Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 / ophelia vs. Tree

Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 / ophelia vs. Tree

Light Speed Death Tournament, Round 1 — ophelia vs. Tree

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Community Manager
# 17   Posted: Jan 22 2016, 10:05 PM
Bodega: I freakin' love this comic, if this approach is what speaks to you then just keep it up full speed ahead! I'm not a fan of the first panel because it looks incomplete compared to the others, and I'm not a fan of the setup of page 2 with the shot of the fetus on the right, I don't feel that was necessary

GPS: You're the master of short comic stories in few pages so I bet this tournament is your element. This comic was entertaining enough, I guess, but I would have really liked you to do more with the plot, you had two whole other pages you could have added crazy twists and turns into it

# 16   Posted: Jan 22 2016, 07:17 AM
Bodega Negra: WHOOAAAAA MY MIND IS SO BLOWN THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND EXPERIMENTAL AND I LOVE IT SQUEEEEEEE. Though I feel art needs maybe some tightening up in some places? Like it kinda feels a bit like illustrations in 80s magazines, this sorta color distorted print quality. But maybe that is a good thing?

GeePee: hah this was HILARS! Neat little scene! I am impressed you managed a ONE pager (personally I think this is a lot harder than a 3 pager :>)

Field Marshal Lionel Forsythe W. Underwood XIII, GBE
# 15   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:22 PM
Bodega, it is rare to see artist muster up the courage to take the road less taken. I love the collage sort of artstyle, intricately supplemented by the wonderful nib work on tracing paper. To take art and transport it into a sequential storytelling mode is wonderfully piquant. While most people would appeal to the senses with their comics, your appeals to the soul. Wonderfully philosophical, this reads like a treatise on life and death. My only qualm is the first panel on the first page, while the following panels have the sense of being complete, the first one lacks a sort of strength present with what follows after. I salute your efforts and hope one day to cross pens with you on the site.

Geeps, your progress on the site is astounding enough and coupled with this sense of storytelling, I can safely say you are on the right track. The humour itself that you have shown here cracked me up badly that I was reduced to tears of joy. Use more line with variation or squeeze in details in your backgrounds, and the world will be more engaging.

Top drawer work from both of you. Pukka.

# 14   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 06:16 PM
reading back I think my original comment was also a bit too 'not a comic' when I totally didn't mean it that way! Just to clarify for you Bodega, I really wish I could have seen all of these on a single page side by side, as if they were hanging on a wall, because I want to jump back and forth between then when viewing and each time I've gotta click instead.

# 13   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 05:23 PM
Im glad people are enjoying the joke!

Bodega, I love your experimental style here. It took me a bit of piecing together, but i was able to figure out what was happening while i was reading. Funny enough, my initial script had Ophelia as Tree's origin haha. Its super cool you went with a more abstract storytelling method here, even if it was a little hard to read. I also love that pop your inks have! Are you inking on tracing paper? Whatever you're doing, its giving your work an interesting sense of depth.

Global Moderator
# 12   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 04:34 PM
More like a gallery of similarly themed pictures than a comic itself..

(that's a comic)

I was JUST about to say that. XD

BODEGA- I can't stop staring at your pages. Its the most artfully done sequence of life coming to the fore at the expense of something as mundane as a tree. Everything, from the colors to your brushwork and even the harvested images really give me almost Dave Mckean vibes. Considering your character, getting set up with tree is a rather fitting opponent. I'll echo the kudos on being experimental. Voiders tend to all fall into a comfort zone of comicking, so its great to see a deviation from that.

GEEPS- Dude. DUDE. I raised an eyebrow. Heck, I raised both eyebrows when I saw you submitted a page, but Ttere's a reason we all died laughing when you shared this single page. Holy crap, I did not see this coming and i love things I can't see coming. More of this plz.

Jetty Jay
# 11   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 03:52 PM
BODEGA: I had a big chat with a friend of mine from the local comic scene about abstract comics and this is hardly the most abstract thing I've seen compared to some of the stuff he brought up haha. I did like this a lot though could have pushed things like moving from line art to something more fully formed to really get those concepts going. As Charlie mentioned, would have liked to have seen a stronger representation of Ophelia but I get the sense that this is her birth at the cost of the tree. Love that you have taken this risk and the art throughout it beautiful even if the sense of story is hard to grasp at and it is still a bit out of my ball park to crit properly.

GEEPS: Dude, hilarious. I love the little bit of toning you managed to get in at the climax as well which really set off the joke properly. Your inks are nice but could be cleaner/simpler in the face to push the expressions properly. A really well executed one page gag though.

This matchup is great I love how different the comics are.

# 10   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 03:03 PM
BODEGA - I really liked this. At first I was put off from it because its so experimental its almost alienating but I got the concept of life and death, and the birth of new life from death and I feel like it worked really well in its own weird way. I am not sure if having things be that obscure will help you in the long run of a tourney, but considering the opponent the concept was good. The only thing is where is your character?

GPS - funny comic but I am not sure how far the joke can be pushed. It was a simple, funny comic though. Not really much to say about just one page haha. Good inks tho those have improved a TON dude!!

Web Dev
# 9   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 12:39 PM
More like a gallery of similarly themed pictures than a comic itself..

(that's a comic)

# 8   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 11:38 AM
Light Speed Critique: Bodega, as minteh mentioned, while beautiful and interesting, this kind of lacked any sense of sequence, at least until the very end when the baby was crying. More like a gallery of similarly themed pictures than a comic itself. A lot of potential, just in 15 different directions. GPS, Considering the tree is the character and in every panel, the texture you applied to it doesn't give it a real sense of depth within itself. it ends up looking rather flat without an indication of roundness or curvature in the trunk.

# 7   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 09:44 AM
@bodega: As much as I love the artwork that you've put up here, it feels more like an art show ewhere each illustration is a unique piece with an overall theme.  I almost feel you could have benefitted from the 'lefred' clauise, and included these side by side on a single sheet so they could be looked at all at once, because I think they suffer a lot from being separated.  I wanna say that I don't have beef with what you turned in, I think it's rad as heck, and it's something so unique on the site which is amazing, but I do think it's a little too weak when it comes to clarity.

@Geeps: hot shit, dude! if i was gonna critique anything, that anatomy on Zeus in the last panel feels a little smushed.  We all love a good butt now and then, but in order to show it off he looks a little crooked.

Fred v2.0.1
# 6   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:53 AM
Experiment is risk, it takes some guts to do and it's worth it. You might not get exactly what you want, but you tried something cool and hopefully learned something from it.

# 5   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:46 AM
SUPER ARSTY FARtsy. I should have shown this more. So you all can understand it without
An in depth explanation. It was fun to do. And I just wanted to try some unconventional form of story telling
In comic art.

# 4   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:45 AM
Yeah I know what you mean :(. I went the reall abstract route
I wanted to create, Ophelia's creation story.
Basically..her mother (unknown and not said) laid her fertilized
Eggs on a tree. In the same way a frog lays it's frog spawn. I do not show this in the comic
But show you instead the eggs and Ophelia developing
From a fetus to a baby. The egg is like a parasite on a tree. So as she grows and
Developes she is sucking the nutrients|lifeforce out of the tree. At the end, she finishes her
Growth and falls off from the tree to begin her life , while the tree shatters and dies.

Fred v2.0.1
# 3   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 08:00 AM
Bodega - I have not one clue what is going on, but it looks hella cool...

GPS - Man, I knew this would be tournament for you. You got short and sweet down to a science, dude. Good stuff.

# 2   Posted: Jan 21 2016, 07:49 AM
it's a tree. A TREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Iced Tea
# 1   Posted: Jan 17 2016, 10:02 AM

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