Invitational Tournament 2010: Round 1 / Six and the Hat vs. Shawn and Dexter

Invitational Tournament 2010: Round 1 / Six and the Hat vs. Shawn and Dexter

Invitational Tournament 2010: Round 1 — Six and the Hat vs. Shawn and Dexter

by wade

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by Enef

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Critiques & Comments
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# 25   Posted: Aug 9 2010, 03:28 AM
Grats and GL in future matches Wade!

# 24   Posted: Aug 6 2010, 01:41 PM
Echoing what has been said already:

Wade: I know I’m probably one of the worst people to be saying this but: quality over quantity man. Ten pages is too much if this is gonna be the result.

Enef: When I started making comics, I had a real problem with finishing stuff. I would always have a change of heart halfway through and start doubting myself. Then I’d try and restart. Then I’d say fuck it and give up. You’re gonna improve waaaaay more if you just power through it and get ‘r done. Honestly man, what do you think would have gotten you a better score? This comic incomplete, or your original story finished?

# 23   Posted: Aug 6 2010, 07:34 AM
What needs to be said has already been said!
So, uh. I liked where you were going, wade. It was hard to understand through all the sketchiness but I noted a lot of intriguing panels.

Enef. I admit I was disappointed. But what can ya do, eh?
Hope to see more stuff in the future from both of yous!

# 22   Posted: Aug 4 2010, 07:42 AM
@kuro hehehe. I'm using cheap cover stock where a ream cost like 5 bucks. The blue lines are just a template printed from the Internet. Don't worry I'm cheap. And yeah I realize that backgrounds are an important part of storytelling but I was talking more about pacing.  I did intend on putting them in but as you can see I ran out of time on everything.  The figure is my strong point so I was focused more on using that as a place holder for me to come back and define the rest of the panel when I got into penciling. Which never happened because of poor time management. I will do better next time. Promise.

# 21   Posted: Aug 4 2010, 05:52 AM
Wade, blowing up messy thumbnails isn't going to help us understand what was supposed to happen. Shorter & more concise next time. Quality over quantity. Also, while it's good to show off, I'd recommend using the pricey paper for your other stuff. Void will get expensive for you if you keep using bluelined stuff. Besides, the whole purpose of that paper is to block out how much room you have need for print pages. Here, it's whatever size you need. Look into getting the plain blank bristol. Should be cheaper & easier to come by. Worried about how you went about scanning the images though. Even on the further along pages it's more on the messy side. Also backgrounds. I don't get this "focus on story" bs because they're as much of the story as the characters. Setting plays a role in establishing a world & grounding your story in some sort of context. Do better next time.

Enef, it's unwise to change horses mid stream with a week to work. The anatomy was weird & there were a lot of convenient angles. Since it's the most complete, I'll talk about it but from a compositional standpoint, that first page is atrocious. Everything's floating to the left instead of pushing us toward the next page. The letter is off center & awkward against the white. And the way the panels hang over it, not good.

Next time, guys. Next time.

# 20   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 12:38 PM
This is tough.  Hope you guys can dust off and really give it next time.

wade - I can see bits of tastiness in your art here and there, but that second half is a mess.  No idea what's going on.  I would be hesitant to post thumbnails again, they don't really add to your battle as a whole.

Enef - Having a change of heart in the middle of battle can be devastating.  Especially with such a tight deadline, it would be best to just power thru and keep going.  I think a lot of people here would say that this is all more about practice than perfection.  And don't be too hard on yourself!  You may be disappointed, but we've all had these moments.  Like I said before, dust off and be stronger for it.

GL to both of you, greatly looking forward to what you guys have in store in the future!

# 19   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 10:44 AM
I definitely agree with a lot of what has been said. Namely the backgrounds and time management. I think for me those two kinda went hand in hand. I put off backgrounds to focus on story telling and page design but then I ran out of time to finish either.

# 18   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 08:52 AM
Don't worry about excuses, guys- we know that stuff happens. Don't spend a page apologizing for your work, let the work speak for itself! It looks like you both need to work on your time management- you look like you had the beginnings of great round comics, but they needed a lot more time.

# 17   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 08:46 AM
Nathan Firth: I tried to shoot for as low a page count as possible and having to restart kicked me in the ass, really. All i can do is apoligise profusely for being a failure to those that expected so much of me ^^

More drawing, less excuses.

# 16   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 03:55 AM
I'm going to have to agree with Phillip C on this.

I sincerely want to see more work from the both of you, though. You guys haven't displayed a lack of skill, just a lack of time management. With the right attitudes, I think you both could make some excellent stuff.

# 15   Posted: Aug 2 2010, 02:23 AM
I tried to shoot for as low a page count as possible and having to restart kicked me in the ass, really. All i can do is apoligise profusely for being a failure to those that expected so much of me ^^

# 14   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 11:49 PM
First round I read in this tourney. OK, lemme say again, welcome to the arena you two! Now for the hard part, me hopeful that you two will accept my critique no matter how much of a dick I can be.

Wade: I skimmed, I skimmed everything dude, I just looked at the pages, and I had to force myself to keep reading. You have the drive, but yeah, go for the minimum, even if it's a standard meet up and fight formula, keep it short and simple, and never ever put quantity ahead of quality! I scored you insanely low dude, but with a longer battle next time, you could maybe fit in the time to polish up your next comic should you chose to do another battle. Right now though, I can't say anything else I'm afraid until I see another round from ya.

Enef: Did I just see the words "Competitive gaming?" Geez... well, this is all fun and games dude, but I'm sure you could of finished up 3 pages within 7 days. Anyway, like Wade's, I didn't read this, I skimmed and looked at the images, I'm not very impressed dude. Reorganize your schedule and find some time to finish shit up. Low scores as well I'm afraid.

Despite me being an ass, I do hope you two continue to make more comics and improve over time, but it's all up to the two of you for whether or not this happens.

# 13   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 09:16 PM
it is true, forgot to say it: anything is better than a default. Some may consider it only a little better; some a whole lot better, but defiantly better

# 12   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 09:13 PM
I was actually sort of disappointed reading this, sorry guys! Hopefully whoever moves on will be able to get a finished comic out, I wanted to see where these would go/what they'd turn into but they are just incomplete =(

Everyone else has said what needed to be said I guess, better luck next round :)

# 11   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 08:59 PM
I think Crimson summed it up. This was kind of a learning experience for a lot of us I'm sure, and there's a psychological tendency (this is real stuffs, I forget the word but you can look it up!) for people to assume a task will take less time than it actually does, particularly when it's something they've never done before. I think that's what's happening here. When I first started scripting my comic I was thinking "this story should be short enough I'll have just enough time to draw it, refine it a little, and then color it". I was wrong. Just work on managing your time a bit better and leave yourself a day or so worth of "oh shit, I'm out of time, half to pull together an ending RIGHT MEOW" time.

# 10   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 08:59 PM
Glad to see no defaults with you guys! Definitely have to go with "some show is better than no show." Better dead than defaulting!

I can see that Wade got hella ambitious with this and it definitely came to bite you in the ass. But what you had seemed like it'd be a fun read if it was finished. Try to make things more concise, and show what you can inside the panels you have to work with-- being able to tell most of the story with the drawings is hard, but if you can do it, it's much more effective than making so many pages of text.

Enef tried to do something more simple, and again, it looks like unfamiliarity with the time limit haunted you. But it's a good show and I like the punchline-- implying that Pico trained them for the tournament was pretty funny. Sentient scarves abound!

For both of you, I'd suggest working on backgrounds. It may seem extraneous or time consuming, but it can tell a lot about the setting that you wouldn't need to explain otherwise. Even if it's the sketchiest BG ever, if we can see what it is, it'll help us understand the story a lot easier.

Good luck to whoever wins!

# 9   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 08:48 PM
Well, at one of you will have another shot to balance ambition with practicality in the next round.

# 8   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 07:00 PM
Hey I just got my "pages" uploaded.  They're mad incomplete.  But I figured some show was better than a no show.

Now I see why everyone was saying to shoot for the minimum.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

# 7   Posted: Aug 1 2010, 02:40 PM
Uploaded, had to do some last minute rushing to get finished due to fucked up work schedules/scheduling details with competitive gaming. etcetcetc

excuses excuses excuses, This was the most anticlimactic first battle ever and i fully failed on it. Apologies on that respect.

Hopefully i can do another battle sometime soon that makes up for this.

There was going to be an epic fight between the two between pages 2 and 3, then they were gonna make up etc.

Unfortunately work and commitments got the better of me and a single week deadline pushed me over the edge.

Doesn't help i had to start over again halfway through the week ^^

GLHF in the rest of the tourney Wade.

# 6   Posted: Jul 26 2010, 10:40 AM
Cool. I've seen you around WFA Enef, welcome here. Look forward to seeing your stuff Wade!

# 5   Posted: Jul 26 2010, 02:15 AM

# 4   Posted: Jul 25 2010, 11:34 PM
Welcome to void you two, just remember to do your best, the minimum is a mere 3 pages too! And yes I am going to say this to everybody.

# 3   Posted: Jul 25 2010, 09:32 PM
This is like a tag-team match. CRAZY!

# 2   Posted: Jul 25 2010, 09:19 PM
Very good matchup! haha

# 1   Posted: Jul 25 2010, 08:55 PM
Somehow the talking clothes intersect in round 1.

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