2016 Invitational: Round 2 / Click Lyric vs. Samuel Elias

2016 Invitational: Round 2 / Click Lyric vs. Samuel Elias

2016 Invitational: Round 2 — Click Lyric vs. Samuel Elias

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by Ish

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 14   Posted: Jul 18 2016, 09:08 AM
Technicolor-Yawn, that comic started out... a little too real. Once again, you pulled off longer-form storytelling very entertainingly. The fact that your visual storytelling is so solid even though it's still very rough really speaks to your ability. That said, I really would like to see how you do on a shorter story with more time to give to polishing it up visually.

Ishtar Dragon, I don't know if you pulled off the long story quite as well. It's good, but it felt like it was running long, especially since the actual focus of the match didn't get introduced until nearly halfway in, and his part is the rougher, less finished part. I like how you continued from the last match, but it took over the comic to the point that it's clear the chemistry from last match is stronger than this one's.

# 13   Posted: Jul 14 2016, 01:50 AM
Technicolor-yawn: I don't mind the pencils. I don't mind them at all, in fact, I like them, since I tend to do pencil only comics. What I do mind though, is the lack of speech bubbles. I am not sure if it was mentioned on your previous round, so maybe I am repeating what's already been told, but I think it would be best if you could get a lettering program to use said speech bubbles. There's plenty of free programs out there in case you can't afford the more fancy ones. It would help reading your comics a lot to have some lettering instead of your handwriting. But if you prefer to go the handwriting way, at least make it as clear as possible.

Isthar Dragon: Solid start, a shame it loses quality as the comic advances. I really enjoyed that you started with your opponent's character (as well as the cameo) in an hilarious way.

Both of you: You two are going for quantity over quality. 1 weekers are fatal, and it's good to see you all draw this much for your rounds, but you're sacrificing quality.

Darius Corry
# 12   Posted: Jul 13 2016, 07:14 PM
I agree with all that these would've been phenomenal if they were fleshed out. . speaking for personal experience I would recommend minimizing you pages count for sake of time for solid pages.

# 11   Posted: Jul 13 2016, 05:55 PM
A shame they're mostly sketchy comic pages, but with such a tight deadline it is understandable, still both sides were very entertaining and fun to read! And I'm impressed at how many pages you were both able to pump out one week, but I think maybe you should consider quality over quantity for next time to avoid ending up in fixes like this. If that makes any sense.

And Ishtar, am I seeing things or is that who I think it is on Page Two?

Global Moderator
# 10   Posted: Jul 13 2016, 02:11 PM
Two great stories, marred by an unforgivingly short deadline! Whoever makes it to round 2, I hope you take the time to really condense your next plot so that you don't end up in this situation yet again! Your stellar storytelling and appealing sketches will only get you so far!

# 9   Posted: Jul 13 2016, 01:38 PM
Technicolor-yawn - What stands out to me are your compositions inside the panels. I end up forgetting I'm reading a static medium, which is the ultimate goal with camix, of course. There's something about the nature of your gags that's simple in a very clever way, and it really works to your art and storytelling's strengths. The way you introduce lettering for effects also adds flavor to it visually.
While I enjoyed the journey, the finale felt like the tight deadline crept up and you had to put a lid on it. That and, of course, they're only pencils, but they're tight and swift enough to not get in the way. While I want to say to be more careful with time management, I also don't want to see you abandon the ambitious page-count and hold out on us.
PS: Way to add extra characters so fearlessly.

Ishtar Dragon - So, I can't start without saying thank you for the feature! You got the flippy hair and the pointy nose. This comic reeeally plays like a great three-way comic. I kinda wish we got paired up that way because it really shines. Plus, your grasp on dialogue and banter are so good and in sync with their personalities.
Your paneling and use of color (however limited in this instance) are very [you], despite this only being your second battle. There's a graphic signature about how you work. The inks seem to be planned around how you knew you wouldn't have time to color it all, and I appreciate that sort of decision making. Also, the weight and texture of the inks is also pleasing to the eye (I'm all about that b&w aesthetic, but man are Void characters colorful). However, it gets a little hard to tell a few things apart toward the latter end of the comic, though lowering some blacks to grays did help. Being the target really played to Samuel's naivety, if I can call it that. However, it wasn't very much about him, and I think we all wanna get to know Samuel better, so don't shy away next time!
PS: Picking up from both your and your opponent's last comics gives it a strong sense of continuity, and that's so goooood.

# 8   Posted: Jul 13 2016, 11:19 AM
Man this comic killed me! Sorry all I got for you guys is some sketches, but hopefully you can get something outta it anyway!

# 7   Posted: Jul 12 2016, 10:02 PM
Aaand it is up! Apologies for the sketchiness and general unfinishedness, but at least it is complete which I didn't think I could manage to! Also sorry to Skulls and Sabu in advance.

# 6   Posted: Jul 7 2016, 08:55 AM
Cute vs cuter. How will we decide???

# 5   Posted: Jul 6 2016, 06:13 PM
All of the cute! I can't wait to see this! ^.^

Rainbow Ichi
# 4   Posted: Jul 5 2016, 09:10 PM
Good luck :3

# 3   Posted: Jul 5 2016, 06:35 PM
Look forward to reading this one!

# 2   Posted: Jul 5 2016, 05:53 PM

# 1   Posted: Jul 5 2016, 05:24 PM

It's time

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