Ragnarock 2016 / So'Ir vs. Nito the devourer vs. CANNOT DANCEDOESNT CARE vs. Infancia vs. Lucia vs. Monomythica

Ragnarock 2016 — So'Ir vs. Nito the devourer vs. CANNOT DANCEDOESNT CARE vs. Infancia vs. Lucia vs. Monomythica

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by Radji

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by Fred

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by Camel

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by Jiisuri

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Critiques & Comments
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# 25   Posted: May 8 2016, 01:14 AM
The final hours were the most heart attack inducing hours I've ever had. I'd like to thank everyone for reading, commenting and voting for all our work. It was a good match.

# 24   Posted: May 7 2016, 05:51 AM
Holy shit this is getting close

Awesome job everyone. I think you pulled all quiet nice quality but my main issue was the entertainment. For an annihilation match i would have liked to see more well annihilation. Interesting is that most of you had the same basic idea with nito :3

# 23   Posted: May 5 2016, 11:36 PM
Wait I thought more people were participating in it? Who didn't get in?

# 22   Posted: May 5 2016, 09:58 PM
This was a cool event I was looking forward to a lot! sad not everyone could finish but whats in here is great!

Kichi- there were a lot of great IDEAS in this. I know you had something epic planned and though you did warn us, I still think its too bad you didnt quite get to it. For a month, this is a bit lackluster, but i see where you were going wit it, and I think it could have been amazing if you had managed to complete it properly. i hope you can find a way to retain your motivation for your next battle because you have so many cool ideas I'd like to see! Also, I loved your idea to have Lucia as Monomythica's chosen hero.

radji- I love how you work in silhouette, your gesture is strong but sometimes the action starts to get a little lost in it and I cant clearly see whats happening, like when Cannot Dance defeated So'Ir (at least im pretty sure thats what happened). I also think I dont truly understand your story- I read it twice and Im still not sure who Trihexa is and why they are trying to stop it and what it will do.And I think you should sometimes consider breaking pages down into more panels sometimes, but i DO love your clever panel layout design. This story was very emotional! have Nito, Cannot dance and Infancia as some sort of unlikely last defense squad, only to have them betrayed by Nito, and having Nito keep his promise to Infancia by becoming some sort of hybrid with her (ps i dub this ship the "All And Nothing" haha). i would have liked to see a slight bit more emotional connection, its like its almost there but it could have been a bit more impactful when he destroys them if you could have shown their bond a little stronger. I feel like Im picking this apart a lot but yours is one of the best stories uploaded, I love the emotions, the design, and the ending! This was enjoyable all the way through, good work!

LeFred: Even though Ive only seen him in 2 comics i just love Cannot Dance so you may get a secret extra bias point from me because i think this character is hilarious and dont want to see him annihilated lol. That said, this comic is gorgeous but it kinda goes by way too fast, theres just so much happening so suddenlly. In a way though its sort of appropriate, because heres Cannot Dance, suddenly pulled from death basically on accident by Monomythica, and now all around him everyone is fighting and killing and dying and he has no idea whats going on but fuck it he may as well kill Nito too because that seems to be in vogue around here, and then telling the tale like hes this epic hero instead of somehow gloriously unlucky lol. Theres a lot to love about this but i wish there'd been a little but more breathing room to really appreciate the other characters. But the art is top notch, delightfully grimy with fantastic light and shadow. Great work!

Skulls- boy this sort of fizzles out at the end there huh ^^; I know you were super busy though so I wont blame you, its just too bad not to get a complete story, especially since you left it on a bit of a cliffhanger with So'Ir betraying Infancia, I want to know what happens! The pages you managed to colour look gorgeous though, and you draw everyone so damn cute and likeable, especially Infancia, I wanna pinch her precious fuzzy cheeks lol, and your Nito, hes simultaneously adorable and threatening.i would have liked to see the relationship between those more than you set up in the prologue because I love that you and radji went the same route in making a connection between a being of abundance and a being of destruction. So, this whole thing had a lot of good parts and looked like it was going in a beautiful and devastating direction, its too bad you couldnt finish so I could properly appreciate it.

camel- ok first the way you draw Nito on page two is FUCKING EPIC and I love it its TERRIFYING! second this also seems to have the problem of kinda falling apart at the end.... i mean, obviously, Im sure you would have finished if you could have but its too bad cuz I really liked your Lucia character but I didnt get to see her really do anything in this. I do like the way you portrayed everyone and their personalities (...hey So'Ir is missing) and I LOVE that lineup shot on page 7. your inks are great but sometimes get a little messy, and I might consider limiting your crosshatching and details start to get lost in it. Theres a lot of really cool stuff in here and Im sure this was leading up to a hell of a battle. im sorry you couldnt finish it.

Jii- yours might be my favorite story.The pacing is great, the characters all have a stake in it and all contribute to the story, its got action and drama and basically everything you need, it was fun and entertaining from beginning to end! Even the naked hero was a likeable guy and it was great to watch his journey. you were able to write him really well even for anyone who didnt have previous knowledge of Dennis so the fact that its Jetster's character is more like an "inspired by" than a cameo which helps the readability. the art kind of falls apart at the end but its still clear to follow and in this case Im glad you went for quantity over quality so i could see the end of the story.

Everyone did good work! Kudos to you all~

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# 21   Posted: May 5 2016, 04:24 PM
   This was actually the first event I knew about, since I haven't been here that long, and my friends and I have been eagerly awaiting it. And by god, did this Ragna ROCK! Seriously, I was well and truly blown away by these comics. Even with four pages, I was deeply curious to see how Literally Nothin's story would go. Epically awesome and awesomely epic were these stories, and I'm convinced of how great entervoid is now.
   I know I'm a new guy, and have not a character to my (user)name, but I've been told I'm a better writer than artist, so I'm going to focus on that.

Jiisuri, I really liked the pacing of this. The hero's journey was plotted to perfection. Joseph Campbell would be proud. Monomythica's linguistic flip-flopping between elegance and silliness was utilized surprisingly well, and it fleshed out a new character's personality in just a few pages.
Literally Nothin, even with the cut off story, I was curious to see where this was going. You managed to create a hook with Monomythica's single line, being the mystery of how So'In would react, and the reason behind Mono's loneliness. However, for a goddess of space and time, So'In's dialogue felt a little curt, a bit simplistic. Could a more baroque style assist her characterization? I loved the effect implemented with the middle pages, and it summarized what was necessary exposition for your comic in a few lines, an act surely boosted by your superb accompanying illustrations.
HauntedWidget, I was very impressed. Giving each character their own individual, highly distinct voice and style couldn't have been an easy task. A lesser artist would have focused on their character alone, forcing the others into the background, but each one of these guys felt like they fit into the whole of the group while maintaining an individual voice. The exposition felt a little crammed, and perhaps spacing it out so that a few lines could have been delivered to the other characters, creating what could be called sort of a "mission briefing" phase, would have contributed to the armageddon theme.
Cracking Skulls, Infancia and Maggot played off of each other fantastically, ping-ponging dialogue back and forth. The end twist was genuinely shocking, and it didn't feel rushed or shoehorned in. The in medias res beginning was implemented quite smoothly, and it circled around to the end in an efficient loop. Even as the art got a tad sketchy at the end, the script didn't falter, and the final page cut out perfectly to connect with the beginning.
Radji, I agree completely with DNO in both that the motivations for each character were indeed rock solid, and that the plot twist will most likely blindside all who read your story. Really, this whole thing was as well-constructed as your art, and I only have one, very minor suggestion. Where Lucia was about to be destroyed, she goes, "Fuck.". Now, while I have nothing against swearing, and the moment was point-perfect, Lucia herself seems to be a very innately noble character, and the line felt a little out of place. Otherwise, tremendous!
And lastly, Le Fred. This was five pages long, and yet you managed to squeeze an epic battle into just four! Maggot's lines were hilariously ironic when I saw the illustrations. I use illustrations as opposed to pictures of panels, because that's what this felt like. An otherworldly everyman's romp through a raging battle, told in wonderful picaresque form. Maggot feels like something H.P. Lovecraft might have come up with, had he been instructed to write comedy, and been given MS Paint, a sketchpad, and a bottle of absinthe. And by that I mean he's an electric hallucination, the kind that entertains and delights while he's here, and is gone before you know it, wishing he could have stayed longer.

Honestly, all of these were amazing, and I'll be binge-reading all of your previous works. Thanks for giving us these brilliant stories.


# 20   Posted: May 1 2016, 05:54 PM
FIRST OF ALL! A really BIG shout out to Jetsterjay for creating the original concept of Dennis. If she got into this great event,  I'm very sure whatever she planned as a story would have blown everyone's minds.

Second of all, good show to all the participants. It's a real bummer some of these weren't complete due to each person's own circumstances. Nevertheless,  it was a good duel.

Also thanks for the comment dino, it was very meaningful coming from you.

# 19   Posted: May 1 2016, 12:48 PM
Holy cow, you guys, this event was barely on my radar, but it turned out to be one of the best ones I've ever read.  One of the most tremendous efforts I've seen across the board, no defaults, huge props to everybody.

Nothin:  I'll be honest, I rated this comic super low.  Four weeks for 3 pages, no beginning, no ending.  Not much to say, but I really like your depiction of Nito here, it looks like his last meal came from your Incubator ;)  So I got a kick out of that.  I especially like the way you draw those teeth.  Anyway, shit happens, I'm glad you turned in something, and the art on display here is pretty solid.  Just wish there was more of it.

Le Fred: As always, fucking amazing pixel art on display here, good lord.  Every panel of this thing is a Microsoft Painting, and I can forgive the short page count, seeing where all your time went.  That shit shows, and not only that, your comic may be short, but it's sweet.  I dig it.  Lots of fun to see Maggot Mr. Magooing his way through an epic god-battle.  My favorite little touch was Mono's cards tumbling after her as she bit the dust.

Skulls:  You start strong with some striking visuals and nice colors, and page 3's got some great line weights going on, the Lucha God King looks real pro, and that establishing exterior shot is slick as hell, I was takin' notes.  By page 4, your line weights go out the window and things get kinda light for my eyes.  No blacks, no color, no real definition to your visuals at all.  I really like how you were playing with the idea of all these deities being related to eachother, and had this real Pantheon thing going on.  But the major highlight for me here was your page layouts.  These panel and shot choices are on point, and I was really bummed to see you run out of time on this (I think you said you had a late start, so what you got done is surely respectable).  Despite the unfinished quality of the thing overall, I gave you high marks for just how professional the meat of your comic is.  I'd recommend finishing this, dropping those blacks, coloring the whole thing, and putting this little comic in your portfolio, because were it complete, I think it'd be Image grade stuff.  You got chops.

Widget:  Dude, I love your character, and I think she kinda got the most love in this whole event, people really seemed to have fun with her.  She's a badass chick.  Something about those goggles, man, she's iconic looking as hell.  Anyway, you got more points on quality than I'd normally give to an unfinished comic, and I'll tell ya, I was sad to see it stop right when it was really gettin good, but dude, your traditional pens are playing my tune here, and your art reminds me a little bit of Jeff Lemire.  I especially like the way you used Monomythica as an excuse to design your own badass hero guy.  At first I was like "wait, who the heck is this guy?" I was looking back to make sure I didn't miss an entry, and then in the next couple panels he's bowing to Mono and shit, and I was like "oh!  oh, that's cool!".  Then the dude gets a few good shots in and then stabbed in the collarbone, but he had his moment to shine.  Speaking of shining, Infancia's fuckin Limit Break (which I'm gonna dub Golden Arsenal) was badass, man, I love that shit.  I think more than anybody's when I got to that last page and there wasn't another, I did a Darth Vader "no", I wanted to see what kinda power Nito was gonna get out of Mono's hero, like, that was an interesting twist to me, can he Kirby that dude, or does he have to eat an actual god?  We may never know, but what you brought here was worth the read, and I can't wait to battle you sometime.

Jiisuri: Damn, girl.  Huge props for this page turnout, you're insane.  This comic starts out great, has some really funny little moments in it (I laughed at Yoda Mono ridin' on dudebro's back, that was great), and a really nice emotional core in the end.  Your quality was all over the place, which is understandable since it's obvious you had a good script and were more concerned with getting your whole story out there than having it all look perfect, and rightly so.  Hell, there's even a sort of charm to the sketchiness of those panels, like on page 35, 36, and panel 2 of page 37.  Once again, a little bit of that reminded me of Jeff Lemire in a way, and I'll be honest, I wish I could get Mono to bless me with not being a perfectionist, so I could hero up on a comic this ambitious and put my story before getting that one... goddamn... line right!  So I kept your quality score respectable.  I couldn't knock this comic's flaws too hard, because dammit, you made me care about a Ken doll in cargo shorts.  Why didn't they give that dude some clothes?  I expected him to have a slick set of duds by the end of that training montage, but I digress.  Favorite moments here were that clutch Lucia tag-in, and seeing endless tears pour out of our imaginary friend's eyes as he went Billy Badass on the boss bitch.  Great read.

Radji:  You put the fuckin "rad" in Radji with this one, man.  I saved your shit for last, cuz I loved every second of this.  You're still poking one of my pet peeves a little bit with those page-count-padding one-panel pages, but you've reigned that in a little bit from some of your previous battles.  You also have a few really rough typo spots in your dialogue, but it didn't get in the way of my understanding or enjoyment of the comic.  What you did with these characters, I thought, was fantastic.  You set the stage, you established some connections between them, and a very deep one between the two leads, as it turns out, and your stakes were high.  Yeah, this whole thing is Ragnaroc, or "Ragnarock", it's supposed to be a universe ending big deal, but more than anyone, you nailed the tone and you made these characters the center of the conflict and the solution.  You made me like Nito and Infancia more than anyone else, you made me care about both of them and understand both of their motivations, and that what Nito was doing was noble and tragic, and just as much a sacrifice for him/her as for Infancia.  And you gave really sound reasons for Lucia and Monomythica to side with So'Ir, I thought that was legit.  You coulda really phoned that one in and just said So'Ir brainwashed them or something, even have some golden threads going from her fingers to their limbs like they're her puppets and shit, but no, you utilized those characters in a way that made sense.  Then, I was actually shocked when Nito turned on Infancia, man, I actually gasped and said, "What?  No!"  And that whole scene was just brilliant, and poignant, and perfectly written.  But then... boom, we get this fucking badass reveal in the last page that now these two, apparently siblings?  That's what I got from it anyway, these kids are now one mega-being that's gonna bring some balance to the universe and shit.  I coulda probably done without Cue at the end, she kinda came out of nowhere, but I guess she kinda served as some exposition or something.  I dunno, but Nito's transformation was just awesome, and now I want to see THAT comic, and I think that's the best thing you can say about a battle royale entrant.  

Cracking Skulls
# 18   Posted: May 1 2016, 11:48 AM
PS Im getting a new kryboard, I got too used to my schools keyboards and now i cant type on my regular keyboard at home hahahha

Cracking Skulls
# 17   Posted: May 1 2016, 11:42 AM
I wanna go ahead and say this was super fun to participate in. I normally dont sign up for events or tournaments because of my bad luck of my time getting taken away from me, but this was super fun because of the communication i had with most of the participants, and despite my two week handicap, im fine with what i submitted. I learned a lot this year in void and in school, and i got somewhat faster in drawing.

Everyone here did the best they could, and Im super happy to see the comics we made! I'll submit an actual  critique for everyone soon

# 16   Posted: May 1 2016, 11:39 AM
so much awesomeness errwheree

# 15   Posted: May 1 2016, 08:54 AM
the  23th page of my comic was supposed to be the 5th

# 14   Posted: May 1 2016, 12:31 AM
done, uploaded, and i managed to clean up good and finish

# 13   Posted: Apr 30 2016, 11:58 PM
Uploaded. Worked very hard on my part, but unfortunately i had a page goal that was way too ambitious,and it started eating into my schoolwork, so half the comic is incomplete. Despite that, I'm still really happy to have contributed, and it was a good learning experience.

# 12   Posted: Apr 30 2016, 01:48 PM
Done and uploaded.

Cracking Skulls
# 11   Posted: Apr 25 2016, 04:34 PM
My reaction to the deadline coming up


# 10   Posted: Apr 25 2016, 04:10 PM

# 9   Posted: Apr 25 2016, 03:50 PM

# 8   Posted: Apr 4 2016, 02:40 PM
Yay deicide!

# 7   Posted: Apr 4 2016, 04:22 AM
Good luck!!

# 6   Posted: Apr 4 2016, 02:09 AM

# 5   Posted: Apr 3 2016, 06:02 PM
let's do this thing

# 4   Posted: Apr 3 2016, 04:44 AM
hehehe...hah haha...

I am ready.


E.W. Schneider
# 3   Posted: Apr 2 2016, 11:12 PM
Good luck to everyone in this!  Don't get complacent! That month will be gone before you know it!

# 2   Posted: Apr 2 2016, 10:31 PM
heaven or hell

Cracking Skulls
# 1   Posted: Apr 2 2016, 10:26 PM
Ffffffffu k

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