Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 / Aleyjah & Sukri vs. Steph

Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 / Aleyjah & Sukri vs. Steph

Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 — Aleyjah & Sukri vs. Steph

by Golden

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by Nothin

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Critiques & Comments
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# 9   Posted: Feb 11 2018, 11:51 PM
Golden: Im a sucker for world building and everytime i plan on fighting one my imagination goes on overdrive cause I want to see a fight happen in your world. It's a shame but not too bad that you didnt finish some stuff, what's here is acceptable and manages to be more substantial.

Nothin: The inks and pacing is quite alright and in terms of completion is more solid than Golden's. However, I'm unsure how to take this. It's quite a bit of plot and very little focus. What is there is functional but what bugs me is that your character isn't the main character at all. The masked man is and he's not as brutal and cool as Steph is so for me this is a miss.

Good fight you two

# 8   Posted: Feb 11 2018, 10:57 AM
Both of your killed your opponents indirectly in this round, and it's a little anticlimactic, but I think Golden has the better narrative and execution here.

Golden: Love your economy of line here. The comic still looks clear and has character when it gets more sparse. Even the uninked pages are still very clear and easy to read, which can't always be said about incomplete comics.

Nothin: Because of your overall even line weight and simplified figures, the panels with plenty of spot blacks are your strongest ones. Without the greys or spot colors tying it together like your last comic, it does look a little more bare in the parts with less contrast.

# 7   Posted: Feb 10 2018, 12:55 PM
Golden: It stinks that life gets in the way and a couple of your pages weren't totally done, but what isn't is still readable, and what is is great! I like the story, and the way you've been interpreting your opponent's characters to fit into your story!

Nothin: Again, life getting in the way blows. I think what hurts here is that the comic doesn't really work as well without a solid conclusion. I like the buildup, and even the random supervillain could be fun, but without more to go on, the comic just kind of... ends.

# 6   Posted: Feb 9 2018, 02:39 AM
Golden: Timeconstraint and not being able to finish always suck. But what is finished is pretty great and I can really tell you love these characters and the world they are in. The relationship continues to be build up and your writing for this felt much tighter then the one before, which was already pretty good!  

Nothin: I wont lie, it felt like kinda abrupt and anticlimatic. If it had maybe an extra page and a less sudden shift it prolly would have hit harder.

# 5   Posted: Feb 6 2018, 06:50 AM
golden: it's mostly unfinished, but i still liked the story and the way the characters established themselves. Liked the death, it w was jurassic parks-style epic

Nothin, while liked the whole atmosphere, i still felt like it lacked some devellopment.

# 4   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 09:53 AM
@Golden, okay I just wanna say I really like Sukri, and even if your comic was a lot of sketches at places, I think it turned out super freaking fantastic, and it is lovely, and I wanna see more of your charas! I like the strong beliefs it feels like you've given Sukri, and I think it was really interesting your approach to tackling this battle.

@Nothin I really love your character, but I'm honestly not the biggest fan of this comic, I believe you have the ability to make works way more amazing than this. I feel like my favorite thing was your compositions throughout this comic! Good luck okay?

Web Dev
# 3   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 08:54 AM
@Golden: First off, I love the little debate between Aleyjah and Sukri towards the bottom of page 1. I was confused for a second, thinking you had forgotten some speech bubbles, but then I remembered that Aleyjah doesn't have those haha. It's just a sweet little moment that I think you communicated really well. It sucks that you weren't able to finish inking everything, but you at least still had a coherent and charming storyline. The turning point at the end where Sukri leaves Steph to their own devices was interesting to me. I didn't expect them to leave anyone behind, so that just underscores the tribe's distrust of witchcraft (and it sounds like magic in general?). It's a solid bit of character development/world building that also creates an excellent moment at the end for Steph to have to face the consequences of their attitude. Excellent comic overall, and sorry your week was so rough and you couldn't finish everything!

@nothin: I think you did a good job of establishing an environment for this comic, bringing the background back often enough that I always felt like I knew where I was. Keeping everyone stationary helped, of course, but I think either way we would still have felt grounded in this location. The story was confusing, since the villain of this comic just kinda comes out of nowhere and we have no idea who he is or what his motivations are, or why he would want both Steph and Aleyjah & Sukri. I know you had more planned and life got in the way, so if that happens again, I would try just changing the story entirely to be something more self-contained in fewer pages. All that said, I'm impressed at the level of completeness you've got in the three pages you had art on. As someone who basically told everyone last round to do fewer, more complete pages, I have to applaud you for that :)

Approval Committee
# 2   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 12:01 PM
interested to see what both sides do on this one. good luck!

# 1   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 11:51 AM
Man oh man I can't wait to read thissss

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