Prettiest Princess Tournament, Round 1 / Princess Nikto vs. Princess Aurelia VII

Prettiest Princess Tournament, Round 1 / Princess Nikto vs. Princess Aurelia VII

Prettiest Princess Tournament, Round 1 — Princess Nikto vs. Princess Aurelia VII

by Gregly

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Wei Ingnan
# 20   Posted: Jun 17 2013, 09:29 AM
Gregly-Unfortunately that isn't how this signed up and commited yourself to a tourney that had the potential to take weeks until were given a slot over somone else....and now you have been voted by the audience as having won this will move forward because the community says you won fair and square.....if you default because you failed to properly gauge your schedule or for whatever reason then that is on you....and it is no different than any of the default wins that took place this round.

# 19   Posted: Jun 16 2013, 11:55 AM
edit- if by chance i win, i'd like tdk to go through instead! i doubt i could make a comic next week and i dont want to default...!

Thanks for the reviews everyone! I hope I'll be able to stay at this level and be able to ink next time I do a comic.

Tdk: this was amazing! You made my aliens seem so cool and organized, haha. I personally think the vibrant colors worked great, it gave the comic a cool sci fi feel and I don't feel like they distracted me from what was going on at all. When I saw how much thought you put into making the baradans really believable it made me wish I had made Aurelia more interesting in mine!

# 18   Posted: Jun 14 2013, 01:16 PM
Gregly: I know everyone said nice pencils, but I think your use of red pencil could be done a bit more uniformly. You're not really using the red pencils as shadows, but more like a fill-in color. If you plan to do that, shade more evenly, like using the side of the pencil in an even pressure and stroke. When you shade tip from tip of the pencil, you get visible lines--if that was your intention, then be a bit more careful not to shade outside your graphite lines or don't concentrate little 'bumps' of red on even surfaces of the picture. If your red was actually clean underdrawing, there is an option in Photoshop that will get rid of all red colors from your linework via color channels or select color range.

TDK: You have conflicting, contrasting, and complimenting colors all in a boiling pot. Sometimes the colors work really well for the mood, and sometimes I'm not sure what kind of mood the colors are bringing. Everyone has talked about your colors, I think you should just experiment. If you're using something like photoshop, you can change the hue of the color very easily and see other color palates like that. On another note, if you're using a program that can use layers upon layers, you can overlap colors on top of layers, so you don't need to get precise on the edges (that actually leads to jaggy or white edges, visible in your comic).

Field Marshal Lionel Forsythe W. Underwood XIII, GBE
# 17   Posted: Jun 14 2013, 08:31 AM
Gregy my dear boy, your animation background really shines and it was a bally good read. I do wish you had time to ink this, but steady on and hold firm and through. Besides that I have no complaints, if this was coloured and ink I'm sure t'would be a spiffing little gem.

Ten Dead Kings my friend, I must concur with what the others have said. The colours do seem a bit off even to a person such as I who can't even see colours properly. If you were going for the old comic colouring style I would suggest getting yourself the palette of the old comic colors which are readily available online. Perhaps next time you can devote a little more time to little details but at the same time not forgetting the story and the lineart. I do say this because I feel that some panels seem a little threadbare. Bally well fought.

Chip chip you two!

Community Manager
# 16   Posted: Jun 13 2013, 05:00 PM
Gregly: Nice pencils it's a shame you couldn't finish. But I don't understand page 7's "snap", did she take control of her or something?

Tdk: Great job here! Except for the colors, you probably could have done just fine without them. I like this story, it feels like it has more weight.

Great job both of y'all

# 15   Posted: Jun 13 2013, 11:25 AM
Gregly            -

              Everyone else is saying it, but I need to say it too; just lovely pencils dude. Your forms have gotten so strong, and I really like how much you push foreground, middle-ground, background throughout the comic, it's really dynamic. I sort of wish you hadn't relegated clouds to only-background status, and had brought some  into the middle and fore-grounds, but that might be a silly thing to say, considering what you have works so well.

TDK           -

            I don't really like the your color choices, and often I didn't like how you used your colours. I think your art has never been stronger, both line-art and forms, it's incredibly exciting and I feel like the colour detracts from how good you've gotten. Like the black and white pages 2 and 3 were so strong, and I really loved the balance between black and white on those pages.

           However, the second panel on the first page got me really interested in what you could do with colour. I like the idea of using your color for shadows and drawing attention, letting the white of the page show through for light. Kind of like the way Ashley wood does the Tank Girl and Metal Gear comics.

           I thought the dialogue and story worked really well, and it was totally something I didn't expect.  I got the whole " Forbidden science" thing early, and it was great to see it play out. If Aurelia is supposed to be like the monstrous antagonistic force though, I think you could've really played up how scary she is, maybe just have her delight in the battle more. I don't know if that fits with her WARRIOR OF JUSTICE stuff though, haha.

They're both great stories guys, I hate to either of you go down.

# 14   Posted: Jun 12 2013, 07:48 PM
Gregly - I like the cityscape in the last page of the comic.  However, a little more detail would make them really great.

TDK - The environments would really work with more details on them.  Also, I liked how Aurelia took the Nikito's army by surprise.

Good effort and stories you two.  Hope to see more of you guys.

# 13   Posted: Jun 12 2013, 01:23 AM
Gregly: Your pencils are impressively clean and crisp, readabiltity is good and the story is entertaining with an ominous ending; Ink would really have pulled this comic up another level, but with these 1week deadlines I can understand you not getting around to do "everything". Solid effort stil :)

TDK: I'm not sure if I like the coloring or not; It looks awesome and creates a great mood in some panels (page 8 & 9 are great!) but looks a bit off other places (such as the last page, page 6&7) - my opinion anyways :) I liked the story and how you showed more of Niktos "side", expanding on the alien race and their spaceships, really creating a believable environment for your comic

Ten Dead Kings
# 12   Posted: Jun 11 2013, 09:24 PM
Actually I was planning to do this completely in black and white as I usually do, but reaching page 3 I got the sudden urge to color since I actually got stumped on how to continue with that. Also since I have almost zero skill in coloring I thought I'd set a limit of no more than 3 eye-searing colors (not counting black and grey) per panel, just because.

As for the story I really just thought that "let's have Nikto recount her final moments like a doomed H.P. Lovecraft protagonist," so Aurelia had to be the implacable monster with unclear motivations just tearing up shit. The dialogue was a purely deliberate choice though considering the source material I took inspiration from.

Gregly: goddamn man, I really wish you'd get an assistant or something to help you finish because your comic is great. I did get confused for a minute when Nikto used the pincer things since it kinda got lost in the details.

# 11   Posted: Jun 11 2013, 04:30 PM
Gregly: Love how you draw and every design is really cool and adorable. Inked would have been nice, but the story is still fun and the ending with the princesses was a nice touch to pull it together with everyone. As a story, I liked yours better.


TDK: Your choice of colors really help the scenes and I can tell you really tried with all of the details for inking. The minimal colors are a good choice to focus on the action with but get the mood down, but I felt a little bogged down with the dialog (did like the story though, maybe edit it down?).

Anyways, these were cool to see finished and good luck to both of you!

Web Dev
# 10   Posted: Jun 11 2013, 03:05 PM
Hahah I just realized this is the second time you two have gone up against each other first round of a tourney. Oh, irony.

gregly: I'm always a fan of your work, as you surely know. It would be cool to have an inked comic, but man your pencils are some of the most beautiful pencils I've seen. I would have at least cleaned up a bit more around your lettering, though, because the red made it hard to read. I guess that's about all I've got, because I just loved it. Bonus points for showing so many other princesses.

TDK: I really enjoyed how you portrayed gregly's characters, but I was disappointed in how your portrayed your own. I don't know anything new about Princess Aurelia, although it's clear you plan on revealing more in the future. I found the colors odd, and I'm not quite sure what I think about them. They give it a kind of oldies sci-fi comic vibe, which is fun, and if that's what you were going for, then sweet! Well done. I look forward to more from you in the future!

Fred v2.0.1
# 9   Posted: Jun 11 2013, 10:31 AM
TDK that was a pretty good comic, man! I disagree with Ben, I think the grandiose dialogue is part of the charm and it wouldn't have the same flavour without it. It even matches the ridiculously saturated colours, which you used in a nice way. There are some ackward places, like when she's punching the ship in page 3, her face is all cramped up in the corner of her face like it's trying to hide in her shoulder, but there are some great looking bits like those three panels in page 4 where she's falling into space. Overall it's really fun and I liked how you gave Nikto a heroic death.

Gregly your comic looks nice, especially the movement is just great. I just feel like there wasn't much happening, which is sad because we all know you can write great comics. Also it took a second read to understand the bomb thing; I feel that when she kicks the little ship towards the egg, not enough emphasis is put on that little ship and the action lines get lost in the clouds and whatnot and I thought it was just the explosion lines or that the thing she planted was actually the egg? Anyway, I get it now, but it could have been better highlighted. Overall, it totally wasn't a bad comic, but it didn't really do it for me.

The Bent One
# 8   Posted: Jun 11 2013, 10:05 AM
GREGLY: As always, your style is charming, even when you are killing princesses with lazers. I Really want to see this stuff inked and colored, but with one week, this is an awesome battle.

TDK: I'm glad you could get some basic colors in, it really helps pop out the important objects. I think you should take some time and work on your anatomy and expressions, as they still feel very wooden. As for the story, I feel the dialogue might be a bit too grandiose, but it still flows fairly well. And there aren't too many ways of proving how badass you are than surviving getting dropped out of orbit.

( I also read these two while listening to Zombies Ate My Neighbors by Schoolboy. IT TWAS AWESOME. I recommend listening to that for Gregly's battle and some Pendulum for TDK's battle. )

Ten Dead Kings
# 7   Posted: Jun 10 2013, 11:24 PM
Uploaded! I have no custom thumbnails, so I request blank thumbnails in the color of the most eye-searingly neon yellow you can get.

Also mood music for the comic:

# 6   Posted: Jun 10 2013, 05:53 PM
Uploaded...! Now I'm gonna sleep for a couple days.

# 5   Posted: Jun 5 2013, 07:31 AM
this is gonna be really fun good luck dudes

# 4   Posted: Jun 3 2013, 07:25 PM
Best paired characters in the tourney! Give it your all, guys.

# 3   Posted: Jun 3 2013, 12:07 PM

# 2   Posted: Jun 3 2013, 11:48 AM
Yes... YES!

Ten Dead Kings
# 1   Posted: Jun 3 2013, 11:05 AM

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