Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 / Cutie Mark vs. Charkley

Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 / Cutie Mark vs. Charkley

Speed Death Tournament 2018, Round 2 — Cutie Mark vs. Charkley

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730 points
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Icon for Charkley44.7%
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Mister Kent
# 17   Posted: Feb 12 2018, 07:43 AM
Thank you for the battle SavageDab--you are a very formidable opponent who forced me to change my whole game up. Your work inspired this experimental comic, my first photo comic ever but surely not my last.

# 16   Posted: Feb 11 2018, 09:34 PM
Kent: a very nice tit for tat Kent. You've always had a strong sense for narrative and it's apparent your knowledge of memeolgy far outstripped by own attempts by weaving both the form and function of your own opponent is commendable. You wove a  tight narrative with both meme and photo collage and while adding on an extra layer of substance with color. The color manipulation really did help make the disparate meme images feel a lot more consistent as a comic which I think something Savage could definitely (shrewdly crimp) use in his future endeavors with the technique.

This is honestly so different from your regular fare so it's kind of hard to compare it. It feels very polished and consitient and the use of color brings it together quite well. If there is anything I could really criticize is that though the technique And iconography were utilized well it feels like Charley's was less so. He only really shows up near the end and he doesn't really get a chance to bounce off Cutie all that much aside from being told he's been killed.

Overall a good showing. Especially for something outside of your norm.

Savage: I'm glad you took last rounds advice and focused up on readability because this one shines through well and true. I think this character works very well with form and function as a character concept that allows for using meme iconography and expresssion to tell the story as well as using the craft of photocollage to use the memes as sort hand for what is being conveyed. And this one feels like a step up in how cohesive and direct it's use. You got an eye for good photography and using composition to construct your forms and setting and adding in them in meangful ways as well as incorporate Meme adjacent iconography like Chat text to make the Meme use and overall feel be very Internet native.

You got a great craft going here and honestly think if anything Kents use of collage in kind shows that there is a even more headroads to be done and have your work improve and I honestly would love to see you use this beyond just the Memeosphere and start seeing what you can do with a wider breath of iconography and what characters and specific moods you can create with this technique.

Photocollage is a technique as old as the printed image and while using memes is a great modern use I think there is just as much merit beyond them in the entire world of visual arts and it's possibilities in the service of telling narrative leave me very excited to see what you'll attempt next.

# 15   Posted: Feb 11 2018, 11:07 AM

Mr Kent really delivered with memetastic cutpaste that also has its own distinct, nonlazy looking style that is hilarious and different from Savagedab's contradictory "Analog Age Cutpaste Photocopy" look.

Ah man this is going to be hard to rate... I want to pair you up as a team.

# 14   Posted: Feb 10 2018, 12:44 PM
I think one thing we could all agree on is that Charkley is such a powerful character, he transforms OTHER people's comics! Terrifying meme genie.

Misterkent: I like all the little references you put into your comic (both to tourney characters and to so many old memes- I cackled at Hipster Ariel telling Charkley to be like a normal dead meme and stay dead), and I thought your use of color was great.

Savagedab: I've been into the ridiculous meme  humor since your first comic. I think maybe having some grey tones instead of just the straight black and white would help with readability? Some parts were hard to make out what was happening. But I will say, I think your use of memes was more organic than you're getting credit for. The fidget cube, the Ace Attorney court room, the Connor McGregor(I think thats him?) had to do it to em centaur frankenstein, it all served the story well.

# 13   Posted: Feb 9 2018, 12:51 PM
I will probably be the few people that voted this way so I'll say my piece:

Kent's side has managed to colorfully come up with a counterplay against Charkley in a surprising upset 2 rounds in however if I was only to comment on their piece it's that it is colorful, well rendered, and an unpredictable plot. However it can't stand apart from a Charkley piece in that it was meant solely to fight a Charkley piece. A metal gear to surpass all metal gears, perhaps ? Either way as a reproduction of said approach I feel there is something lacking in the core which had struck me as disingenuine yet I can't say that you didn't own this up in spades. Cause you did, only that it took a catalyst like Charkley to goad it on. And this I feel is where battles take place- is reacting directly and appropriately to an opponent at hand.  

Savagedab: As usual you fight to the vicious end, and if there was something remarkable I find in all of Charkley's battles it is that there is some manner of cohesion and plot to be decoded even within the chaos that is memes. Despite the unreality of all of his encounters, Charkley as a character can be defined as some unusual eldritch comedy that is capable of sweet ass finishers. And here i feel is where the charkley formula typically succeeds , is that there is a battleplan that is capable of taking the built up emotion of the comedy and releasing it in one decisive blow.  Personally it is a favorite of mine.

As an afterword there are battles like this one which can exist beyond the art style, where two pieces are so solidly complete that all there is that remains  is the clash of ideas that happen between them. In this case, it's whether or not the challenger can usurp the "king". And in my view I feel that the leader of this unique fighting style performed on par.

# 12   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 11:06 PM
i was asked last fight to tone down on memes and work more on plot.



Alouisse Ver
# 11   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 04:21 PM
I'm going to throw my three cents in as well before I critique. I know you guys mean it in jest, but imagine someone saying "so and so did your own style better than you." Praising your opponents comic abilities over yours, and leaving it at that.

That just rubs me off the wrong way.

Try and leave a positive comment and/or something constructive for *both* participants than just something like that.

Now onto the critiques!

Mister Kent:
I really enjoyed the colors and story in this comic! I really enjoyed how there were nods to Herself placed around. There was a lot of care and love put within this to honor your opponent and I'm sure it's apparent to anyone who reads this.

My only critique for this is that the memes used in the later pages were a bit forced, but I did enjoy how you utilized each of them. Matching the meaning of the meme whilst moving the story forward. Great job!


Charkley is an amazing character and I've considered myself a fan ever since the first comic. You've brought such an interesting (fidget)spin to comic-making, writing, and humor that I know I'm guaranteed a smile reading your comic.

Critique! I had to slowly read this comic to clearly understand what was going on. There was a lot of black that blended into the forms of the bodies that made it hard to read the images clearly at first. It did detract from the overall flow due to that, but overall I was able to read what was going on.


For both:

Both stories were good and understandable. I love how you both ended it in a (correct me if I'm wrong) Dark Souls death screen. Both comics made me laugh, and gosh. I wish there could be more of this.

# 10   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 03:35 PM
Before I come in and give crits on these battles, Im reading the comments here. And I have to say, it smells like bias. I will say that both did a wonderful job but these two artists did the exact same battle and to praise one artist for the same thing you fault the other? That's kinda odd, in my honest opinion.

If  Iwant to be more direct I'd say that I think Kent did a great job at doing the exact same thing savagedab just with clearer images. But to tell him that him using memes was great then telling Savagedab that his use of memes were bad only feels bias because it looks like you're not entirely sure if SD is being Ironic, while with Kent-being that we know him for a while, we can tell he's doing it ironically.

# 9   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 11:55 AM

Kent freaking beat Savage to his own game!? I don't remenber seeing such a thing on Void, it was brilliant! I think i'm not telling anything new, but the fact that Kent used his adversary's gimmick against him and out-memed him in the process  handed him the victory.... at least for me

# 8   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 09:48 AM
Press F to pay respects, for a master Memester shall die this day.

But I have to agree with Pita, I think Charkley just got out memed. Savage, your comic was just kinda hard to follow this time around. It got a few chuckles outta me but not nearly as much as your last two. Kent, I love how you used your memes both smartly and to contribute to the overall story instead of simply for their own sake

Web Dev
# 7   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 09:32 AM
@kent: I hate that I love this so much. I think the fact that you just went SO overboard on memes and were so obvious about it took it from cringe to dad joke funny. It's still super dumb, but you did such a good job of making it dumb that it kind of wrapped back around to being smart. But it's still dumb, and I hate you for using memes in a comic haha. Way to take your opponent's gimmick and make it your own. And the meta-ness of the ending was a great way to wrap up a horrible comic with an equally stupid conclusion. ;)

@savage: OMG you both used the Souls death screen haha. I feel like your comic tried to hard to insert memes into a normal plot. It felt more invasive than supporting the story. It was a distraction from the conversation going on without being enough of a distraction to be entertaining in and of itself. I dunno, I think this style of comic just isn't my thing.

Think Tank
# 6   Posted: Feb 5 2018, 09:28 AM
I'm going to be the truthiest right now and say that our resident ponyboy may have just out-meme'd the meme genie at his own photo-manip game.

# 5   Posted: Feb 4 2018, 12:21 PM
alrite 3 pages we in this

# 4   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 07:09 PM

# 3   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 06:56 PM
Wasn't cutie mark your practice character, savage? You wrote your own destiny lol

# 2   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 12:02 PM
Oh man. This is gonna be mayhem

# 1   Posted: Jan 29 2018, 11:52 AM
This fight is going to be so weird I'm so excited

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