Light Speed Death Tournament, Final Round / Mortido vs. Gumshoe vs. haret

Light Speed Death Tournament, Final Round / Mortido vs. Gumshoe vs. haret

Light Speed Death Tournament, Final Round — Mortido vs. Gumshoe vs. haret

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by Fearn

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Critiques & Comments
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Community Manager
# 27   Posted: Feb 28 2016, 09:49 PM
This has been a tremendously successful tournament and you guys should be very proud for making it all the way to the end.

Choleric: I think this is your weakest comic in the tournament; it feels like you lost steam or got exhausted, there isn't as much energy in this one, sort of mirroring Mortido's weakened state. What's essentially an Armageddon 2018 pitch is interesting for sure but in making this comic a falling action story to the seeming climax that was vs. Sally, I don't think that did you favors, and the Arma pitch plot starts to overshadow Haret and Gumshoe. There's still alot to love here with the art though, it's still among the most beautiful on the site.

Magistelle: At the beginning of this tournament I'll be honest I wasn't feeling Gumshoe that much. You definitely deserved each victory but it was just the character itself that I wasn't feeling. However with this and the last comic you really hit me hard with the appeal, revealing that there's more to Gumshoe than meets the eye




recovering from that pun... This comic really feels like the magnum opus of both your tournament run and the tournament as a whole, with pages like 12 bringing the whole event together into the culmination of this comic of yours. You've done tremendous in this tournament and each one only got better and better, you really should be proud of your work. Now we just need to see more backgrounds! Because your colors are so fantastic they do hide this deficiency but it's still one that can be noticed. (and the pillars of smoke in page 3 are really sloppy with the black strokes)

Fearn: You took a slightly different approach with this story, but while this story was really sweet and your colors and art still terrific, I think some of the magic of Haret was lost in this one. You'll notice from your opponents that one of the things we loved so much about these Haret comics is how much the page and panels were played with, like the bending of time and space around the story. There is really none of that kind of mindbending panel play in this comic aside from some shakiness in page 4-5. I think you would have gotten a stronger grade if you remained un-contemporary, unorthodox, because I think there's no one on this site that does it as well as you do right now (Queen of Void proved that)

you guys inspire us all

# 26   Posted: Feb 28 2016, 02:08 AM
To everyone who read my comic, I am so immensely thankful!! This tournament has been one hell of a ride, and I sure do know there were a lot of personal bumps with it, but Im glad that yall gave me the chance to get THIS far after having been gone for such a long time! It really does mean so much to me! And now I'm gonna take a moment to get all sentimental; watch out, it's gon get gross

RADJI: Thank you, omg! I looked up some episodes of Spawn, and I can say, thats a remark I havent ever heard but Im super flattered about it u//v//u

LE FRED: Im absolutely floored by your compliments ;0; When I read them, I had to hold my face for so several minutes, aaa, Im very touched that you felt that way!

FLUTTERBYES: YEP, those were teeth, ahah. Also, that's something I was thinking to myself too while painting that splash, just “this is so silly BUT I NEED TO JUST ROLL W/ IT”

WILLIAM_DUEL: Panic will make monsters out of men! I honestly dont know where it came from either, I just knew I had to try my absolute hardest because I was so scared of Jong and Fern! I think I actually damn near busted my hand towards the end from how much I was working on it, ahah

BOBO: I really cant argue with your critiques about my backgrounds and coloring; in fact, I wholeheartedly agree! My backgrounds are unarguably my weakest chain link artistically, and I wish I could have spent more time on my coloring to really polish and tighten up certain parts more. As for the page length, the only way I can explain myself is the fact that I was just so excited!! I had never gotten to the finals of a tournament before, and so it was my very first opportunity to show to everyone exactly what I had planned for the end, and I really wanted to make sure I didnt skimp out on anything and gave everyone a really meaty, satisfying conclusion. I felt it was the least I owed everyone, especially since I know my semi-finals comic didnt hold up to as high a standard as my previous round comics did. I just decided to try and go ballistic with it all, because win or lose, I was able to finally able to end it all w/ a bang!

KOZISPOON: I respect you for your honesty and agree w/ your critique on my usage of formulas, which is something I hadnt even really realized! I went into this tourney not really knowing or understanding Gumshoe as an in-depth character, and it really did hurt me early on, I believe. I only actually figured out what I wanted to do with him midway but decided to take the risk of keeping most of his deal behind closed curtains until the end, which I realize now was a risk that could have backfired horribly on me, ahah. My ultimate weakness I feel is my writing and I always take some time to pick up steam when it comes to anything I do, storylines included. Im glad I managed to surprise, however, and rest assure that Ill take more leaps and strides to further cement Gumshoe as an actual entity now that Ive been given this chance!

Approval Committee
# 25   Posted: Feb 27 2016, 03:13 PM
..I don't even know how page count became a suspect issue for this battle. Its as incongruous as claiming votes are leaning towards so-and-so because the artist wears glasses. It's all well if that's personal opinion, but to blanket community votes by pinning such a claim, leaves me scratching my head because I didn't think to factor that in when I voted.

CHOLERIC- You came in with what appears to be a clear gameplan- marry all the tournaments diverging storylines together into one epic tale which got me excited. The initial set up runs so smoothly, it almost seems as if you had it planned from the start. But it also appears that you tied in more VOID related storylines outside the tournament, which, when you try to follow it all, gets a bit top heavy by way of story. What am I to focus on? What's important? We get so close to finding out more of Mortido's character and aims, but its interrupted by a all out brawl that ends up with him making a break for it. I dunno, this, feels like a round 2 comic. Something placed in the middle more than a finale. Paired with the fact you utterly spoiled us in the first few rounds with ornate and highly detailed quality pages, this last performance feels like the time and effort have finally caught up with you.

MAGISETELLE- I'm not gonna lie. Throughout this tournament, Gumshoe was feeling like a flavor of the week sort of deal. Comics were chance encounters with some profound monologuing on his part. It was a formula, which isn't bad, but isn't too exciting either. I had something of an idea of what to expect based on what I'd seen, but I gotta admit you surprised me. I think from the moment Mortido punts Haret into the fray and she literally breaks apart the framework of reality/comic panels, I found myself leaning forward in my chair, suddenly intrigued. It's not easy to take what are essentially the 'rules' of comic page layout and narrative and turn it on its head, but I think you succeeded. Not to mention added your own subtle means to marry all the events of the tournament into this final opus. It smolders down into this great facet that fits within the VOID universe.
Gumshow just isn't your usual spooky denizen of VOID. He has a life, a wife, a world beyond the tournament which I think you factored in wonderfully in this comic. This was a delightfully good read that I did not expect ,so kudos.

FEARN- Haret? You and Mr. Mortido?? And got BIZZAY. ooohho, that little hairy scamp. The transition from walking, to pregnant and holding a bundle of joy is so subtle, I had to go back after I reached the end to make sure. I think that was intentional on your part. Making it not so obvious that the surprise packs enough of a punch. Despite in keeping with your abstract theme through round 1, I think you kinda bled out into a linear narrative which I totally don't mind. You needed something of a linear tale to really tie the bow on this tournament. I don't know why, but to see all the opponents go out in a blaze of glory seemed very fitting, if not a nice nod to VOID itself. There are no real winners when it comes to these blood baths, just survivors. To be survived by the progeny made ended it on a hopeful note, which in the end made for an appealing, if not bittersweet story.

Web Dev
# 24   Posted: Feb 24 2016, 10:27 AM
Thanks for your comment, le Fred. I don't want people to think I disliked Mags's comic at all, and I do agree that it's not her page count that's giving her the advantage here. It was a kickass comic all around. I was just using this match to illustrate a trend on the site of expecting people to make really long comics (and also to suck up to Fern lol).

Fred v2.0.1
# 23   Posted: Feb 23 2016, 12:55 PM
Fern does have the most publishable comic, and I also think she's got the best overall tournament run.  but publishability maybe has more to do with artificial expectations set by conventions and a better overall run doesn't mean a better comic now, and when compared with her previous efforts and Magistelle's roller-coaster of a comic, it just falls a little flat comparatively speaking. Personally I felt an emotional punch and involvement in Mag's comic that's not in the others, which I think is why people are going for it, not for the number of pages. But mostly, just because peeps aren't voting the same as you don't mean they're making shit votes based on page count, but responding and valuing different aspects. Which doesn't negate the rest of your point, I do think that's what this tournament was for after all.

Web Dev
# 22   Posted: Feb 23 2016, 10:43 AM
I'm supposed to be on an official break from the site, but I have to speak up about one thing that this match illustrates that I feel very passionately about.

In my opinion, Fern has created the most publishable comic in this match. Of the three comics, it's the one I would buy first. For that, it has my vote. And many of you seem to agree that her comic was worth at least a decent amount of credit where credit is due.

HOWEVER, from the comics Choleric and Magistelle produced and the relative amount of points for each of the three comics, there's a clear indication that the artists and readers of consider page count to be more important than individual page quality, and that's something that needs to stop if we want this site to be about honing our skills rather than just winning matches. Choleric's comic this round looked rushed and unfinished, and felt longer than it needed to be. You could have cut out a lot of your comic and had a better final product because of superior quality and more concise storytelling. Magistelle's story length felt fine, but I felt like her backgrounds were lacking and her colors were less finished than they could have been. I will admit that I'm getting kind of nitpicky when it comes to Mags' comic because it really was very well done, and maybe it's my bias for traditional work that pushes it a bit behind Fern's comic in my opinion.

The point I want to make is just that we need to calm the fuck down with these page counts, guys! Long comics may be fun and exciting, but we're here to get better as artists, but just pump out a bunch of art that's already in our comfort zone. And I apologize if any of this seems personal, because it's not Choleric or Magistelle or really anyone else's problem as individuals. I just want to see more of us try harder to push our quality rather than our quantity in the future, and I hope voters will be fair and not just give people higher votes because of their page count alone.

With that said, this was a great final round, and congratulations to all three of you for making it this far. You each bring a very unique style to the table, and it was a blast to see how you each interpreted each other's characters into your own style. I'm a little disappointed that throughout this whole tournament, no one really converted haret completely into their own style; she always looked basically the same as how Fern drew her, even though Fern's style was way more simplified than most of her opponents'. Maybe everyone just loved how cute she looked and didn't want to change that, but I was hoping someone would go really crazy with her when translating her into their own style.

TL;DR: Loved all three comics, congrats, and may the best comic win! But let's also try to make shorter, higher quality comics in the future so we can improve as artists and storytellers and not compromise that for simple page count. And voters, don't give someone a higher score just because their comic is longer! Sometimes keeping it shorter is better, and we need to encourage that.


# 21   Posted: Feb 23 2016, 12:47 AM
Gat damn, good show from all three of you.



# 20   Posted: Feb 22 2016, 08:05 AM
Wow. All three amazing. /applaud

Community Manager
# 19   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 09:58 PM
Holy shit Magistelle, where was all this potential hiding throughout this tournament?  You really went all out.

# 18   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 05:26 PM
Damn these comics all came out MAD Kegels

# 17   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 12:33 PM

# 16   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 11:38 AM
Holy shit.

# 15   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 09:05 AM

It's interesting how all three of these have Haret teaming up with someone. In two of them, it's "get Haret out of the way first." In those it's like (Mortal Kombat voice) FINISH HER and then (Mortal Kombat voice) FINISH HIM, but then for Haret's entry the theme is (Mortal Kombat voice) FRIENDSHIP.

(And THEN ((Mortal Kombat Voice))  FINISH HIM)

I like how, to the end, Haret has been doing something different. Befriending and having a Magical Friendship for You with Mortido, of all people, and then bringing in Gumshoe as the climactic villain-type! That really is taking the third option, going by what others have been doing.

Even in black and white, Choleric delivers, but I think Mortido's a victim of timing. Mortido had such a big climactic finale-like match last round, and now the real finale feels more like a denouement at a time when Magistelle is going full-force climactic final battle, complete with format and forth wall breaking, a touch of  animation, a cameo from every participant, and even a little epilogue!

 I love that after all that, after that peek into Gumshoe's true self, we're reminded that he has a home and a loving wife to return to. It's such a great touch! And OH those ARE teeth! But they're upper teeth! Last match I thought those dark things were a massive underbite. Also, I am going page 12 looking for all the gag characters you had to draw being serious and DYING OF LAUGHTER.

Fred v2.0.1
# 14   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 08:08 AM
AH. Well this was a fucking worthy finale. Bella good job guys. I like how both jong and magistelle used harets fourth wall powers, though magistelle really owned it to a beautiful degree. I think Mortido as an actual arma threat of he wins would actually be the best thing. But really, I haven't given such high grades to a comic in a while as I did with magistelle's. It's seriously an amazing work. Slick looking, exciting, surprising, and not without a touch of heart with that wonderful tender moment at the end. Love it. I of course liked Fearns little adventure, its hecka cute, but it doesnt have much of a punch to it, which would be fine but what with that kind of competition does not favour it. Y'all did good. Yep. I'm quite pleased with this and so should you.

Cracking Skulls
Global Moderator
# 13   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 12:31 AM
Jesus CHRSIT you guys...just...holy SHIT

I'll try to critique soon just holy shit I'm in shock right now bbl

# 12   Posted: Feb 21 2016, 12:21 AM
oh god what epic shit happened ? Hard time voting, three of them were so amazing.
Fearn- cute psykedelic tale, cute colors, haret has never been so cute !
Choleric- haha morti all mafia boss, damnit bog, you damn ex machina
magistelle- THAT was epic shit grade A! reminded me of an old episode of Spawn

# 11   Posted: Feb 20 2016, 03:32 PM
the hype THE HYYYYYYYYPE !!!!!!!!

# 10   Posted: Feb 20 2016, 03:19 PM


As much as I try to avoid this as a general rule, I am afraid this comic will be enjoyed more if the previous ones were read.

# 9   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 11:11 PM
There will be SKELETONS. (They are pretty spookey)
There will be DETECTIVES. (They are pretty hardboiled)
There will be HAIR. (And it's going to get pretty hairy)

Can't wait, I love me some three way grand finals.

Global Moderator
# 8   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 01:13 PM
oh man oh man GOOD LUCK!!

Web Dev
# 7   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 12:11 PM
SORRY FOR THE SCARE! I have fixed the deadline after Fearn pointed out my mistake.

# 6   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 11:31 AM
Astro Sean: I would like a triple default


# 5   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 11:24 AM
PyrasTerran: someone

is gonna have a bad time

Nonsense! An epic finale like this needs an epic final battle song!

Community Manager
# 4   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 11:14 AM

is gonna have a bad time

# 3   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 10:35 AM
let the entrails RAIN !!!

Astro Sean
Approval Committee
# 2   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 10:13 AM
I would like a triple default

Web Dev
# 1   Posted: Feb 14 2016, 10:09 AM

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