Magic Mayhem, Final Round / Wizzie Belles vs. Tiffany

Magic Mayhem, Final Round / Wizzie Belles vs. Tiffany

Magic Mayhem, Final Round — Wizzie Belles vs. Tiffany

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by Bobo

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Approval Committee
# 13   Posted: Dec 30 2018, 09:49 PM
HATS- It's clear you went into this finale with a clear vision and idea of what you wanted to depict and you knocked it out of the park. You used high tech and futuristic content, but also incorporated a wacky toony slapstick which I personally love. I've only ever seen this kind of re-imagining with the comic Saga and the artist statement she couldn't draw sc-fi tech, so she made it her own by doing naturey rockets. I dunno if you can't or have trouble with this genre, but infusing it with something unexpected and different really makes me smile.
You turned Tiffany into the character I hoped and cranked up her obsession with Lily to 100% like jailable offense dedication. It made her funny, it made her likable and a nice foil to Wizzie's consternation throughout. Tiffany's chatterbox angle made me cackle. Like, full on giggle at seeing Wizzie at her wits end.

The great thing I like about your character and storylines is that you have a real talent for providing actual stakes. Too often I wonder how Wiz will get out of a jam, or actually doubt she's gonna make it out. I like those stakes. I like not knowing a win is guarantee. But lo! the magic wand appears in her cell! What's gonna happen now? I', so excited for more and belatedly congratulate you on an entertaining win! I couldn't of asked for a better turnout on my first mini tourney :D

BOBO- Way to go making it to the finals! Tiffany in your and all the other magic mayhem entries has been a total hoot. It's so neat to see what lengths you and others have taken such a unique character. I'm sorry to hear things got away from you in the end because I was really enjoying the look and quality of your previous rounds (this squishy chibi style is too cute), but it seems both in story and quality this took a dip.

The one bit I wish carried throughout your rounds was her desire for a real arm. It would've been a great schtick. Or at least explained the grab for a conveniently placed werewolf arm just laying about in a dungeon. Even a quick reaction take would've driven home the fact we as readers should care along with her. As it stands, it seems like a such a "well I guess i'll pick this up too."

I am thrilled with seeing Tiffany in this magic mayhem tourney and the hijinks we got to follow with her. Also will she ever see lilyfeather again?? Don't leave me hanging, I gotta see this reunion!

# 12   Posted: Jul 9 2018, 12:23 AM
@Hats: It's really awesome to see how much your art has grown as well as your writing. The story was fun and entertaining imo. The prison info-video was cute. You're very good at drawing expressions, it really does it's job of delivering the feelings of the characters. I can feel what are experiencing. The paneling also looks good and makes the story flow well, but personally I am not a fan of the thin lines for gutters. They make the art look more cluttered than it really is. The first page is a good example of this, the first few panels become hard to read with all the vertical lines. Other than that though, I don't see many other problems I have with this. Excellent work.

@Bobo: Interesting idea! I like that Tiffany drained the magic/energy of all other magic users, but I feel like I needed more by the end. It was a good read, either way. Moving on to the art, I THINK... you need to work on your line work more. The line widths were really inconsistent. Your last battle had cleaner line work for sure, but it still had the same issues in terms of the line widths. Sometimes the line art in some panels feel too thin compared to other panels surrounding it, or too thick. That's currently my only suggestion on what to look towards improving. Good stuff though.

# 11   Posted: Jul 6 2018, 11:53 PM
HOLY GUACAMOLE.  Hats, I wanna commend you for busting out one of the most stellar comics I've seen yet.  Every scene was fun, creative, and exciting.  I don't feel this entertained reading pro comics, so bravo!  Bobo, you've clearly had to rush, and many scenes are clunky as a result. The comic seems to lack excitement even when clearly exciting things are going on.. Maybe the panels could've been organized better so that action flowed more smoothly. Also, keep working on improving anatomy and poses!  Your arms have a tendency to change sizes very frequently, and character bodies change size too.  Good on you for finishing, though, and being a great sport about the challenging project!

Web Dev
# 10   Posted: Jul 6 2018, 03:43 PM
@Astro: OH SHIT I left out a line of dialogue! That definitely explains why that line didn't make sense haha. Shit, that was such a key line, too XD Also, Talon is supposed to be wearing gloves, but I forgot about that until pretty late in the game XD

This comic was rushed compared to the last two, so I apologize for the drop on quality. I felt like I had to get super ambitious to go up against Hats, but that ended up just shooting myself in the foot because I got overwhelmed haha. I'm glad at least some people enjoyed it, though!

Approval Committee
# 9   Posted: Jul 5 2018, 08:06 PM
I don't really have much to say here but i loved both of these comics and they both did a great job this was a really awesome finale for both of you and both of you. I don't really have anymore to expand on there really isn't much that needs to be expanded on beyond the fact you both were great in this tourney and this final battle.

Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Jul 5 2018, 04:59 PM
Hats: This is one of my favorite comics from you, if only because of how expertly used the gags were throughout, from all the "-matic" machines to Tiffany's undead slapstick to the actual literal eyeball cameras. I think the reason some people have trouble recognizing Tiffany (aside from the situation with the prison garbs and shaved heads) is that Tiffany up to this point has been a very cute looking character, while your interpretation of her--though still cute--had a bit more of this lil ghoulish gremlin take, with the skeletal nose and beady irises (though I think the skeletal arm should tip off people earlier). It's a small issue though for a solid chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next

Bobo: Sadly this one doesn't have the same polish as your last comic, line width and definition suffering is mostly my biggest gripe here, I otherwise liked it.

congrats to both of you for getting it this far and i can't wait to see more from both of you

# 7   Posted: Jul 3 2018, 08:20 PM
DAMN this was quite the battle, great jobs to the both of y'all for doing what you could in this time limit as well for getting this far in the tournament!

Hats: Honestly, it's difficult to find anything that I find qualms with for this comic! I have to agree with Desi here with Tiffany being unrecognizable as her own character until she says her own name, but that's practically a given for this situation with the shaved head and all. Absolutely stellar work regardless, and I'm completely invested in seeing how this storyline will continue! (By the by, that final page? GREAT!!!)

Bobo: I really like how this story had included every participant of the tourney here! The writing definitely leaves me interested in how they /do/ know Tiff, but one my other questions was how is Talon able to hold Lily without her just straight up decomposing/dying in his hold? I kinda give this a pass considering the presented intensity of the situation at hand, though. I also don't understand what the dialogue of the final panel in page 8 refers to? Since no one is referred as dead by Marie in the previous pages, and there's no claim revealed either (From what I could tell at least) that would lead to Gwen exclaiming that Marie did something to someone, presumably Tiffany.

In the end, congrats to both of y'all for making it this far!

# 6   Posted: Jul 3 2018, 08:08 AM
Well, I probably shouldn't be biased either way and judge this properly, and I will do that and vote properly in a bit...


...I would really like hats to win so we can have Mahou Shoujo Wizzie Belles.

Think Tank
# 5   Posted: Jul 2 2018, 07:55 PM

Hats: It's really neat to see how many interesting liberties you take with story, and the crazy stuff you do! Your writing is honestly super something to admire and like yeah!!! Honestly I feel like I'm not a fan though of how you stylized Tiffany, I feel like your art is amazing, but there's this weird thing where when you stylize some characters, you can't even tell who they are at that point? But even if thats the case, you do amazing and put in very entertaining characterization.

Bobo: wELL YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR COMIC, I particularly think its great how overly chaotic it is with all the characters you had fit in, tho it is slightly confusing, BUT STILL GREAT, AND THAT JOKE YOU OPENED ON IS AMAZING AND CRAP TIFFANY HAS A HAND NOW I GUESS SOMEHOW THAT LOOKS REALLY WEIRD ON HER

# 4   Posted: Jun 30 2018, 02:21 PM
Uploaded, thumbs emailed and ready to rumble! Good luck Bobo!

# 3   Posted: Jun 18 2018, 01:43 PM

Global Moderator
# 2   Posted: Jun 18 2018, 01:24 PM

Web Dev
# 1   Posted: Jun 18 2018, 11:31 AM

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