Love Child Tag Team Death Tournament, Round 1 / Misery vs. Kyrielle

Love Child Tag Team Death Tournament, Round 1 — Misery vs. Kyrielle

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by Radji and yarnwitch

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 21   Posted: Mar 15 2018, 10:02 AM
Yeah, this was close. For some reason its hitting me pretty hard, but I'll make sure to PLOT REVENGE mauahhahahaha. It is a comic fighting website after all! Thanks for the fight and good luck in the next round!

# 20   Posted: Mar 15 2018, 07:18 AM
weeew that was close. This battle took a lot out of me, but strangely i don't feel that bad about this defeat... It gave me a kick I needed to get back to serious work and i'm happy with that.
Yarn and I gave our best and iI thinkwe did a good job. I'm very eager to do more collab with you Yarn !
 FEAR NOT VOIDERS, this is NOT the last you'll hear of Kyrielle !!

# 19   Posted: Mar 14 2018, 09:12 PM
Thank you all for your comments, we learned a lot! Crow and i wanted to try something different for this from what we usually do and in some places it worked and in some it did not, so if we go on to round two I hope we can do even better, taking all your advice into account!
radji and yarn, other people have critted this well enough already so I just wanted to say thank you for the battle! i absolutely ADORED how you drew Misery's deconstruction powers, you made our boy just the right insane, i was so happy! And the tender moment with Gray at the end warmed my heart! This was a close one! Thanks for the great fight!

Web Dev
# 18   Posted: Mar 14 2018, 08:59 PM
ShenCrow: ShowHide
Okay, I'm on page 4 and I'm already actually for real laughing out loud. ...And then you went and turned it around and made me FEEL THINGS. Shen, you've always been able to play my heart like a fiddle, and the two of you working together just made that even stronger. I'm not sure who did what, since you blended your styles together so well, but everything looks great, and I love the attention to detail you put into how you represented the two characters' imaginations. It took me a second to get what you were doing, but once I got it, it was perfect to me! Awesome job, and I love/hate Misery so good!

RadWitch: ShowHide
I'm impressed at how well teams are blending their styles together in this tournament, and you guys are definitely no exception! However you split the labor, it all meshed together really well and felt cohesive, so well done there.
 I loved the textures you used for backgrounds, shading, lighting effects, etc. I felt a little less inspired by the few panels here and there that lacked texture and felt flat by comparison, but the whole comic had a very visceral feel to it that brought it to life.
 Those few spots where details or extra polish was missing took away from the overall quality of the comic, but it was still very strong. I love the post-apocalyptic setting you created for us, and how you quickly established each of the main characters' personalities so quickly by their interaction with the situation and the survivors within it. I would have liked a little more character development for Misery; his crazed killing spree felt a bit two-dimensional. It was nice seeing a more sane, caring Gray, though,
 and that contrast made me feel like Misery could finally be at peace and would find his humanity in the afterlife with her. That lack of development for Misery, however, took away from the total emotional impact that moment could have had. And with the amount of time you spent without Misery in the comic at all, it feels like a lost opportunity. Overall though, this was a great comic, I LOVED the setting and the details—both visual and plot-based—you put into this world, and it had a very strong sense of emotion to the art itself. Well done, you two! And Radji, I'm glad you found someone who could do a much better job than I could have done in this tournament :)

# 17   Posted: Mar 13 2018, 10:25 AM
Solid work both of you!

Team ShenCrow: Black comedy is hard to do, its difficult to keep a person shocked/invested from dark incidents while also laughing alongside quirky moments, it's a good effort and I wouldn't mind seeing you keep trying to mix this blend. I feel like for what happened, you probably could have cut the story a few pages, some of the kill scenarios i don't feel warranted the panel size they were given.

Team Radjiyarn: I really dig the scenario (cool terry cameo) and I'm interested in the mystery. The encounter between the two felt a bit too coincidental but it's not a big deal; i think what this comic may lack is the extra polish and care needed to look 100% professionally complete throughout, attention to word bubbles and diction, maybe a 2nd pass through the dialogue to make more organic, etc.

# 16   Posted: Mar 9 2018, 04:16 PM
This was hard when your comics are both so good xdd

The lines and colouring made every panel look very clear and I think contrast played a large part of it
it also had good comedic timing which kept it interesting
In terms of the fighting, Misery felt one sided again Kyrielle, but his attack on them was a great twist to pull. (And to be fair, they were caught off guard)

I feel like both of the characters got a a fair bit of their stories portrayed, and the fight was less one sided.
It was unclear where Misery's mother came from, I was confused who they were at first as a result.
Some of the art feels less clear, or blurry.

Both comics had nice bleak or dark backgrounds which fit the characters mysterious or dark stories and they entertaining to read.

# 15   Posted: Mar 9 2018, 01:12 AM
Shen/Crow: From the second page I was able to tell you were going for a comedy angle. This was unexpected but not unwelcome, and rather piqued my interest. The earnestness in which Misery believes that murdering a ton of people will appease his mother is great and sets a good theme for the rest of the comic, with both parties discussing  what would qualify as a murder worthy of Gray. The contrast between Kyrielle's ASCII-based imagination and Misery's grimdark sketches also help underline the tonal differences between the two, with even Ky commenting on how uncomfortable she's getting in the conversation. In full honesty, Page 11 was probably my favorite, with Misery and Kyrielle's posing evoking the archangel Michael, even if unintended. The complete nonchalance of his "Yeah" worked so well here.

For the art, I have little to say. It's good. It services the story well, especially with the facial expressions. There are a few moments where I feel like elements could have been cleaned up a bit, such as the background lines for the junkyard that seems to shift into a gray blob instead of the more defined objects that we can see in the first two pages. I realize time constraints more than likely had a lot to do with this though, so that's understandable, if noticeable. The gripe that did stick with me, though, was page ten, where it feels like dialogue or SFX were missing with the molecular deconstruction. It took me a second to realize what was going on.

Overall, it was nice to see a break from the norm of death and wanton slaughter. A solid beginning, but beginnings are only good if they lead somewhere, so hindsight will be a big determining factor for how well this comic holds up in the future.

Radji/Yarn: From the very beginning you two went deep into world building and that is super commendable. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to play into the plot of the comic itself, instead acting as window-dressing for the fight between Kyrielle and Misery. As for the meat of the comic, the fight proper, it was short and sweet, though anticlimactic, with only 2-3 blows traded between the two, and a save at the end with a creative death. However. Characterization felt two dimensional, and Misery's dialogue evoked the unfortunate spectre of Superman-Prime levels of psychotic angst. An enemy instead of a character. Which would not have been bad were it not for how much of it there was. In all, I relate to Kyrielle's "What just happened" heavily in terms of the story. Not bad. Just an average sudden burst of random violence that void is known for.

Art. Much like Shen and Crow's comic, there isn't as much for me to say, except that there are noticeable shifts in cleanliness with lines and rendering. The shift between pages 6 and 7 are where this is most noticeable. A comparison I'd make is that I feel like a lot of the panels would be good if they were stills for an animation, but individually they lack the flow that would need to be evoked for proper action. A few grammar mistakes, especially lack of punctuation, are also present, but that's nothing a proofreading or two couldn't fix. It's a stylistic comic in contrast to the functional utility of Shen and Crow's, which isn't bad, just incomparable.

It was good, but felt padded and a bit flat. Like your opponent, it is a good beginning, but that only matters if it goes somewhere.

You should both be proud.

# 14   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 05:41 PM
This one is quite hard to judge, in a way both battles were appropriately asymmetrical. Team Misery hitting it home with establishing a very damaged individual that we all knew at one point while we are being newly acquainted with Kyrielle and all the pleasant surprises she brings to the table. However as I am being introduced to new concepts, Misery is already setting up this hot  mess.

Misery:  I don't know what to say. I hate this kid!! (In a good way). He makes me mad that he'd stab a friend. Now he's setting himself up for some right tragedy.  This is the feeling I get and of course as far as anti-villains go he's a good fit for void and it makes me want to fight him >:v ! Now the goods
+The Artstyle is wonderful and I get a good serving of pages. Its very stable and Crow's lines really show through on Shen's characters it fits. IT FITS !  
+ Your opponnent was wonderfully built up to be empathic and believable half the time I wondered if Kyrielle was your fighter or how unthinkable it was that they would come to fight each other. But nah. Misery
+ Not really a crit but the shift in his character- the willingness to stab the first person he "met" is either an extreme tell of his morals or he is obsessed with seeing his mother just that badly that he now holds her up on a pedestal.  This is typical of every misguided teen that grew up in broken homes and we see this percolate far too often to its worst possible outcome on the TV. Suffice it to say it is probably why my empathy is guarded and I am rightfully terrified of his descent on void. Good stuff : )

Kyrielle: This entry comes off a little ghost story, a little Dogma, and not enough time to get to know the characters on your terms. However I found the story to be a clean resolution to such a character even though this entry makes him feel like a final boss battle for a streetbump encounter.
+ We are introduced to a setting that is either a bleak future of void or simply a discarded part of it like the underground community. However this information was either not needed or served to distance me from my investment of the events. Because this percolates into Misery appearing into a murder spree out of nowhere. Which is fine but the ending implies that we should have known a bit more about him being Grey's son which could have been foreshadowed somewhere here.
+ Artwise you two worked through the colors and the pages consistently we are treated to Grey's signature ghost glow and fiery reds and oranges that rivals your opponents' pallete. This is a good job considering.
+ There is a lot of integration with other void characters here that I find seamless and wonderful but dare I say it, it might have cost you pages and may have taken away from my understanding of Kyrielle. This is a character I wanted to know more of and we are given to understand that she's a Good Kid but will that be enough for a Truly Bad Kid ?  

# 13   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 01:06 PM
When it comes to story and action, I think both these comics provided them, but were lacking on one category.

Hookay, so visually this comic was a stunner. I'll also echo the hat tip of appreciation to the cool style changes as the pair of them went through murderous scenarios. Those looked like fun to do and were fun to pore over page to page. Each one fit each character so well, I didn't really need the colored word boxes to know who was saying what (but glad you kept those in!). I really like the tone you set with this kid, and my face will forever be Kyrie's face when she hears his name and goes "Seriously?" XD
Art wise, I'd be mindful of characterization and really punching that up if you make it to the next round. I agree that at times your opponents face looked exactly like Misery's (especially in that close up profile) which I think is a penchant of Crows. Despite the odd jump in viciousness at the end, I personally dug two teens chatting. I would've said it felt rather pedestrian for a death match, but I think their morbid discussion counterbalanced it. The sudden 'ok you're dead now' battle lived and died so quickly and-unexpectedly, I'm not really sure what that was. XD

TEAM KYRIE- You guys brought on the action in spades. Its a clear talent of Radji's and kind of a trademark of their battles, so it definitely didnt disappoint. I think what you lacked in wasn't so much story, but the dialogue/plot. The conversation between you and your opponent felt almost artificial. Scripted even- like something out of an anime with a bombastic bad guy who has all these canned lines to fling out. Maybe that's how you perceive Misery, but  as it stood I couldn't really take him seriously as a force to be reckoned with. Honestly I was more interested in the setting you established with the mutations and affiliations with Xia and the underground. If you make it to the next round I definitely look forward to seeing more of that.

Alouisse Ver
# 12   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 12:58 PM
Was looking forward to seeing this battle! To both teams, you did a great job at balancing hype and not spoiling your comic. Just excellent work there.

Team Misery:

I love Misery as a char. So much.  Nevertheless, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

The good:

+ The two of you work well together, but you guys already know that. It just bears a repeat. The linework and coloring is the best yet for you two. You did an excellent job, Shen.

+ A highlight is how you did the imagination sequence. Differentiating between Misery's thoughts, and Kyrielle's.

Art-wise, everything is wonderful.
The only place where I can think of critiques are Plot/Story wise. And others have already touched upon it so it doesn't need repeating.


Team Kyrielle

The good:

+ I was hesitant at first because it seemed like most of the lines didn't vary much in width. But by golly the linework, works!

+ I loved the background information/story. I'm really interested in learning more about this world and how it came to be.

The critiques:

+ The color and shading. Let's just use page 6 as an example for everything.
Good on the colorist for having the light from Kyrielle being bounced back onto her skin. But there's no other shading besides what appears to be a gradient. The soft gradient and the harsh black lines are not a good mix. There either needs to be more shading involved-- specifically with hard edges, Or the colors for the characters lines need to be changed. Instead of staying with the harsh black.

+ More values for the colors as well. Or if you need to stick with just midtone for coloring, then choose one that "pops".

+ For the colorist, I'd do some studies on hard and soft edges, and when best to use (and mix) them. Experiment and figure out how to implement it within your colors.

There's great potential with the two of you working together! I'd love to see more of collabs between the two of you.

# 11   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 12:32 PM
Shen+crow: i think im biased bc i love misery SO MUCH. I thought his reaction to his dad was HILARIOUS. I cackled about it for a good minute or so.  I really hope Gray is still a crazy bitch so he can make her proud. Big crazy murder family!!! Kyrielle's murder ideas got me in stitches. I liked how their ideas were illustrated to showcase their personalities. FEEELINGS XD okay i lied the whole comic has got me in stitches. GOSH DAD, UGH IM 19 GOD.
Radji + Yarn: Very strong imagery! Even if you did color into the border a lil bit.
Holy shit you made misery so evil xD I guess this is after he snaps huh. I think both groups need to work on wordbubbles. You both have your comics with the words being centered incorrectly in the bubbles. Try to spend more time on things like that. It makes a huge difference. For you I'm referring to pg 4 panel 5.
Page 6 is a lil messy. How is Misery getting hurt here? Is she using magic to create rock spikes?
Why does she so urgently need to speak to commander Xia?


# 10   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 10:11 AM
Hrm, this one is hard to judge.

Team Misery:
That's some great art. Nothing bad to point out about that really. My issue though is just the very mediocre plot going on. By all accounts it's just dumb teenager talk near a figurative campfire that ends in a murder that didn't have any suspenseful buildup. Makes me feel pretty underwhelmed really. If the conversation were steered instead to something that gradually implied Misery was going to shank Kyrielle followed by a hell of a shot of impaling her and proceeding to brutally destroy her while Misery delivers fucked up blue and orange ghost logic monologue, I feel it would have been way better and at least made me feel something instead of nothing. In fact, I found the art style shift when each of the characters talk about their suggestions to be compelling and wished it was used to a way more dramatic effect.

All in all, not a bad comic but man there's a lot of wasted potential.

Team Kyrielle:
Art is pretty ok. There are areas that do feel kinda flat due to lack of shading or depth cues or whatever. However, I do enjoy some of the effects and dynamism in this. What I do enjoy more, however, is the setting and pacing of this comic. Set the scene, increase the dynamism as we lead into action, end the arc in a satisfying manner, put a lure that makes you want to read more. Just work on that artflow process between you two and I think you guys can do well in any potential future endeavors that may or may not happen.

# 9   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 09:48 AM
Shen/Crow: I am rather annoyed at the lack of anything worthwhile happening in this entire comic.  I think you dragged on the murder talk for far too long and left me with an unsatisfying ending.  Kyrielle wasn't utilized very well, and should have had more agency in the plot.  In the end, she was just a victim that could have been anyone.

Radji/Yarn: I like your post apoc future setting but those lazy gradient backgrounds are kind of an eyesore since they're used in almost every panel.  Thankfully you gave enough information about this setting without going overboard and even ended on a decent cliffhanger, so good job.

# 8   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 09:18 AM
Shen/Crow: Misery is such a freaking edgelord, and it's amazing, ngl!!! I think the story in this comic was very well done, how Kyrielle casually just listens to him talk about how he wants to kill people so his mom comes back and loves him, lol. I feel like he made up a HUGE portion of this story, lol, just like... It sounds to me like he's such an edgelord that he just tried making everything deeper than it was. I love Kyrielle's reactions, heck the story was going strong, albeit the battle scene didn't grasp my attention as much as it could, but I usually love character interaction more than battles anyway. I love Misery's expressions, and sometimes Kyrielle's as well, but I feel like at times her face could look a tad too masculine? Regardless, great comic, and I hope Misery and Lala fight!

Radji and Yarn: Nightingale mutations? I'm curious, but I feel the story in this comic never goes onward enough to explain what that is, which sucks cuz it gripped my attention. Your guys's art is pretty nice, but I feel like how quick we get into the action was a detriment to the story, it felt like no buildup, just suddenly there's some insane person. The storytelling paled quite a bit for me, because the battle just seemed pointless, the buildup was odd, and in the end it seemed like a monster of the week trope was heavily showcased here. This comic was really good, just I wasn't the biggest fan of the story, but I really enjoyed seeing your character!!!

# 7   Posted: Mar 8 2018, 08:09 AM
Rad/Yarn: The worldbuilding and overall writing in this comic is very good.  I mean, very good. The establishing scene sets up for our protag and gives a good idea of who they are. misery arrival work as a good culmination and major kudos on how you tied his death to that of his mothers with the whole impalement. +points for that. Art wise, it was solid, i could tell there were some issues with the time constraints as some seem unpolished/finished, backgrounds in partricular.

Overall; Exellent comic. Enjoying a lot.

Shen/Crow: Wohhhh. Damn, that art is something else. I dont know how to critique it really, you two make an amazing team, and the end product look like it was straight out of a major league comic to me. Story wise, it was nice, gave me a few laughs and Miserys "death kink" and nonchalance is pretty great. Not quite as strong writing wise as your opponent, it didnt have quite the same impact on me.

# 6   Posted: Mar 7 2018, 11:38 PM

# 5   Posted: Mar 5 2018, 05:51 PM
I feel like there's some weird deja vu going on here...

Both these teams are coming at this with something radical. I really can't predict who'll come out on top D:

# 4   Posted: Feb 21 2018, 04:45 PM
Good luck everyone!

You guys are gonna kill it~! Literally!!!

Who's doing the killing? Well we'll find out won't we? >wOb

# 3   Posted: Feb 21 2018, 03:17 PM
♪♪♪ It started out with a fist, how did it end up like this?♪♪♪

# 2   Posted: Feb 21 2018, 03:10 PM
for the second time in a year, i got radji round one of a tag team XD IS THIS DESTINY?

# 1   Posted: Feb 21 2018, 11:30 AM
Awwww shit. I dont even know who I want to win more. MAKE IT SPECTACULAR

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