2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 / Lilyfeather and Karrin Klash vs. Merrik Sanderson and Avery Mann

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 / Lilyfeather and Karrin Klash vs. Merrik Sanderson and Avery Mann

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 — Lilyfeather and Karrin Klash vs. Merrik Sanderson and Avery Mann

by Shen and petarvee

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 13   Posted: Apr 12 2017, 04:03 PM
Oh man Shen and Petarvee your comic is once again a delight that does a great job with using the switching off of your very different visual styles in service of its story. I'm not entirely certain if the transition to tragic fully settled in, but at least it did by the time the touching moment came. At first I didn't realize that the trip to the past was purely accidental, but on second reading it seems they slipped into it after starting out all tone deaf, so it works out. They can be appropriate to the moment when they want to be!

Pocket GPS's comic... is also about loss. And it's about how the fact that the opponents' comic could happen in the first place is, at the end of the day, a tragic thing in human terms. It was a solid comic, but perhaps too somber to go up against high energy.

# 12   Posted: Apr 11 2017, 04:21 AM
team love: i dig the magical girl super sentai mix you are oing for, and the ghost whisperer line was golden.
and seriously? a litteral field of katanas??? Shut up and take ALL MY MONEY !!!

Team timecop: i feel like we kind of losed the dynamic of your lst comic, but yet the investigation aspect was better... the cliffhanger i'm not a fan of, but the temporal twist would put M.Night. Shama...something to shame ^^

Global Moderator
# 11   Posted: Apr 8 2017, 10:32 PM
TEAM BFF SENSHI- Whoa, whatta whiplash of emotions! You guys went from completely ridiculous funny and into some serious feels.
I'll have to echo the improvement of inks and general artiness from Shen. Freakin belly button piercing makeup transformation is amazingly dumb I snorted, hahaha! Your gorgeous senshi transformation page was really stunning, and the hilarious gags of these two busting into the barn had me rolling. You both seriously cranked the silliness to 50 and I for one fully appreciated it.
Also this is such a small thing, but I love that you guys actually did a thing with the katana fields. It seemed like such an incongruous thing to add as a setting piece, it fully delighted me to see it was utilized in an interesting way for the end of your comic.

TEAM BLOND- I am seriously amped for this timecop mystery. Like fo' real. I need to know. Is Merrick the good guy? The bad guy? What is even happening, but overall, I just feel this whole second round was a total tease with no substantial payoff. That kind of the risk with mysteries I suppose. You're left wondering if you left the audience with enough to chew on, and for me, I didn't get my mouthfuls worth. I'm in the same camp as Lefred. This round WAS rather dialogue heavy and elements where action and interaction would've better sufficed in my opinion. I do realize you guys are trying to build up a mystery here, but up until the last page we don't really get that punch in your comic throughout. And I guess for me, I don't wanna wait until the last page of the comic to get really interested.

Fred v2.0.1
# 10   Posted: Apr 8 2017, 03:07 PM
Shenvee; there is a real disconnect in here that I just can't feel good about. It's of course very possible to make a shift in tone and have it work for you, but this is just not that for me. The silliness of the first part doesn't flow or properly preface the drama of the second, appart from quips about him not wanting to talk about it sprinkled like some kind of boring recurring gag. I would have much preferred if the whole comic had been focused on the second part, allowing it to develop more. As it is, both parts feel kind of flat and forced in what they try to achieve. I like the limited colours though.

GPS-Pocket; I absolutely adore the look of this comic, it's my jam. I like the idea of what you were going for, but the result is too wordy and bland. I would have liked more of an interaction than a monologue.

Global Moderator
# 9   Posted: Apr 7 2017, 12:59 PM
Team Love & Good Vibes: I know you were hurting for time shen so the limited colors on your pages is understandable, at the least the lines and poses and expressions are pretty strong. Petarvee great work as usual but I felt like a select of your expressions in the latter/dramatic half didn't quite match the emotions. But speaking of emotions this was a particularly heartfelt story so great job on that

Team Snipercop: Man I am so into this time travel cop story. It kind of suffers in the middle with some particularly big walls of text that could have used another page or 2 to spread out (if you needed the wordiness of some of these lines at all) but it brings it back home by the end and I want to know what happens next so badly

Approval Committee
# 8   Posted: Apr 7 2017, 12:21 PM
you guys ; ;

shen I think you had great improvement in your drawings this round! it's paying off, this comic overall I think looks much more cohesive than the first round. you two are meshing quite nicely.

pocketgps: I wanted more and I'm sad it ended so abruptly :c it looks REALLY GOOD THOUGH! your inks are getting GOOD gps, and I really like the soft colors. and it was fun to read. GOOD JOB!

# 7   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 10:32 PM
What's with this round being hilarious one moment, and the next it gets me reeling with so many feels?

In all seriousness, I loved both comics. Both story and art are spot on, and it's only gonna make it harder to decide who will go to next round. I know I'm repeating myself here, but I really wish I knew what else I could say about it other than 'WOW'.

Happy January 26th! -Reecer6
# 6   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 02:00 PM
Poeeps - Gosh, I can't convey how invested I am in this humble little episodic drama here! Shame that you managed so little pages compared to the rest of the tourney, but the art all over is super solid, despite not a whole lot of deep shading or intricate detail, or anything special like that. It really nails the tone of the narrative and the way you're pacing it, honestly! All I can recommend is push out a few more dramatic angles and zoom-outs, and consider making text smaller if you're going to pump out as much dialogue as you do on, say, last panel of page 4. That mass of lettering, pushed up against the side like that, just looks squished.

Shetar - Same remarkable clean professionalism as always! Although, the dearth of color variety outside of sticking to a couple of palettes is a bit disappointing, despite how nice it looks. I highly appreciate how well you two differentiated the blondes' designs—it was actually more clear than in Pocket and Geeps' own comic, in my opinion. The story's a bit silly though, because the start-to-tragic-death-of-loved-one was a measly 2 pages, which absolutely isn't enough to get someone (me) to be able to sympathize with Avery. I think I might've chuckled, actually? Lily consoling him at the end, however, did get to me! With the additional 6 or so pages of fighting evil murder machine. So it evens out, I guess?

# 5   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 11:49 AM
Petar and Shen: WULF IS A GOOOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!! I loved how silly Karrin and Lily treated the whole situation. Like, they are just putting on this big show and playing dress-up while Avery tries to get serious work done XD It was a little confusing for the first few pages as to exactly why Karrin and Lily were in a car with Avery and Merrik. Mentioning the murder investigation earlier may have helped the plot flow a little better.

GPS and Pocketmouse: This is a very pretty comic. You did really well on the environments and composing them in a way that focuses the reader's eyes on the characters. Some of the anatomy looked a little strange, especially on Karrin. I think you guys did a really good job with the dialogue. This comic was very text heavy, but it was all very interesting to read and never felt like the characters were talking too much. And, man, that twist at the end was really well-paced! Like, I part of me knew it was coming, but I was still like "Oh snap!" when I saw that scar on the other Merrik's arm!

On a side note, reading Shen and Petar's tragic dead-lover backstory for Avery just increases my need for an Avery Mann/Shizana team-up (but I hear GPS doesn't like bugs, so idk :'D )

# 4   Posted: Apr 5 2017, 10:10 PM
Here we go.
Geeps scripted, the bulk, then we batted the script about together for a bit.
I did layouts and pencils, Geeps inked, then I coloured, lettered and finished them up.

Loved working with Karrin and Lily, and can't wait to read what you two have done :)

# 3   Posted: Apr 5 2017, 04:25 PM

Hot fuckin' damn that was an intense two weeks. I can't wait to see the comics of such worthy opponents and stare at numbers for the next 7 days.

In case anyone's a-wonderin, we basically did the same workload-approach last time. Shen hit me with a buncha buncha buncha ideas, I packed em all into a rough draft, we kicked it around with some edits; I did my layouts and inks, Shen did her layouts and inks, then we swapped pages to color!

# 2   Posted: Mar 24 2017, 08:29 PM
i get to redeem myself against geeps and fight the king of void all at once >=D

# 1   Posted: Mar 23 2017, 03:04 PM
Good luck everyone! Make this goooood!

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