vs. Crawford - Cut-Out / Lydon Hsiao

vs. Crawford - Cut-Out / Lydon Hsiao

vs. Crawford - Cut-Out — Lydon Hsiao

by Yosai

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# 13   Posted: Sep 4 2007, 02:06 PM
Sigh, Yosai, you only made me more frightened at the very thought of ever battling you. I honestly have no critique that is both fresh and helpful, but really. I\'m just amazed and scared at your talent. Lydon is a great character and I\'m sure by now he has millions of fangrrlz placing him on their hitlist (even if void barely has 1000 characters).  Please, just let me babble like one of those fan girls.

It\'s also really refreshing to see different painting style for his comic, aside from Orange. Not that I didn\'t like her paintery styled panels, but I am also a huge fan of watercolors, so this to me, is just delicious. And plus, I got to see the more humorous side of you as an artist, so I honestly hope you\'ll keep this up with Lydon.

And I love that cameo of Frank. If..that is Frank.

More Lydon, please!

# 12   Posted: Aug 30 2007, 06:39 PM
OH SHIT! ITS A  CAMEO!!! and yos, not bad. i can\'t really go into a deep crit right now, but i will say something useless: it\'s good. I\'m glad you\'re back and amped to fight you someday.

# 11   Posted: Aug 30 2007, 04:42 AM
Deji : hahaha thanks xD;;

Phill : wow, thanks :O ah yeah, I still have alot to learn about casual dialogue +.+ *makes some notes about brightness/contrast as well* I\'ll try to fix them in the next battle :D
about the lack of impact.. *cringe* yeah, Jho told me somewhile ago about the absence of impact in my.. um, fight scenes, been trying to wrap my head around it and went for another take, but I suppose it\'s still need more force and effect *nodnod* thank you for the comment :3

Blink : ah, thank you ^^;

Bitter : thanks! hahahaha yeah, Orange\'s serious like a heartattack, lots of headache on that. I\'m actually much more comfortable with the (varying) level of tension in Lydon as a character (not saying I don\'t love Orange.. ;__;)

Jho : I\'VE BEEN FOUND OUT D:< hahaha I read Blacksad and despaired T__T. but I really like the mood and atmosphere in that series *nods* yay thanks xD

# 10   Posted: Aug 29 2007, 05:58 PM
Wow, yos this is cool, reminds me of blacksad alot (and that is a GOOD thing)! And it has clarity, that\'s awesome! Way to go!

# 9   Posted: Aug 29 2007, 10:55 AM
It\'s so good to see you actually finished this! Well worth the wait Yosai!
What made me enjoy this comic was the various display of emotions exchanged by Crawford and Lydon. The character reactions feel so new to me compaired to your more serious work with Orange, but I mean this in a good way and it also proves you can do not only serious character interaction but also somewhat light hearted ones as well.
   The drawing and the painting is beautiful all over, and I can\'t really crit that.
Lets see some more Lydon action in the near future!

# 8   Posted: Aug 29 2007, 07:26 AM
Beautiful style and that guy\'s personality is intriguing. Maybe VCPD has one honest cop.

Kotori Ky
# 7   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 11:13 PM
Phil, I didn\'t point them out here because I talk to her on AIM. And yes, the errors here are because English isn\'t her first language. I actually talk to her about it because she asks and cares... unlike some. If you have an issue with my pointing out writing errors, you are free to take that up with me via AIM as well.

Rant when you know the situation or you sound like an asshole.

# 6   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 10:29 PM
Kotori, I gotta ask ya something: Why is it you spot these \"Grammatical Errors\" but you never mention where they are and how to possibly improve on them? *MIND BOGGLES!!* Where are these errors? Only thing that jumps out at me is the possibility that due to English being a second language for yosai, things sound a tad bit awkward. I\'m really sorry to rant like this hun, but it kinda pisses me off when somebody who\'s one pet peeve is seeing people fuck up grammar, won\'t even lift a finger to help somebody improve in an area they\'re clearly struggling in.

Anywho, Yosai: Aside from some awkward text here and there (Lines like \"This city has ways\" could of been left out, and some things like \"That\'s something you don\'t see every day\" could be instead \"There\'s something you don\'t see every day\") it seemed to read very well for me. I did like the watercolored look you gave this comic, but at times it seemed a bit too bright at times.

The facepunch part was pretty funny, but it doesn\'t look like Crawford is punching and Lydon isn\'t even taking a hit. Have you seen the Qyzex getting punched by 4am video yet? When he got punched, he reacted and even stumbled back some, when 4am punched him he moved his shoulders and put some weight behind it. Crawford is just slapping the guy to me, put more umph into a punch next time, show Lydon stumbling back, and show Crawford leaning forward to put his weight behind the punch, and remember: For every action there\'s an equal but opposite reaction. (Science in comics... oh joy... ;3).

Other than that, I think you made a rather wonderful comic here Yosai, I look forward to seeing more from ya.

# 5   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 03:13 PM
absolute love, yos =3
your trad media skills are great =D *tries to steal them but fails*

# 4   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 03:12 PM
zsa : yeah ^^; I finally got my connection back today and contacted Wei about it (I\'m like, troubling Wei so much ;__; ) :] thank you ^^
pockets people? as in chibis? hahaha yeah, I\'m not sure about doing that altogether (Orange\'s like.. SO serious), but I\'m glad if it\'s alright :D

j.allen : yay :D hahahaha my scanning mastery ranks isn\'t high enough, I think I messed most of the colors altogether >_>;

Koto : yeap all trads, india ink + nib pen and acrylics paint <3 I\'m glad if it works, still trying to get a hang of the nib-pen inking ^^;
ah. that panel xD;; I dunno how it got to be like that, but that\'s my fave expression of him in the entire battle. yay thanks! I\'m looking forward to do more battles of him :D

Kotori Ky
# 3   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 03:00 PM
Okay, aside from a few Grammatical issues (yeah yeah, I know... but I can\'t help but be critical of them) I really enjoyed this Yos. The coloring was really nice and the pen work was fantastic. This was all done trads, right?

Lydon is f\'ing creepy and I LOVE it. Page 5, the panel where he\'s smiling at Crawford after the FACEPUNCH.... just creeps me the fuck out and I LOVE it. I go over the pages to look at how you did the coloring, penning, and perspectives and keep coming back to that page and staring at that panel. It makes the hair on the back of my head stand up and I LOVE it. I can\'t wait to see more of Ldyon. Creepy too-pretty-to-live bastard.... <3

# 2   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 02:54 PM
Cool to finally see the otherside. The colors are so great jsut so milky and clean.

Aluísio C. Santos
# 1   Posted: Aug 28 2007, 02:40 PM

I liked it a lot. Personally I think you could have used less \"pockets\" people, but it wasn\'t really excessive, so it\'s okay. The colors are very nice, and adds to the mood.

Glad you submited it :D

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