Familiar and Wallace vs. Good Wife Bad Wife

Familiar and Wallace vs. Good Wife Bad Wife

Familiar and Wallace vs. Good Wife Bad Wife

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# 13   Posted: Oct 16 2017, 11:32 PM
Ah two such great comics!

Then your pacing is super enjoyable, and the variety of panels you experiment with is a joy to read. Your pages/panels work best when the background are less saturated eg the Voidgreens page and the establish shot of the house. It would be great to see you play more with this in the smaller panels, so your characters can really pop against them. Familliar is so cute!!!! Can't wait to see more of her antics!

Fred this was neato, your drawing style is just loveable without being twee so it still handle a robber dropping from the ceiling so well. The ending made me chuckle, especially the character sheet part. I think writing wise it felt on smaller/simpler scale than Threns, but your pay off went on for a lot in relation to the rest of the story, so maybe more build-up next time and snappier pay off would besomething to work on for next time.

Thanks for the great reads guys, really stellar put together, fun-to-read comics over a short deadline from both! :D

# 12   Posted: Oct 15 2017, 08:06 PM
Thren -
I love the character interaction, it's really cute and enjoyable! Familiar is adorable with her whimsical nonchalant attitude.
Very visually pleasing, what with your lovely sense of color. I enjoyed how you mixed up the color palettes here, each one was gorgeous and fresh.
Also, gosh dang it. Voidgreens cracked me the heck up.

Fred -
You also have a totally rad and unique sense of color and you've used it well here. Everything is super nice to look at from the get go. The first three pages are definitely my favorite visually, those colors feel ~mysterious~... or something. I don't know it's just really cool, ha ha!
There are some nice gags in this comic, both in the writing and visuals. The cut to the tabletop session is unexpected, but nicely done and humorous.

Awesome job you guys!

# 11   Posted: Oct 15 2017, 02:04 PM
@Thren AYYYYYYYYYY. Gimme more of Dat Familiar Pls & Thank U.

Lemme get the obvious stuff outta the way. You absolutely slam donk'd on the colors and color choices. The Voidgreens shot was Ok-hands-emoji x100, and the animation that went along with it was Good Shit TM. Plus, as an aside, I love them cutesy facial expressions for everyone.

And now for the crit-part. Overall, it seems like you tended to favor style and beauty over absolute clarity. Like, I figured out what was happening in parts like, Click Pointing Out Familiar In A Lineup, and Familiars illions Of Dollars, but it wasnt as instant as I'd like. Which is a shame, because those were really solid jokes that got their delivery a bit bungled. Honestly, it's weird tellin ya this, cause I know you know it, especially since you're a Webcomics Bro TM, but ya shot for the moon and landed in the stars. It all looks super pretty, but I'll always favor simple, clear, delivery over anythin else.

@Fred As a tabletop RPG sorta guy, my heart always goes for comics that include it. How dare you. But nah, overall, ya delivered a solid chuckle-fest of a comic and I heartily approve.

The goods: I'll never understand how you arrive at these kalidoscopic color schemes, *or* how you get them to not clash with each other, but hot damn man. You make it work. Your humor's on point and your dialouge all feels natural. Plus the way you push your figures really feels nice n elegant. So hotdamn x2.

The crits: Not a ton! There's some weird aliasing around some flames and Wallace's speech bubbles, but thats mostly a nitpick.  Personally, I would've loved to see one shot where you just went all-out with the art. Really poured yourself into make a portfolio page. Not that your draftsmanship-choices are bad here, they're just a bit par-for-the-course for a slice-of-life piece.

# 10   Posted: Oct 15 2017, 12:48 PM
Moort: I love the atmosphere your just-rendered-enough paintings give. Sometimes I think they're looking a bit too loose but then they tighten up where they need to. The rendering makes Familiar's cute little faces really shine. I'm not too sure what the punchline was. Is it that Familiar was playing them for pizza and then goimg on to rob more people? It doesn't even really look like she's taking the money from the withdrawal.

Fred: That was a good setup with chemistry and dialog and... I don't know. It's a cute D&D scene with fun jokes that suit them, yes, but it's a bit of a letdown that they were RPing something that was in character for them anyway.

# 9   Posted: Oct 15 2017, 10:30 AM
Thren: Goddamnthosecolors.

I really liked this comic from start to finish visually. I am a bit confused as to to what actually went down though. I feel there is missing panels in places that could have helped clarify what  was happening in some instances. But still, amazing work. Some of the best coloring I have seen on the site. I can't wait for more of Familiar and Wallace!

Fred: Oh man. I need to go back and read more of yoru comics. I really enjoyed flow of this comic a great deal and the humour was ON POINT. The transition from heist to Tabletop get together caught me off guard and Wallace eating rulebooks got me good.

Global Moderator
# 8   Posted: Oct 13 2017, 05:26 AM
thren: daaaaamn your colours aaaa! im kind of with reecer, the lighting for that walgreens at the end was holy shit good. Familiar is so cute just going along with whatever, i liked her in the demon police lineup lol. i dont think i completely understand what familiar's game was, it took me a couple reads to start to understand. i had wondered if she was playing along with badwife until she could escape, but it didnt really look like she was being held hostage, so i thought she robbed them but she only had her own bag and the debit card of someone else completely, so... i guess she faked the siren so she could leave the bank without sharing the goods? i think? but the artwork is A+ TOP NOTCH

Fred: I love these bright colours! the expressions during the game at the end were great, especially goodwife's! i am mildly confused what the beginning of the story and the end of the story had to do with each other, i feel like a LOT happened in that timeskip an i kinda got whiplash there.

Happy April 9th! -Reecer6
# 7   Posted: Oct 11 2017, 06:09 PM
nothing nuanced here because i just love these both.

Fred: A lot of nice shots! A lot of really good shots! And man, making someone's DnD characters play DnD is a power move of some sort.

Mort: oh my gooood what a cute bank robberrryyyyyyyyyyy and THE DETAIL ON THIS DAMN CVS, WHY IS THIS CVS SO GOOD. why is this animated page 44 FRAMES how do you DO 44 FRAMES LIKE THIS???

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Oct 9 2017, 09:18 AM
mortooncian: wonderful colors and this is some of the best lighting I've seen from you, great work, I would love to know what brushes/programs you're using for that look! I got confused with page
 4, initially I read it with the lineup panel as the 2nd one and had to analyze the three panels to realize what was supposed to be the order. In page 6 bad wife realizes she's been had but when I re-read the whole comic, page 2 makes it looks like she already realized "something's wrong, where are the cops", so why so long for experienced criminal bad wife to realize something was up? Did I misread those expressions? (And what is that in her hand at the end, I can't quite make it out)

LeFred: The tabletop banter was so on point and I liked your Wallace gags a lot! I don't know if I understand the "5 years later" tag though, does that mean 5 years later they let bygones be bygones and are playing a game?? I think it would have been just as fine that the first 3 pages was the game they were playing

You guys are tops~

Think Tank
# 5   Posted: Oct 9 2017, 09:00 AM

Your art is absolutely lovely, as per usual, and I also really enjoyed the little plot of your story, it was super cute! And your colors looked absolutely lovely, so really good job! The main thing I actually wonder about is, I had a rather hard time deciphering what was going on in the top of page four. For awhile I thought maybe Click ran into the room and he was killed and eaten, but that didn't seem accurate. Then I noticed the mugshot pictures and it looks like Click has one of the shadows, but overall, I'm not sure that part read entirely well. But regardless, your comic turned out amazingly, and I really really loved it!


I also really enjoyed reading your comic too! The way you colored characters seemed bright and vivacious, easily standing out from the backgrounds.The character's fighting was adorable to watch, and extremely entertaining. You're clearly really good at showcasing emotion and personality through the way you draw characters!

Fred v2.0.1
# 4   Posted: Oct 9 2017, 05:00 AM
Eight years ago I challenged Thren to a comic fight. Now i can finally get wrecked like I was meant to :D

# 3   Posted: Oct 8 2017, 09:27 PM
Submitted ;)

# 2   Posted: Sep 17 2017, 03:14 AM
ohhhh shit. I am mad excited for this.

# 1   Posted: Sep 17 2017, 12:19 AM

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