Armageddon 2017

Armageddon 2017

Armageddon 2017

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by Monday

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 33   Posted: Jul 7 2017, 01:37 PM
Super late, but I still wanted to comment a little.
A huge thanks to ALL of you for working so hard and giving us these really rad reads. I was looking forward to these for so long!

Monday -
I don't know if I ever said just how much I dig your designs for this Arma threat. Deus is amazing, the Monos are amazing. I love it all.
You really had something awesome here, and even though you didn't get as much out of it as you wanted, what you did manage to do is fantastic. I discussed this with a few other people and we all agreed, you did an amazing job at making Deus seem HUGE and like a Really Real Threat. Some of the shots in your pages are just incredible. I still feel invested in your bots despite not getting to know the whole story here ha ha. You did a great job.

Defenders -
Guys. Guys... all your hard work really, really shows. The art at times seriously WOWed me, you are all such amazing artists.
For the most part all of the pages flowed together really well despite the frequent style changes, and it also kept things interesting! The character interactions and growth were easily the best part here, writing-wise, and it seems like that's what you were going for so I hope you're all Very Proud. I didn't feel like any character got too little screen time, and it all worked out very well! You guys did a superb job on this, and congratulations on all your hard work.

Thanks again you all, you ROCK.

Global Moderator
# 32   Posted: Jul 5 2017, 01:59 AM
I've been keeping track of your trials and tribulations during this event, that were you able to make this much given what you had to endure solo is a testament to be proud of. I've always been a fan of your art and action compositions and there are some drop dead gorgeous shots in this comic. The comic entices with a new robotic character introduced and a string of chaos around the city that begged to be connected

Alas being incomplete, the comic doesn't reach its full potential. There are errors on your part that led to this, too: The first 7 or so pages are like an extended repetition of the Intro comic, really not needed that much, and could have been compressed much more so we could get straight to the festivities. And there were too many unnecessary cameos (black clone, P2, rabbit) that stole time away from your actual opponents. These decisions more than anything weakened this first act comic and you probably could have gotten on a lot farther in your story's progression without these

I really, really hope we get to see a continuation of this side, I'm sure we're all curious and excited about a what-if parallel story where the King of Robots comes out on top

No one knows better than a fellow former Defender how *not easy* this event is. It was a wise decision to bring down your page count well below the max limit, what you came up with is practically complete by most standards and that's a terrific achievement. The moments that were just basic single flats aside of course

There are three things you guys did exceptionally well: Character writing/interaction, figuring out how to get all these *particularly opposing* characters grouped together in the first place, and the knock-out restaurant argument. For me that scene with tempers flaring and voices raising was by far the tensest moment of the entire comic for me (rising heartbeats, the works), I was extremely invested in these overdue confrontations and how they would affect the characters then and afterward.

At first glance I was taken aback by DEUS' dramatic wordiness; I had from the start been under the impression and expectation that DEUS was a silent colossus, or if he communicated at the very least it'd be in dry, cold missives. Regardless though I still thoroughly enjoyed what I got even if it was something different. I think the weakest part of the threat ironically was the DBZ major laser blast: without some actual corpses (or even something like the shadows left behind in atomic attacks) the toll paid from that attack did not feel like it was truly paid.

I don't expect every character to go through a full-circle-sacrifice-change-of-outlook-on-life journey; for the most part everyone really stuck to their own sides and begrudgingly joined forces for the greater good and that's perfectly fine. I think the one single part that felt like it needed something more was Wiz and Johnny's reconciliation: Wizzie has done a lot of running away in more ways than one throughout her void career, which is understood, it's part of her drama. Even still in this instance, her exclamations of being tired of everyone else's opinions feel like dodges once more, when I feel like what the world really wants is for Wiz to come out blunt force with *why* she loves Mammon despite all the terrible things he's done that have gone seemingly unpunished/unrepented (even in this comic Mammon was a hair away from murdering a superhero right in front of her). And I can totally get if the answer eludes even her; love doesn't have to make sense. But this opens up a compelling conflict she may have: *is* she actually *ok* with all the villainy? What is the actual ratio of how she values how Mammon treats her vs how he treats others? Where does that put her own alignment? Has she been fooling herself into thinking she's a better person than she actually is? Is she herself a closet villain? Or something else entirely? On the other side, I understand Johnny's supportive affirmation though it feels like she'd be in line; Wiz has a few friends that are in that same boat as well. But I had been led to believe by the comic in earlier pages that the whole 'knowingly dating a guy who willingly works for an evil racist slavedriver' was a big deal for Johnny, (especially after what we had witnessed in previous Johnny comic), and I felt like that ended up being not the case in the end. Like I had said before though I didn't come in expecting life-changing events for all the characters and I know that there's a lot in store for many of these characters in the future

Even with this hangup, Wiz and Johnny, as well as the rest of the Defender cast, all worked really organically otherwise. Even if most of these characters never want to see each other at the end of it all it was fun to see them work together to defeat the big bad.

Congratulations once again, at the end of the day you all turned in great work, work you should be proud of. Even as you've been enjoying your various forms of rest, I hope to see most of you back on the page in the near future

# 31   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 05:25 PM
Monday: I do like the visuals a lot. I kind of feel like I should be reading it as an self-published, monochrome by necessity sort of comic. I kind of feel the "meta" narrative (which is in both sides, technically) feels a little tired and overdone here, the way it's done, but, man that was a strong intro that had me SUPER HYPED FOR ROBOTS. It IS supposed to be the robot's side of things, so it makes sense that it would be so bleak, but it's particular presentation of prejudice, corruption, and "we're letting people die by reading rights" sort of bleakness may have worked against it compared to the much more human narrative of the defenders (which makes me wonder if I'm not critiquing so much as pointing out a glaringly obvious intended theme).

Unlikely But Loyal Crew of Misfits: Wow that was a roller coaster, and one that got into territory that could easily be "All death all the time anyone can die" but kept me invested and caring. Even Deus had a "human" side here. I LOVED the incorporation of character things like the cigarettes that all the artists were on board for. Void sees so much calamity that I could easily be worn down by events like this, but I found it very satisfying.

(Oh I just got the whole "Deus ex Machina" reference which was probably spelled out long, long ago but I wasn't paying attention)

Corn Of The Breads
# 30   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 05:13 PM
Monday: I can see you've had a lot on your plate with this comic and your job going on at the same time. I wish to see the ending to this comic because there are so many ideas in it I love like that the monos are taking advantage of what to the rest of us were meta idea of site rules but you established as rules for the city with death matches, and I love that Deus was sortah brought back to life because all of Void is labeled as an armageddon threat. I feel like you could have cut out some of the stuff from the beginning since a lot of it covered a lot of the same stuff we learned in Deus' intro. I think you had a ton of fun drawing them but I maybe feel a bit more focus on the story rather then the build up would have helped the story a lot. this comic also has some of the most memorable shots Ive seen in a comic in a long time the story wasnt always clear but I will remember those moments for a long time.

Defenders: Overall some great art and it shows how much time you guys put into these pages, but it is a bit hard to critique the art since it is not clear who did what. This comic is also amazing in the sheer amount of work put into its length it is mind boggling. but I have quite a few things that i felt were off for me really getting into this comic.    Firstly Deus just felt nonthreatening to me. How he was presented to us in all other incarnations he is a force of nature, a mountain of steel ah third of a mile tall with an arsenal of death. I think the script conflated a narrative villain, with a force of nature villain, a type of bad guy that should feel like a natural disaster threat that should not be even imaginable that negotiation is an option something so alien and unrelatable that it is on the verge of cosmic horror with how tiny we feel compared to it. Regardless Deus' motivations are also bizarre I dont understand going from a protector of mankind to wanting to kill all of mankind for something as simple as Mono, a system he was now in control of, replacing him it just felt petty of him as a villain. I didnt want him to have a motivation, more so a target. Secondly I dont understand the connection between Mono attacking and Deus coming to void, it was all circumstantial it just so happened that Mammon pressed his on button and after some unknown amount of time he just comes to void with little reason.
   My second critique is the plot, I want to emphasize beforehand this is not a bad story. Though I feel this comic was very safe. I think trying to draw Deus as a character rather then part of the environment hurt the impact of him, by that I mean we never see him so large that air pollution causes him to start to fade away into the background like a mountain or building would, and when ever we see how big he is its at a birds eye shot to show him compared to characters or really pulled back to the point we can see him fully, we never get a chance to see him from the characters perspectives and he never felt gigantic or looming to me in many panels. And besides that a Huge problem for me that killed a lot of tension was when one character was able to block a death beam a mile in diameter not once but twice that and the fact hardly no one was in the city made me feel very little was at stake here just buildings. Overall I felt this script was very direct in solving the issue of giant robots which is not necessarily a bad thing for the comic but for me personally there werent any twist or surprises in the plot, what one would expect to happen, happens. And by the end I dont feel I learned much about the characters even though I spent so much time around them. In the end I think there should be a little less time spent in one location and more how these people try to move around Deus.

I think with all the hype surrounding the event I am perhaps thinking too much about it. I am happy that Swan Called out Mammon, I do hope he is flat out lying with his excuses about the danger rangers I wish more emphasis was put on that if he was, also the establishing shots for this comic in the underground city were Fantastic and were great world building it was over all great there and felt like an adventure at that part. I would also in the future love to see more of how Mammon relates to his gang members it is interesting to see him be weak, I wish more time was given to that side of him, or him trying to be solemn and not show that weakness infront of others, I also really respect that in the death scene not every one was crying it felt very in character for a lot of them. Overall it was a solid comic with a lot of character moments.

Think Tank
# 29   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 03:57 PM
You didn’t find the ripped nicotine plastered Avery funny? where’s your sense of humour? Let us have some fun.

I didn't say it wasn't funny.  The nicotine patches were great.  I was surprised that nothing else happened to him from that explosion aside from burnt shirt.
((is he unconfirmed fireproof meta??))

# 28   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 03:39 PM
Monday - You kept drawing parallels, which was neat, but once it passed over into hyperpolitical, I personally shut down a little bit. I also wasn't sure if your last page was actually meant to be the last one and some text got cut off, or if we're missing one. I really love your style and it reminds me of Paper Eleven, which brings me back and makes me feel good.
ERRYBAHDY - okay, so, your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness, for me. The art is very very good. And your big strength is that you have a FULL STORY with great visuals. It felt like it was playing it safe, though. It was a lot less about the threat, which progressed in a very predictable manner that was... honestly pretty easy to overcome. That's fine. Its formulaic and absolutely marketable. You all chose to focus on character development, and I liked that too. Overall, it felt like Guardians of the Galaxy 2, where the plot was predictable and the characters grew, but the plot was more of the background to the people. As I said, both a strength and a weakness. It might also be personal taste, but for me, overall, the balance was slightly off. But it was still really good.

# 27   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 03:37 PM
exactly how long has Avery been smoking?

since in the womb.

# 26   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 03:33 PM
Hi Pita! You asked some very legit questions so I’m gonna answer them all for you, to clear stuff up.

Colour palette difference:

Time constraints. 6 people working on this comic with different colouring methods - but typically its down to the fact that scenes were drawn out of order, and because of this not all pages could be lavishly and beautifully coloured. Its exactly the reason why we went for flats as well.

The night and day part - if you’re possibly talking about the restaurant scene between May Wu’s father entering and food preps in the kitchen, this was because of a last minute failure in communications between team members which we simply just did not have time to fix. Mags and Sabu stayed up over 24 hours to make sure our comic was a colourful extravaganza for you all - though everyone had a hand to play in colouring throughout the 6 weeks.

Why is DEUS talking?

Why not? I mean to begin with there’s no such thing as giant fighting robots that take down large-scale threats - so I don’t really see why they can’t talk. Many robotics/computers/the-like talk in science fiction. Talk time doesn’t have to be “over”. Giving DEUS a voice helped us give DEUS a personality then just being a giant threat, it also aided us presenting his motivations of feeling abandonment by ISA thus wanting to out-do them at their own game by destroying Void City first. On a lighter note DEUS was just FUN to give a voice to and we played about with it, we had a lot of fun with DEUS and I genuinely do believe, though you’re more than welcome to disagree, it made him have a larger presence in the comic and also a more engaging character overall. Initial inspiration for his voice/personality was AM from “I have no mouth and I must scream”.

Kid robot.

We discussed the kidbot in the early stages of the script development and if we should use him or not. Other than Monday’s hype, we knew nothing about him - and it was apparent he was a wildcard for Monday’s side of the battle, because of this we decided to not try and beat Monday at his own game and decided with our lack of knowledge of him we would leave him out of our story. The reason that we also didn’t just create our own story for kidbot is simply because we had so many things to juggle in terms of antagonists. We had ISA, MONOs and DEUS to all give stage time too - and even though its a 6 week battle that doesn’t mean scripting and story takes place across 6 week.


Come on? You didn’t find the ripped nicotine plastered Avery funny? where’s your sense of humour? Let us have some fun.

Again I’m going to have to say time constraints, a resolution scene was planned but later dropped because we simply just couldn’t fit it all in - better time management perhaps? We were all working around the clock around our jobs, school work and other commitments.

HOWEVER, I disagree that characters do have different terms of character development throughout the comic. You already pointed out Mammon’s mercy-kill, Mammon definitely has the most apparent development being that he’s never killed a person before (with his own hands at least). The characters in this are ultimately more goal driven or its just a lot more subtle - though I do admit this kind of thing is definitely down to ones own opinion. You have a lot of relationship development (I’m not including Wizzie and Mammon’s sherade in that statement) such as Johnny dismissing giving a lift to Avery in the beginning of the comic to holding out her hand to give him a ride later down the line once more trust has developed and the urgency of their situation. Swan who is begrudingly dragged through the majority of the storyline later gets her backside into gear and puts her grudges with other members aside, being the first after DEUS’ explosion to call out that they must stop DEUS even though she’s spent the majority of the time pretty much saying its a suicide mission. Johnny wants peace and quiet back in Lithium, she’s definitely the most selfishly driven in that respect - she doesn’t achieve particularly development as a character but she does achieve her goal. May, (my sweet summer child), comes out of her shell a lot in this story, in a way its more how she gets perceived by the others at the beginning of the comic, as nice but - she’s just a girl that needs help - to a capable, and sometimes leading, member of the team. Wizzie is a lot lot less obvious, and I didn’t really expect at all for anyone to pick it up, It’s something that will be touched on again in the future.


No the comic isn’t perfect, you don’t get a perfect comic out of 6 weeks on a 6 person collaboration where its practically GET SET, GRAB YOUR BALLS AND GO. but I am glad that you found the comic at least entertaining. I hope my response clears up at least some of the confusion of creative decisions.


We just wanted to have fun, and a laugh. we had a lot of fun and laughs, we lost many hours of sleep to create a comic for everyones enjoyment - and we enjoyed doing so.

# 25   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 02:58 PM
K.O.R - Admittedly, I kinda don't get the ending.  I get it's the old "the world tears itself apart" sort of deal, but how exactly does it start?

Jessie's Shit List (No offense to you or your characters) -  Whoo, that was one hell of a read.  And exactly how long has Avery been smoking?

Great job everyone.  I hope I get to see whichever one of you becomes the threat in the 2020s.

Think Tank
# 24   Posted: Jul 4 2017, 02:42 PM
I like the use of past characters to give more interactions, and the panels that are fully rendered are absolutely stunning.  I like the use of other characters in addition to our six main defenders to give some nice interactions, but
the comic felt like it was only the first act of a much bigger story.  And that's a shame since this is a good way to give everyone individual stakes to fight against.

The final "to be continued" cued Roundabout in my head, and whether or not that was intentional it was charming.

I'm questioning the necessity of the Neo-Nazi imagery, tho.

Definitely a Herculean task to take--a six-person collaboration to take on the giant Armageddon!  This is my first Arma to read and critique, so it's a unique experience for me.  This was a good entry akin to a Monster of the Week fighting show mixed with the conflict we had seen in the first Avengers movie.
Personal favorite parts are the depictions of Mammon freaking out over his SNAFU, Gossamer Swan's "The Reason You Suck" speech, and the increasing number of lit cigarettes Avery Mann is smoking at a time.

But there are weak points in this collaboration--

- The color palette for the setting differed between pages, and I was confused about when this was all supposed to take place.  There are pages that show this happening at night, but then it's suddenly day in the following part.  Something that would have helped this was to agree on the time of this battle and pick colors that were a little more uniform with that time of day.

- Nitpick the First--Why is DEUS talking?  This is a robot meant to fulfill its function of eliminating large-scale threats.  When I think of large scale threats that require the giant ass robot, I don't think of Volturi-style "let us council" talking to de-escalate a battle.  When the giant bot is out, the time to talk is over.  It goes in and beats up the bad guys.

- Nitpick the Second-- Y'all didn't address the kidbot at all?  I don't know if that was Monday's mistake or not since he's not included in the ref sheet, but he was posted in the Armageddon art jam before the defenders were announced.
Do we ask opponents for information on their characters?  This isn't something I'm gonna pin on either of you, but that was a potential story element that would have been very interesting--do you fight a child-like creation with the intent to kill or not?

- With the exception of Mammon having to mercy-kill his own minion, I didn't see how Armageddon changed any of these characters mentally or physically.  Mammon and Wizzie hooking up was a long time coming, so that doesn't really count here.
Like, Avery had his shirt burned off from a freaking explosion, and there's no additional damage?  That felt like a high-danger situation for our every-man, and it's disappointing to see there were no further effects.  Just a scorched shirt so we can see his
covered in nicotine patches.

I don't want to rip into this entry a whole lot.  It's an entertaining comic--it truly is.  But it's not perfect.  Neither of these were.  Did they have to be?  No, of course not.  And I gotta be OK with that.

Good job to all y'all.

# 23   Posted: Jun 30 2017, 10:27 PM
I don't have much to crit than what's already been said so I just wanna say what an amazing Arma <3 Y'all put in a lot of work and effort into this and it shows, I had SO much fun reading these! Great job, everyone!!

# 22   Posted: Jun 30 2017, 06:26 PM
I hadn't been keeping up with Void lately but I'm stoked that I remembered to come back while Arma was still up.  I have to say that all of you are so incredible,  this is one hell of an arma <3

# 21   Posted: Jun 29 2017, 05:33 PM
now that i've finished reading i can comment properly.


# 20   Posted: Jun 29 2017, 11:08 AM
Threat: Theres a lot I like and a lot I dont like here. I mean first off thank you for the Greece cameo in Murphy's Law, that made me happy XD I love your painted art style and the concept of Deus and the Monos. I love the way you draw all the characTers, Swan is so elegant and you have my favorite interpretation of Wizzie's hairstyle! I love where you were going with your story but it started to feel a bit padded, there was a lot of extra stuff that wasn't needed and may have bogged you down. The beginning was sort of like an extension of the intro comic which wasn't really needed, and I think there may have been too many OCs and unnecessary cameos (P2) considering you were battling 6 people- most of your actual opponents only really got a cameo compared to, like, an android agent Black. I know you had personal issues and couldnt put the time into this that you would have liked but even the amount of pages you have may have been enough with a more streamlined story. But I think you were a great threat and Deus is extremely cool!

Defenders: Wow! That was fantastic! staff's agonizing over which defenders to pick paid off lol You guys really pulled it together, what a great thrill ride! I loved the story and the chemistry between all the characters, the fight in the diner was some fantastic drama and AAAAAA wizzie/mammon, my heeeaarrrttt!! The action was amazing and the pacing was perfect, this was basically perfect im screaming! I will say some issues i had, when Deus lazer beams a canal across the city and theyre going "oh no, the police station and old docks are gone!" i wish you had pulled the camera back more on the background, i know it would have been a colossal pain in the ass to draw but i would have liked some show-not-tell on that. Also, at the start mammon is concerned about where Archie went, so i thought at the end we'd see him... but we don't lol i know ive asked some of you already and you just shrugged but I adore Archie and i want to know that hes okay! XD In the art, i can tell you all worked really hard on the pencils and inks but theres a couple places the colours fall though- toneless or fill tool lines or smudgy and gapped- but thats being picky. I also liked how mags drew the page where Avery's shirt burns off so its like wow Avery is ripped??? A+ extra points from me now LOL! I liked at the end when everyones art styles come together to trade around panels for the finale. Anyhow i think this was the best Arma yet, and this is coming from someone who was in the last one XD you guys should be proud, you worked really hard and you made an amazing comic! This is one for the history books!

# 19   Posted: Jun 28 2017, 11:27 AM
Agent Black was one of the reasons I became such avid fan of this site for the 12 past years. And I always adored the way you design machines and odd but terrifying enemies and threats.  You're style is a chaotic delight to read. I really like the way you draw motion, explosions and overall actions. You manage to invoke BLAME! vibes a lot of the time for me personally, with the way things seems to be constantly twisting and in motion. This was a stellar read, and I its been fantastic to watch you progress the past 10 or so years. I feel that the more you refine nad distill your style, the more clear your storytelling becomes, and it is really helping elevate.  

By the way. DEUS is the coolest damn thing. That design is just straight up killer!


Its hard for me to really criticize so many moving parts on a individual basis. So I will address the lot of you:

I don't know how you guys managed to weave such a flowing, fun and emotional narrative. Nothing really felt that forced, all the interactions as the unlikely crew was gathering were loaded with goodness. The humor that ran like a red line trough the comic only served to make the more somber moments even better. And you really made Deus come off as a colossal, world ending threat. (Which I suppose was the point! This being arma and all!).  Having been away from the site, I wasn't as familiar with the characters as I could have been, but after this I am going to deep dive into each and every single ones backlogs.

Fantastic Effort. Fantastic Result. My favorite defender comic yet.

# 18   Posted: Jun 28 2017, 10:42 AM
Geat job, and thank you all for showing us these. Enjoyed both sides a lot.

Monday, you're improving greatly in your storytelling. The art is fantastic, fluid and some really cool dynamic poses there. Ignoring the elephant in the room, I think proud is something you can be, it is incredibly hard to go 1v6.

Defenders, great job. I gotta admit I thought the beginning started to cliched for me (Relative outside, familiar and a team of random peeps team up to save them). Slow even.
But as the story went on, it got better and better.
I know I am get so much flame for saying this, but kinda sad these were only 88 pages. I am so used to 100+. Meant to be a compliment though, 88 pages was enough for you all to tell a great story.

Also, thank you for the small cameo. ;)

# 17   Posted: Jun 28 2017, 09:29 AM
noice ;v

# 16   Posted: Jun 27 2017, 06:00 PM
So Armageddon 2017 finally arrived, so here's where I get mushy for a moment and spill my guts.

It was a dream for me to get into Armageddon, undeniably one of the most renowned tournaments our site hosts. Not only did I get in but I also got in with amazing friends. we worked amazingly together in my opinion and though there was a lot of stress and tiredness by the back end we had an awful lot of laughs from day one.

3 of us have full time jobs, Mags spent half the tournament finishing her classes for the summer, and I have a part time job and we still managed to pull it off - bloody hell.

So yeah love you bloody bellends. Cheers for making Armageddon an enjoyable experience. Thank you Monday for your lovely comic, even if it wasn't at the level you wanted to bring to the table and your message here in the comment section. Also big great shout out to the mods for letting us all participate and organising and uploading this event for us!

AND LASTLY. Me and the rest of the defenders put together an Armageddon Spotify playlist to support our comic. It's got some dank songs in it and is worth a check out:

# 15   Posted: Jun 27 2017, 05:27 PM
Great job to both sides! Really spectacular showings!


-I love the concept of DEUS and the way you introduce it and MONO was fantastic! So props for creating a sizable and meaningful threat to Void. For the comic proper, you have a very solid setup, with the history of DEUS and metas and the whole concept of Void being one big battle city running on rules of combat. Unfortunately, the fact that it ends with a "To Be Continued" before we get any meat and potatoes of plot left me wanting more and ultimately disappointed. Characters are introduced pages at a time and then dropped, and even though I was interested to see where the sleeping child concept would go, it doesn't get resolved. So as part of a greater story, this is amazing, but as a stand alone comic for the event, it's disappointing.

-For your art, it's pocked by highs and lows with no middle ground. I love how unique your style is and all the possibilities it allows, with its strongest moments being whenever there is action. The loose, sketchy lines convey motion perfectly. But this also works heavily against it, as there are times it feels like it never left the sketch phase and making it difficult to tell what's going on without close inspection, such as when the MONO bot goes invisible or Avery getting ejected, or Wizzie shooting the MONO bot with her energy. The punchy reds at the beginning popped out of the page and I do kinda wish you continued that, but so be it.


-Woof. 88 pages is pretty damn daunting. But I really loved how this was paced like a good 80's action movie inside of a three-act structure, and everyone gets a shining moment of awesome that never feels like it overshadows any of the others, and when the groups split it didn't fall into the issue that usually arises with one being much more interesting than the other. All of this was helped by the established chemistry of the characters prior to the comic and using May, who was definitely the outlier, as the impetus for the group coming together and coming into her own inside the group. However, that established chemistry could also work against it, with a big question being "Why is Mammon on the moon" and "Who is Blackadder and why should I care?" So it's bane or boon, depending on how much previous reading you've done. Concerning dialogue, when it was just talking it never felt dull thanks to how punchy it was. I also really liked how DEUS was written, reminding me a lot of Aku from Samurai Jack: established as this incredibly powerful otherworldly entity but not above being made the butt of jokes. A few typos here and there but nothing glaring, especially considering the size and how many people worked on it. A really great read with a satisfying conclusion.

-The art was more hit than miss, with a very solid first 3/4ths defined by great lines and full colors and amazingly detailed backgrounds that create a great contrast between the beginning and by the end, where you can see the devastation caused instead of having it just be implied. Though the inks never faltered it did become obvious that time was getting short as whole swathes were just palettes and a few inconsistencies, such as the scene with may int he kitchen looking like daytime even though it's been established multiple times as night. My biggest fear, the varying art styles involved with this clashing, never fully came to fruition, largely helped by consistent color choices blending into each other, and when they aren't, it's aided by an obvious switch in lighting and location. Great showing and I'm so glad that every page got at least a little color.

# 14   Posted: Jun 27 2017, 05:25 PM
Dear Defenders,

As I read your entry I am possessed of a great many feelings. Regret, Joy, Excitement, Nostalgia , Catharsis and Hope. As I am a person who is in a unique position to feel these things, it has dawned on me how Personal an event like this, in a year like this one, at a time like this one simply is.   The  biggest source of regret is the amount of personal problems that haunted me during the drawing process which ultimately robbed me of the time needed to do everyone the much needed justice their work deserved. At the same time, despite these trials  I found a source of motivation that I was not able to muster before from which my growth as an artist can only grow from.  My only hope that you all had fun doing this, as I did and I thank the staff at void for their patience with my various psychosis and unmended bad habits.
. I intended for this to be a retirement comic if I was being honest, but it seems I have further need to improve and to catch up to everyone else and reacquaint with this new generation yet again.

All were amazing and  full glad I am  to have played a part in it.

My thanks,

# 13   Posted: Jun 27 2017, 01:09 AM
I had such a fun and interesting time doing this, and I really enjoyed working with you my amazing team-mates! Trust me when I say that you all are the absolute best <3 <3 <3

# 12   Posted: Jun 27 2017, 12:57 AM

# 11   Posted: May 28 2017, 02:54 PM
Good luck everyone! I love these event comics. I'm rooting for you all! <3

# 10   Posted: May 22 2017, 06:36 PM
Good Luck Defenders I wish I was there with you all, maybe next time. Monday Good luck and give them hell.

# 9   Posted: May 14 2017, 06:58 AM
Im sad Im not drawing for this one but GOOD LUCK DEFENDERS!! Kick some Robot BUTT!!

# 8   Posted: May 13 2017, 09:23 PM
Crush that giant robo into household appliances!

# 7   Posted: May 13 2017, 08:26 PM
Good luck all of you!
I'm super looking forward to reading what you all come up with!!

Approval Committee
# 6   Posted: May 13 2017, 05:22 PM
Game over man, game over

E.W. Schneider
# 5   Posted: May 13 2017, 05:19 PM
Good luck! Do well!

# 4   Posted: May 13 2017, 04:04 PM

# 3   Posted: May 13 2017, 03:25 PM

# 2   Posted: May 13 2017, 03:12 PM

# 1   Posted: May 13 2017, 03:08 PM

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