Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 / Victor "The Chessman" Kin vs. Speed Death

Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 / Victor "The Chessman" Kin vs. Speed Death

Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 — Victor "The Chessman" Kin vs. Speed Death

by Rikun

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by Jack

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Critiques & Comments
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# 9   Posted: Jan 23 2016, 03:19 PM

Jack: I don't even. I don't even remotely. Them Photoshops skills also wth this was beautifully out of the box I think possibly makes it my fave comic of the tourney (so far). Haha I can't even put a sentence together this is how much this blew my mind hahaha

Jetty Jay
# 8   Posted: Jan 22 2016, 05:17 PM
RIKUN: A great effort - I think it might have been better for you to tighten up your lines rather than adding tones because it would have helped with some clarity on the second page especially. There is some great composition here and the pay off with the joke is great too. Just again would have been nice to see more time put into stuff like anatomy etc. Tones are pretty stuff that help clarity along but when speed is the name of the game you gotta pick what's going to make it look most finished and aah you really could have done without your base sketch showing through. Careful with your bubbles as well as the text is coming up towards the edge of them. As far as story goes this was lacking, because the characters felt a bit one dimensional - Speed Death is a weird character so it's OK you don't know quite how to handle him, but Chessman keeps one expression the whole time and is just a bit boring on the whole. Still a good showing from you!

JACK: Man I don't really know how to crit your comics so well because they're so different from what I'm used to. If anything I would say that while the text fits what you're trying to do, it's a bit of a struggle to read at times. It also took me a bit to get what was going on with the chessboard animation if only because as far as iconography goes, it's more common and expected to see it from a player perspective ie. moving vertically rather than horizontally. This character's a lot of fun and so bizarre, and the way you do the collage is just really great. The absurdism of it is just really good, great work.

Field Marshal Lionel Forsythe W. Underwood XIII, GBE
# 7   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 09:00 PM
Rikun, though the comic feels rushed and lacking in several panels, your adroit decision to bank on the joke was a good move. If this was a bit more polished then it would really shine. Still a bloody good show of force on the first round.

Jack, the collage you gave us reminded me articles in new Mad Magazine, and I would not be surprised if you indeed worked for Alfred E. Neuman. I would say, at this juncture, to go beyond the boundaries and really push this to breaking point and surprise us more with work.

Up and at 'em laddies! Jolly good show!

# 6   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 03:29 PM
RIKUN - nice comic man!! I actually think this is one of your stronger ones, a bit messy, sure, but the story itself was funny and the pun was great. I think you did a good job with this :)

JACK - Nice comic as well, I was unsure how well you'd pull off the photo collage comic but it worked. I think maybe the chess animation panel could have lingered a little bit longer on the final frame just to make it easier to digest since it goes by so quickly (then again sometimes gifs love to go way faster on my comp so IDK). Either way nice job!

# 5   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 12:36 PM
Light Speed Critique: Rikun, I know how hard it is trying to draw a LOT of figures on a page, but a lot of your chess guys ended up looking more like "drawing goes here" storyboard figures instead of actual pieces. Jack, a few of the panel border lines get lost with either text bubbles or the panel underneath. also some of the chess pieces are standing on different color squares between panels, but don't appear to be moving. Normally not a factor, but this is chess so it caught my eye.

# 4   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:55 AM
Oh my gosh, Jack. Speed Death is a thing of beauty. I can't fathom how anyone stands a chance.

Rikun, that twist was a valiant effort to match Speed Death's level of... speed.... death. I'm glad you got that joke in while you could. Don't forget that glasses are flat and sit on front of the face. Even most glasses-for-eyes cartoon characters may drop out of that that mode for a profile or 3/4 rear view.

# 3   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 06:49 AM
Rikun - Despite the sketchiness, the cartoony look is a lovely fit for you, I think. Though I must admit I din't care for much else. The twist at the end is cute, but in a way that felt a bit forced.

Jack - Truly unmatched in its beauty. Its absurdity is pushed far enough to work while still keeping a solid foundation. I love it, I can't even words for it.

# 2   Posted: Jan 17 2016, 11:12 AM

Approval Committee
# 1   Posted: Jan 17 2016, 10:54 AM

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