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Intro Story / May Wu

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Web Dev
# 6   Posted: Nov 2 2012, 08:33 AM
Müs Lee: Try some of the good free fonds on

Seriously. Some good ones are Anime Ace, Digital Strip, and LetterOMatic!

Mister Kent
# 5   Posted: Nov 1 2012, 12:39 PM
I'll echo what the others said about rushed backgrounds and the need to find a better bubble/font technique. That said, I see some improvement from you Video. I like your choice of angles, especially on page 2. That top panel is really cute! The whole concept of battle chef is interesting.

Also, I really have to give you credit for your attractive character designs--very charming with a lot personality. Looking forward to more.

# 4   Posted: Oct 31 2012, 10:59 PM
Yeah, i'm really bad with my drawings and leaning. I usually double check by  mirroring like P. Pocky was suggesting. I guess it slipped my mind this time, sorry. I'm a little surprised it was accepted. I regretted hitting the submit button immediately.

I'm REALLY happy you guys like the story (the small tid bit that it is). You all got me excited to start challenging the Wu's. :D

# 3   Posted: Oct 31 2012, 01:38 PM
This reminds me of my parents trying to teach me how to cook. I love this story, just wonderful. Some of your pictures are leaning a little too much in one direction. I'm not sure if you're doing that on purpose, but make sure you're staring that your drawing directly at it instead of at an angle (or else all the drawing's perspective would be skewed). You can always flip the picture horizontally (see it in the mirror, or flip the page and see it in the light), and see if you notice anything strange.

# 2   Posted: Oct 31 2012, 09:38 AM
Mus pretty much covered everything I was going to say, so I'll just add on one minor nitpick: While some parts of your comic are very clean linework-wise, there's other bits of the comic that look rushed, such as the backgrounds or anything that's not in the foreground. I know that you can do super polished work, so make sure to take the time to nail down your linework and compositions.

That said, I like cooking battle themed anything, so I look forward to seeing what the Wu Clan does.

# 1   Posted: Oct 31 2012, 06:18 AM
That was a sweet read, i`m looking forward to see more from you!

It seems like you have some issues with posing and perspective, as your people tend to lean in different directions like they are drunk or falling.

But was bothers me more are your speech-bubbles.
The squares look synthetic, like a computer or machine.
You can tell something about a person, just trough the shape of their speach-bubbles.
Also your fond... it looks like you are writing a book, or a letter.
Try some of the good free fonds on

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