who is doing an egg-based assimilation plot, and it's supposed to be funny. First off, am in agreement with kura that the characters were merely used to slam a spotlight over at Egg-dealer. Now, there is a way and a time and place to shine a spotlight on your character to show his thing, but this one overall comes across as a "HEY LOOK AT MY WEIRDO HE IS WEIRD" sort of deal. Which means the overall comic is completely riding on whether these antics are funny or otherwise entertaining.

I"m sorry to say this, but this gimmick is getting old. You are pretty much telling the same exact joke with the same exact character, and his overall gimmick also actually being creepy but presented in this manner is not appealing to me one bit. I didn't feel a single thing but extreme apathy at this. No laughter, no feeling of dread or fear, nothing. It's harsh, I know, but these are my feelings on this that cannot be understated. Egg-dealer as a character from this comic and the prior ones is just one creepy joke that is repeated over and over and doesn't develop, doesn't struggle, doesn't inspire fear, nor does it make me laugh. Also, you should prolly go learn anatomy a little more, all the character's proportions are very wonky, and I'm not even referring to the weirdos.

Energy: Oi. I already taught you how to schedule and do finished stuff. Use it. I'm actually angry at you right now.

Zee: This is work that I would pay for. Characters worked off each other, art is solid, plot was pretty good, made me laugh. Also, the characters are sexy looking for once. Even the paneling and composition work is ace. A+.

# 11   Posted: Oct 9 2018, 11:52 PM
I don't know why Kura feels so triggered by this, I thought Boogi's comic was hilarious.  I was measuring his head for the tiara until I got to Zee's comic. Unfortunately for Egg Dealer (But not for us!) Zee's entry is just delightful.

Awesome job, you two! And Boogidi, next time you do a comic featuring half a dozen random opponents, you better not make your character the main one, how dare you.

# 10   Posted: Oct 8 2018, 10:00 PM
Nothin: Shame you couldn't finish, but I find your sketches to be really fun to see. I really like the different body types of everyone.I love Odgs, Gdso, and Sogd, cute cerberus woof <3

Boogidibzdo: Honestly this felt like a fever dream. I found it really fun to see how extremely exaggerated and extravagant the poses were.
Enjoyed a lot the different body types you assigned everyone, and you played a lot with perspective.
I want to assume you ran out of time, because the ending didn't seem to fit at all. I didn't understand why or how your character won the Pageant. Did the hostess have an egg fetish or something?

Energy: So many zoom ins...
Too bad you couldn't finish this either. I'll give it to you though, this comic might be one of the best I have seen of you, the anatomy is actually really nice.
Unfortunately, everyone seems to have the same face, especially for the girls. Like, the hairstyle they each had was the only thing that could tell them apart.

Zee: I FELT SO BAD FOR GREY! I am so happy he ended up winning, he derserved it. I want that host to burn in Hell too. Good charaxterization of everyone, and huge cool internet points for giving each enough screentime, and interaction between each other.
I'm not a fan of the paneling on page 11, the rest looked great, and then we arrived to that one; That's really my only complain really.

Kura: Don't be a meanie. I find it odd you'd call them out on "gloryfing" the other characters when this was meant to be a comic where fanservice was going to be a highlight.

# 9   Posted: Oct 8 2018, 06:38 PM
Boogie:  I find it disrespectful to your opponents that their characters are glorified cameos in this entire comic.  They have no agency to the plot and are shoved to the side in favor of Egg Dealer and your own NPC.  I feel like if you were placed in the other group, this comic would not be any different.  Fighting in void means faithfully representing your opponents in your stories, and that's why Battle Royales are one of the toughest events to write for since you have 8 characters to deal with.  Please consider your opponents more in your next comic.

Zee: Your comic is the perfect example of allowing all 8 characters to participate in a single narrative with Grey as the protagonist (although I think Jval was the only one that didn't get a spotlight moment).  This is a true Battle Royale comic.

# 8   Posted: Oct 8 2018, 05:24 PM
Nothin! Glad you turned in, even if unfinished! The punchline was pretty cute, and I like all the nice shapes you draw for the characters! Not much to say since it's so rushed but looks cute!
Boogi! ....wow. that was sure.... unique. I knew what I was in for and yet somehow was still surprised. your art and writing style in indescribable XD do i hate this? Do I love this? either way i'll never forget it! In any case congrats on finishing a whole comic! I love the colours for atmosphere, and you have some insane expressions and poses, very cartoonish. I would have liked to see more of your opponents, it kind of felt like most of this story was your character and the judge.
energy! If nothing else you should try to at least upload the text before a deadline, without speech bubbles i have even LESS idea whats going on with the rough art. That said i did enjoy the pages you DID finish. I liked your Shmagic drawing, and the descriptors you gave everyone were funny! I hope next time you can finish your entry.
Zee! God, I think somehow you reached across Void and won BOTH sexy pageants at once XD This was fantastic, amazing art, HILARIOUS writing, I dont even have any crits I just want 800 years of Grey in shenanigans! The panels of all the greys casting their votes was so hilariously ominous and i loved the page of Mol summoning the demon! Great job! Ill be laughing about this for years!

# 7   Posted: Oct 7 2018, 11:37 PM
Sorry about the uneven/ awkward pacing, I ended up having to cut quite a few pages in order to get it done on time, but hopefully it's still a fun read.

(Also, the Void Citadel is Hellis' idea, in case anyone didn't know)

Lucky Nothin
# 6   Posted: Oct 7 2018, 07:32 PM
hey I'm all submitted and stuff and I gotta say, dang this was an unfortunate month to have to do this whole thing. I'll finish up some pinups I made of all the characters when I finally have time again in a week. Not an excuse but at least I'm actually saying something this time.

# 5   Posted: Sep 28 2018, 03:55 PM
I apologize, but so nobody is surprised, I will not submit a piece for this. Life is heavy and where I used to thrive on competition, it now only serve to add  weight to my mind. And so I chose to retreat and maintain myprecarious  balance.

# 4   Posted: Sep 2 2018, 04:47 PM
Hey other pageanteers(??)!
Made an updated ref sheet but, more importantly, wrote a bio for Navy!
Please feel free to use this for reference if you're including her in any significant way, I think it's probably?? a better idea of how she should be than my previous comics tbh

If you have any other questions feel free to ask but honestly? you do u

best of luck everyone!!!

# 3   Posted: Sep 2 2018, 01:08 PM

# 2   Posted: Sep 1 2018, 05:07 AM
Oh you dont need to remind me. I KNOW which horseperson is sexiest.

# 1   Posted: Aug 31 2018, 10:35 PM
Gentle reminder: you don’t have to use Diana, you can use any of the horsemen! Good luck everyone!

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