Clash of the Chitin: Round 2 / Hellgrammite vs. Karektin

Clash of the Chitin: Round 2 — Hellgrammite vs. Karektin

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by Reecer6

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 15   Posted: Dec 6 2017, 07:15 AM
Yarn: Keep experimenting and play with those transitions and panel layouts. I enjoy them a lot! ANd like Zee mentioned, you got a nice sense of color going and I am really enjoy the bloodlike vibrancy of your reds when shit gets real.  I am really rooting for the little survivalist now and I am happy

Reecer: Sad to see you lost interest in it, I will echo everyone else in that you had some good stuff going and that punchline was quite amusing.

# 14   Posted: Dec 5 2017, 07:20 PM
Yarnwitch: Interesting contrast you have going on there. Not sure it always works, and I don't know if the texture brushes incorporate into the comic as well as they could, but you have some good stuff going on, like the stitched together panels on a page showcasing dismemberment.

Reecer: Too bad this didn't get an extra ounce of polish, but having grey backgrounds does help things seem a little less stark, since your lineart doesn't have much rendering in it.  But, I don't know, I hear you got disinterested, but this story had a nice punchline at least, a bleak one that fits an investigator. "I had a whole character arc going..." Didn't we all?

# 13   Posted: Dec 5 2017, 12:38 AM
Yarn -
I still think you did a very nice job despite all the time you lost during the drawing period for this comic. I believe I said this before as well, but your color choices are still going strong! In the future when you have more time I know you're going to make some super solid looking stuff.
I'm also really interested in seeing more about Hellgrammite's backstory and/ or motivations, she's an adorable little monster.

Reecer -
I'm sorry to see that you lost interest in this, it seems like you had something nice going initially at least and what humor you did manage to squeeze in was nice!
I think it's great that you got this submitted and I still look forward to seeing what you do next on the site (and hopefully feel much more strongly about).

# 12   Posted: Dec 4 2017, 03:53 PM
Yarnwitch: This one feels a lot sloppier visually than the last comic, I'm guessing you were running out of time, and the story also feels a little more thrown-together. All in all I don't feel it's your strongest work

Reecer: Dangit I could literally *feel* how uninterested you became with your own character/story while reading this comic and it's frustrating because it started so strongly.. ya gotta want it more if you plan to join another SDT in the future!

Don't stop workin' you guys

Corn Of The Breads
# 11   Posted: Dec 4 2017, 09:33 AM
you both did an amazing job! Yarn I love your colors but some of the action was a bit static but it was fun. and reecer I really enjoy this more character driven plot that carries on from the last one in this murder mystery but it feels really quick for trying to get attached to these character. Congrats to both of you!

# 10   Posted: Dec 2 2017, 12:08 PM
yarn: i like the leafy texture of your background but sometimes it feels like too much- the background doesnt really seem to match the foreground so theres a bit of character displacement. Page 5 had a cool terrifying effect but i bet it could have been pushed with more black and less texture, but the brush you used was really cool. I like the callback to the previous battle by having Veevee's scythe. I love pink weapons =D
reecer: well that fell apart a bit dinnit? I do like your writing though. "its very disconcerting how everyone keeps dying around me." hah! one possible route to surviving death tournies is to love your character enough to fight for their survival. that will help you finish a comic next time XD

Think Tank
# 9   Posted: Nov 29 2017, 05:21 PM
I really enjoyed reading these, I'm in love with both of these characters!

Yarnwitch: Your art and colors look fantastic, each page is just really nice to look at! I also really like the idea of taking the scythe and wings from Veevee!

Reecer: I'm invested in this character now, your writing is just super entertaining! Definitely made me laugh a few times!

# 8   Posted: Nov 29 2017, 02:51 PM
It's time to drop some opinions and feedback in this comment section:

Yanrwitch: I like how you've made Hellgrammite into this "Jeepers Creepers" type of character that with each kill she gains an ability or trait from them. The wings were nice, but I'm having a hard time translating what she got from the detective. More arms? A new torso? I guess I'll see later. Overall: really like where this is going.

Reecer6: I did like how you stayed with tones on this, but it felt kind of flat in these areas. I would have liked colors of different shades of gray for each character and building; that way there's some depth behind it but that's just my opinion on it. The action and flow feel a bit off, like when the guy was holding the girl hostage and then suddenly he catches them: We don't really see how it was done. It left too much of a gap for us to work with. One panel with the guy having a shootout would have been enough for the audience to work with, but I can understand if it would have been time-consuming. You did the best you could in it. Also love how it was self-aware that the character you were up against died without much of a character arc, kind of a neat thing to fit in. Overall: I did like it, just didn't see where it was going on some places.

# 7   Posted: Nov 29 2017, 01:40 PM
@Desi omg. Tbh i love the wing cape, so thank you, and the scythe is proving to be very useful. Veevee is still fighting on in spirit!

# 6   Posted: Nov 29 2017, 09:20 AM

I'm not gonna lie, I really love how your bug, is just turning into a little thief! But man, that was so messed up, how could Karektin just ruin her beautiful wings like that? OmO I actually was wondering how you were gonna pull off that look with the stolen wings tbh, especially since the color palettes are so vastly different, and I just gotta say, I'm impressed with how nice they look on your bug! I really like your backgrounds for the most part in this comic, though they look a tad off in the first page. Aside from that though, the other backgrounds seem to meld together so well, and I'm definitely a fan! I feel like the texture of your lines is different this battle, compared to your last, and they are very nice btw!


Yeah, this comic definitely did fall short due to a lot of reasons you mentioned. I don't think I'll put much criticism here, because, I know you can tell a lot of the places you went wrong, but good job getting something in y'know? I hope if I see you in any future death tournaments, that you'll be able to have a character that you care more about.

# 5   Posted: Nov 28 2017, 10:46 PM
Yay! I'm uploaded too! I hope this ends up being a good match for everyone to read! I tried to pay some respect to Reecer's writing by including some of their plot in my story as well, so I hope I was able to do it some justice while still giving hellgrammite an advantage.

# 4   Posted: Nov 28 2017, 09:40 PM
Pages uploaded!

So, I wouldn't say the problems with my comic here is all procrastination, but it was at least most of it! Sorry everyone!

I guess I expected to be far more into this tournament at sign-up than I ever really became! Probably because I made Karektin specifically to be disposable, and so I never actually allowed myself to care about her as a character. Which is kind of bad as a storyteller, telling a story focused around her? But the comic is here now, and this is what's happening!

As lacking as the visuals may be, I at least didn't intentionally compromise on the story or writing. That's just how the plot is.

# 3   Posted: Nov 21 2017, 08:04 PM
May the bugs meets their glorious doom, of deathness! Have fun you guys! >w</

Pita (Slowly getting back into it)
Approval Committee
# 2   Posted: Nov 21 2017, 07:35 PM
Will Karektin continue her insect investigations?
Will Hellgrammite earn another pair of wings?


# 1   Posted: Nov 21 2017, 07:32 PM
Lay waste!

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