2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 / Jiko Shi and Capslock & Shift vs. Cue and Baku the Explosionist

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 / Jiko Shi and Capslock & Shift vs. Cue and Baku the Explosionist

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 2 — Jiko Shi and Capslock & Shift vs. Cue and Baku the Explosionist

by mortooncian and Evi

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Critiques & Comments
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# 15   Posted: Apr 12 2017, 04:33 PM
It's the meta-match of our age!

Moortevi: MAN I was wondering what the heck was wrong with my connection for a moment! At first I was like "oh, it's the 'we're actually comic characters' thing oh boy.. I haven't seen this on anon kink memes before...." but then you sold it with the delightful digital art tools weaponized shenanigans and the Void website break and it was great! And I just loved that shot of them all in the theater together.

A Bad Kura: Why do comic meta when you can do game meta? Funny how both these comics wound up muliplying Baku. Those little mini-Baku are the cutest, as was the rendering of this Mario (or Default Dan?) type world.  The humor could have easily become boring, because there is plenty of game troupe humor out there, but the pacing and jokes were on point. Are you sure becoming a final boss was the best idea, Cue?

# 14   Posted: Apr 11 2017, 04:42 AM
team MortEVI:  clever use of fourth breakwall= a great moment reading this comic . All hail our god Shift !!

Team terrorists: EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHEEEEERE !!!!! i went to play Ghosts n goblins AND super mario right after reading this ^^

Approval Committee
# 13   Posted: Apr 8 2017, 10:10 PM
Oh lawd. OHH LAWD. H-hold on. Lemme try and tape my funnybone back together cuz the both of y'all *shattered* it. XD Of all the feels and action packed into round 2, its great to see some straight up goofy levity.

TEAM ROBO SLACKERS- Ya got me. Ya got me good with them thumbnails. Damn you all to heck, hahaha! Even the added flavor of Cue's animation rat-a-tatting the competition was a clever and amusing touch.
I think I'll have to agree with some of the feedback you've gotten already in that its clear you tried to out do your opponents fourth wall breaking schtick. Ambitious, to be true and even fun to follow, but midway, I'll admit the photoshop folder thing lost me here and there. There was 'action' in a sense, but I feel it felt like it stopped just short of getting interesting, or just seemed rather clipped. I think for me, what round 2 culminates to is kind of summed up in Capslocks outright indifference to the whole span of events. He's right, this all isn't canon and it doesn't matter,. The same can be said for your opponents comic as well, but I think the difference between the two is, your opponents made things ridiculous but the stakes, interactions and events still hold weight. The reader is left satisfied that yes, this was a ridiculous romp, but I'm intrigued over how they'l have to deal with how crazy they left things. If your last page is to be taken at face value, your round 2 may as well be put out of mind because things'll just 'reset' to how they were before and that as a reader, feel like a bit of a let down.

TEAM DOKAN- I had no idea how you lot were going to manage without a freakin planet to work off of, but you not only succeeded, but surprised me! This was such a classic slapstick nostalgic videogame take on this round I really enjoyed. Whoever was in charge of scripting and story should really pat themselves on the back. Your humor beats were something I really enjoyed, and the DOKAN asplosion motif had me in stitches. You also seemed to get real tactical on who to use as far as your opponents were concerned. Jiko as the damsel and Caps as the punchline to all the explosions was smart. Also thank you THANK you for taking the feedback in round 1 to heart and toning down your highlights and shininess. Your pages were so pleasant to pore over, and it was clear y'all had fun designing the 'levels' Capslock and Shift had to trudge through.
I think my only complaint (and they're small!) is that in the desert level your cactus wasnt Petey XD Also that they never got to the mid boss zone. Poor Baku!

Ura Hime
# 12   Posted: Apr 8 2017, 09:27 PM
Mort and Evi: I really love the combination of your styles - the lines in combination with the bold colors and painting style of Mort creates such a cartoony style that is still uniquely both of you. It's a delight to see! There are a few panels where it's easy to tell that the art is a little bit of a step down from the previous comic but it doesn't detract too much from it. Story-wise, I absolutely loved it. There have been complaints about your fourth wall usage but I think for a character like Cue, you have to be bold in your usage of it - especially when in combination with a character like Shift that constantly leans on the fourth wall (with his learning of memes in the first round for example). Also I love that this is the happiest you've ever drawn Caps. His idiotic grin is terribly infectious.

Majikura & A Bad Idea: I really enjoyed your comic! It had me giggling through most of it. The quality is super good and I really like the employment of a video game-esque world and even more so, Caps' apparently cluelessness - I never thought I'd get so much enjoyment out of Caps being blown up so much. I feel like you could've used Jiko a little more in your comic although I suppose I understand you needed her to create a damsel in distress situation. I wasn't a big fan of the whole shipping thing, it felt like a weak reason to kidnap her but then again I guess a Goddess of Chaos can do what she likes and get away with it :) I have to say, my favorite panel of your entire comic was the one at the end. Baku just wanted to explode things! ;w;

Great job to both teams and good luck!

Fred v2.0.1
# 11   Posted: Apr 8 2017, 03:58 PM
Evician; the comic looks great, you both have terrifically charismatic art styles that go well together, but I did not like this comic one bit. It felt to me like you saw cue as your opponent and decided well she breaks the fourth wall let's do that too, but you did it just so literally, without subtlety, without cleverness. It's just "here's a fourth wall comic. Have it." It's a gutsy move, trying to out-do your opponent for what they're known for, but if you try that, you better do it better than them. I would have really just been bored if it wasn't for the pretty colours.

A Bad Kura; It's alright.

Happy February 23rd! -Reecer6
# 10   Posted: Apr 7 2017, 09:47 PM
With the other three battles, I definitely have a favorite I'd prefer to move onto round 3, but this battle's unique in that I love BOTH of your approaches so much that, whoever wins, I'm absolutely perfectly fine with it!

Mabi—oh my god you're keeping the continuity that earth exploded. i love that. You always have to be careful with video game pastiches, because they've been done so many times to make fun of the same things over the years, but you guys definitely framed it in a way that worked well, with assuming the audience already got all the clichés and jumping right into how its unique design as a game reflects on Baku and Cue! It's disappointing that it focused disproportionately on Caps-Lock and Shift, but I suppose it's the nature of the plot that someone has to be the helpless damsel. The art's definitely improved from last time, as everything looks less weirdly shiny—which, while I did like it, it WAS kind of stand-out and distracting, so the absolute cleanliness here is welcomed! In fact, I absolutely don't have anything to critique with regards to the art. The gags throughout the comic were excellent and hit well. The chest and key killing Cue, though, feels arbitrary to the point that it isn't really funny; it just feels like a lazy conclusion to the climax that you couldn't quite figure out, but Shift's misunderstanding was almost enough comedy gold to outweigh it.

Eviort—I wasn't expecting the best kaiju fight this tournament to come out of THIS team! (See, I said in the Discord that joke would work a lot better in a comment than a contextless line, and I was right.) You know, I really feel like you two have an excellent synergy in art. Evi's clean line art coupled with mort's beautiful and characteristic shading make for some really solid designs! That said, I don't feel like you achieved as well as a balance between the two this round as you did the last one, because at times, different characters in the *same panel* feel like they were drawn entirely by the opposite team member without much communication, and it feels a bit disjointed. Your gags, though, were all excellent! I appreciate the usage of suddenly-pulling-a-gat humor especially, as an aficionado of the type. When I connected the rude fake broken thumbnails and Rue's plan on page 10, I was definitely laughing out loud at the whole conclusion there! And such excellent taste in movies...! I appreciate all the work you put into the gifs as well, because Rue firing the gun is so smooth, and getting all of the select tools to look nice and constant must have been tedious hell. Finally, hopefully I'm not rudely overlooking some other character I should definitely be able to recognize, but is that Invyn you cameoed on page 2? I need to know whether or not I can add this to my cameo screencap folder.

Community Manager
# 9   Posted: Apr 7 2017, 12:16 PM
yo both teams, mad props for taking the Creativity trait by the balls and pile-driving in the crazy concepts we've got here, these are great comics

Team Sitcombots: I think what's most lacking here are the action panels in pages 7-8, the sense of motion is off for some panels that left me a little confused what was happening on the first read, (on page 7, 2nd to last panel hard to tell if that's a high five or a slap or what, and choreography/composition of the next panel feels unfinished). There's a select few moments that felt visually inconsistent or unfinished actually, particularly with the linework?

Team Chaos: beautiful explosions~~ The visual dynamics worked well for this comic, I like that if i were to remove all word bubbles I can still tell what's happening for the most part. But I wasn't into the jiko/shipping gag, particularly at the end it felt kind of like throwaway lines for closure that wasn't really needed cause Jiko already expressed the same "no" earlier in the comic

# 8   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 10:18 PM
Why must you guys make this SO HARD to choose?

Art wise, I adored both comics. Just gorgeous and wonderful to look at.

Story-wise, I will admit I kind of got lost in the middle of Thren/Evi's side, with so much going on and all but I still enjoyed it, whereas I found ABI/Kura's a bit easier to follow and was very entertained by the clever use of video game style and logic in there.

Now the hard part...WHO should proceed to the next round??

Approval Committee
# 7   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 09:38 AM
Lawd. This is gonna be SUCH a tough vote. Why you guys. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS

# 6   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 09:28 AM
Mort, evi that was the best comic ive ever read.
Kura and abi you guys had me in stitches omfg....
Both you teams are wonderful.

# 5   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 09:17 AM
These were SO GOOD! I haven't laughed so hard while reading comics in a long time XD

Thren and Evi: I worried a little when I realized that this comic was going to do a lot of fourth-wall breaking, but you guys did such a good job with your writing that none of it ever felt cliched. This was super funny, and I think you really nailed Cue's character. Some of the fight-sequences felt a little stiff. Practice pushing characters' gestures with clearly-defined lines of action to get them really feeling like they're in motion. Again, you did such a good job with the writing and driving the story with the characters' decisions rather than just letting the meta plot-devices take over. Also, I legit worried that your pages hadn't been uploaded correctly before I read the comic haha XD

Majikura and Bad Idea: The shading in this is a marked improvement from last round. I think overall this comic is very professional-looking. I don't have a lot of crits form this one. Maybe one thing to work on is that objects like the tanks at the end, and even the locked box tend to flatten out because of skewed perspective, and shapes that are made of hard material, like parts of Cap's body, end up looking soft and malleable. I love that you're continuing with the destroyed-Earth continuity. This was a really fun read :D

# 4   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 08:38 AM
wow. this is just wow. i cant even come close to decide which i like best. both of these are aaammmmaaaazzzziiiiinnnnngggg. phenomenal job all around! im in love with both comics!

# 3   Posted: Apr 6 2017, 08:05 AM
Well played on both fronts. Managed to get that laughter out of me. Thren and Evi nailing some very impressive media bending tech and Kura and ABI nailing some impressive comedic pacing. Good job to both sides.

# 2   Posted: Apr 5 2017, 08:09 PM
In round one, there were technically only three explosions in the whole comic.  That injustice has been rectified.

Cracking Skulls
Global Moderator
# 1   Posted: Mar 24 2017, 05:29 AM

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