Wacky Races 2, Round 1 / Gwen & Regi vs. Monomythica

Wacky Races 2, Round 1 / Gwen & Regi vs. Monomythica

Wacky Races 2, Round 1 — Gwen & Regi vs. Monomythica

by Gregly

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591 points
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by Jiisuri

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Critiques & Comments
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Global Moderator
# 11   Posted: Sep 23 2017, 09:15 PM
GREGLY- Your work continues to charm. It makes me smile, its puffy, toony and altogether just feel good. My only critique would be two things- Color and Panels.
I know you're working against the clock with a tourney deadline, but even if you just stick with black and white, I'd like for it to be sharp and clean black and white.
As to your panels, I'd love to see you break away from more than just boxes. Really have fun with morphing your panels to fit the action you're portraying. After a while box after box gets kind of dull.

JIISURI- You have some good dynamic angles and action, but overall I wasn't a fan :<

Community Manager
# 10   Posted: Sep 23 2017, 10:22 AM
Gregly: This was an enjoyable if straightforward story.  I appreciate the use of greys to fill in the white space and give some shading if it's very light.  But your pencils here give a very unpolished and unfinished look.  It's a fundamental issue with your linework.  If you're gonna use these pencils as the finale then I suggest concentrating on practicing smoother, more confident lines.  The 'sketching' to fill in spots doesn't help either as it looks pretty scribbly.  Go for even steady shading next time.  Otherwise it just gives a rush feel.  My final pointer would be to edit in PS and either increase the contrast or use curves to make the links truly black.

Jiisuri: Like Gregly in this case, you're linework is also pretty haphazard, maybe more so.  The best panel is probably the first cityscape panel and works well.  Unfortunately I don't think the rest of the comic follows suit.  There are certain things you should be thinking about if you want to develop a messy style that looks good and purposeful.  A lot of the more complex digital art is indeed made up of messy strokes that when viewed close look like garbage.  But that's the thing, that sort of work is meant to be viewed zoomed out where it looks more defined and detailed.  So that's one idea right there, that perhaps you should work more zoomed in, so that images look better at normal size.  I'm also gonna suggest you concentrate on gesture drawings.  Your lines lack confidence and it's self evident.  I think if you practice more gesture drawing, you will develop a confidence in linework and an eye for abstract and loose shapes.  A messy inkbrush style is not bad but you have some ways to go before it's aesthetically pleasing.  If there are professional artists out there you admire (my own suggestion would be Yoji Shinkawa), I would recommend you observe their techniques and integrate it into your own.

# 9   Posted: Sep 22 2017, 05:59 PM
Gregly! super action packed! not just that but you portrayed it well. every action was clear. which sounds simple enough but think that concept is a hard one to master. very cute. Banana peels and mattresses.

Jiisuri! I really like the messy inkbrush style you got going on there. although i feel like more solid blacks and heavy shading might lend itself well to what you did. I enjoyed the chaos of the whole comic.

Corn Of The Breads
# 8   Posted: Sep 21 2017, 01:26 AM
I loved this match up both these riders on a friends back is just too great!

Gregly- this comic was so fun and light hearted I had a lot of fun reading it and the little sup and hay from the two people being used as vehicles while the girls ontop bickered was exactly what I wanted to see out of something like this. overall this was a blast.

JiiSuri- I was unfamilar with these characters coming in but I felt I got a good idea of them, some of the shots were a bit hard for me to make out the actions, but everything feels very intense but maybe not in spots it should, over all it is amazing for what you did in such a short amount of time!

# 7   Posted: Sep 20 2017, 07:33 PM
@gregly - wow this was cute! I hadn't really been exposed to these characters much before recently and I'm really enjoying all the silly stuff that's going on in your comic. I like your handlettering and your speech bubbles so much! The story for this one was so cute, and the mattresses thing at the end was so kind considering you could have pulled a Roadrunner vs coyote thing.

@Jiisuri - I liked your comic, and the style that you did was very interesting. I liked the messiness of it for the ships, the city, the buildings, the explosions! But I feel like when it got to the characters, it ended up making it look very messy since they were the same level of sketchiness as everything around them. I would have liked to see them a bit more clean (though I know everyone's on a time limit!). The font you used was really FUN though!

Web Dev
# 6   Posted: Sep 20 2017, 11:41 AM
@gregly: God, your storytelling is always simply delightful. That moment when the pilots are bickering and their "rides" are just chillin' is glorious. You did a great job showing all of their personalities in a relatively short span of comic space. Obviously, I have to dock your quality for being unfinished pencils, but at the same time your pencil work is so strong it can almost carry itself. I really can't give you much more to work on, because this was just such a fun read and I wouldn't want to ruin your formula haha. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you draw next. ALSO I just remembered that you were drawing another comic at the same time as this one and that just blew my mind. AWESOME job!

@jii: I love that you referenced last Wacky Races as part of Monomythica's character. That's such a creative way to show her powers, and kind of a twist on the Easter Egg concept. Because instead of it just being a reference, it actually became an important part of the plot. I did get a bit of a superficial vibe from all the characters in the comic, however. The plot kind of took over instead of allowing the characters to really shine. That said, it was still enjoyable to see how M and X interacted, as well as seeing old rivalries and bad habits resurface. You did your research, and it paid off. Obviously, your work was really rough and unfinished, but at least it still read surprisingly well! Overall an enjoyable read with a lot of creativity and a touch of roughness.

Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Sep 17 2017, 04:58 PM
Gregly: Super entertaining as always, I wish it was cleaned up a bit more

Jiisuri: I also wish this was cleaned up more in general, but I think what weakens it more is that there aren't enough shots of vehicles with the camera pulled back so we can get a good scope of where everyone is. Study more flying action comics and see what others are doing in this tournament cause there's different rules at place when you hit the skies

Keep working!

Happy October 25th! ACAB -Reecer6
# 4   Posted: Sep 17 2017, 09:25 AM
Gregly: Reading through, this immediately felt far more dynamic and expressive than what I've seen before from you—not to say it wasn't before, but this was so much moreso that it made an impact in me. The characters and dialogue and situations were as always A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Using Elle's vaguely directed rage as a plot point was also a neat idea.

Jii: Keeping in mind you did this in 2 friggin' days, this is exceptionally detailed and composed! I guess you ALSO used that same Elle plot point, so I'll have to give you points for that too, because it's still pretty good! Lines are reasonably pretty rough, but it does work tonally. The one thing that really sticks out to me though is that I feel you didn't really compromise Gwen's design with your style enough, so she clashes stylistically with everything else to my eyes. That could be intentional, but I'm not seeing it!

# 3   Posted: Sep 11 2017, 08:06 AM
Aaaaaaand done and uploaded. Now I can go on my scheduled vacation in peace. XwX

Godspeed to you gregly!

# 2   Posted: Sep 9 2017, 08:46 AM
Majikura: how fitting that the two racers that ride their partners end up facing each other


# 1   Posted: Sep 9 2017, 08:38 AM
how fitting that the two racers that ride their partners end up facing each other

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