Boys On The Docks / Harvey vs. Kurt and Polterdot

Boys On The Docks / Harvey vs. Kurt and Polterdot

Boys On The Docks — Harvey vs. Kurt and Polterdot

by Sean

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by Radji

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Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Dec 27 2016, 11:57 AM
Astro Sean: Great to finally see Harvey back in action. I'm sure I've said this before, really what you wanna do is just keep learning and keep drawing, your drawing skills with eventually catch up with your writing skills

Radji: Good art and world building but the word bubbles are a bit on the big side. This could have been spread out to a few more pages, using backgrounds, flashbacks, scenes from other locations and events etc., to break that down.

Just keep on rocking you two!

# 4   Posted: Dec 24 2016, 08:08 PM
@Astrosean Glad to see you're still hittin it hard with an arc for Harvey! And it seems like youre trying out some perspective and architectural stuff you weren't before, so kudos for that! My sorta biggish note for this comes from how you draw Kurt and Polterdot. Namely, because you seem to be leaning on Radji's designs, and then tryina push the shapes a bit more to fit your own style. Which is sort of a weird way of doing characters, because its just adding more layers of paint on a house that has some structural issue. Next time, break down your opponent's character. Kurt's a robo-dude. How would you draw a humanoid robot that you designed yourself? How would you draw dreads? Keep asking yourself these questions until you've got enough pieces in your own style /then/ put it all together. You'll get a lot more of a cohesive design that seems like it sprang from your own head, rather than someone else's design-book.

@Radji Nailed it again my guy. And glad to see you've either A) had a native english-speaker read over your dialouge, or B) Gotten super good at english. And bonus points for dove-tailing your comic so nicely with Astrosean's to make one complete story. Hell, this coulda even been a collab. Though with all the rad socio-economic talk goin on, visually, its sort of a bore to look at. Even in the little previews, we just see walls of text, and that's immediately a bit off putting. Try breaking it up a bit more! You've really been rockin your character and environmental designs as of late, so you can totally draw hands fidgeting, city scapes, docks, boats, trade, all that good stuff, to really illustrate the points you're making.

# 3   Posted: Dec 23 2016, 05:44 PM
Maybe my most favorite part of these comics is...

You can read each separately or...

You can read Sean's AND Radji's after it, and it actually would work as a single story! Talk about coordination!

Anyway! Sean and Radji, boys you both get better at light speed. Sean's stuff has become pretty solid and he really put a lot of effort on those perspectives and poses! And Radji, your anatomy, poses and panel composition are just so damn enjoyable. Loved Kurt's hand gesture in page 3, panel 1.

Great work you two!

# 2   Posted: Dec 12 2016, 08:32 AM
this comic is about alcohol

Approval Committee
# 1   Posted: Dec 12 2016, 08:05 AM
This comic is about property taxes and finding the right realtor for your dream home.

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Drawing Time: 1 week
Ended: Dec 26th, 2016
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Winner: Radji

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