Mortido vs. Kuma

Mortido vs. Kuma

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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# 22   Posted: Sep 4 2009, 01:26 PM
Awesome work!
Jong- I loved your attention to detail! This is beautifully done! However, I would have liked more color and contrast in your work.
Gregos- your detail slays me! A++++ artwork! Also, I enjoyed your panel design and page flow a whole lot (like page 3 with the skull-supa!). I would have liked to see more variation in tone but it definitely stands on its own.

# 21   Posted: Aug 23 2009, 02:44 PM
Jong-I love the direction that your art has been taking, the washes came out very lovely on this. But there are times where I think you should have some more variations in your tones. Like the very first panel of the first page the sky and the ground both have the same tone. The same with the building in the background and the very front of the street. There's no depth being shown with your coloring right there. Remember that the further things are in the background, the lighter they will become. Story wise I had a hard time getting into this, I feel like whenever you use Motrido your Monday influences take over and I have no idea what's going on. There was no real beginning or ending to this story, the audience was just kind of thrown into the middle of a story. The abrupt ending especially hurt you.

Gregos-As a person that grew up loving Spawn, I appreciate your details and influence. But if you look at the Spawn comics, the color is what really helps the detail from becoming overwhelming. I can understand not wanting to rely on color, but if you don't want to let all your detail become a hindrance, it's not a bad idea to try to consider using it. Incorporating the washes into the characters could have helped a lot, you also could have just incorporated more solid blacks into your work to make it less confusing. Those are but a few options you could take without having to tone down all these nice details. Like with Jong's, I didn't really get into the story. The first page felt like it wasn't really there for any reason and didn't add anything to the story, and then we're kind of just thrown into the middle of something. We don't all have to do big 20 page epic stories with lengthy beginnings, but it's very hard to pull off a story that you start in the middle. It can be done, but takes a bit of work.

# 20   Posted: Aug 23 2009, 11:55 AM
Not bad you two.

Jong: I'm going with Hux on the text as well, you've still got a lot of Monday's bad habits when it comes to it, but I'm glad that there's no crossed out words this time. The story is the thing that sorta seemed weak to me, you had a strong beginning here, but you finished it a bit too soon it seems as the ending was very anti climactic. Still though, I think you had the strongest comic of the two.

Gregos: Again, I think I'll mirror what Hux said. I really think that your characters are overly detailed, rule of thumb my friend: For each line you put on the face, the more they age. Kuma looked like he was in his early twenties in your last battle, now he looks like he's hitting 50 with how many wrinkles he has. Lighten up on the character details. Also, backgrounds, I only saw one background that was decent, but why is it every character lives in an empty worn down room that's in dire need of some new paint and some furniture not counting a bed or spiderwebs? I'm being a bit nitpicky right now, but you need more than wood paneling and scratched up details. If that's Kuma's home (kinda doubt it but I'm trying to make a point here) wouldn't he have more than just a bed? He listens to music, so give him a boom box, a TV, stereos, hell... some music band posters, tools for repairing his arm thingy, garbage in a corner, broken ceiling fan, or whatever Kuma would have. That's real details, the texture is just icing on the cake. Practice drawing a kitchen and put in the things you would have there, this is great for getting yourself into the mindset of what to put into background and foreground in a panel.

Onto the story, I do respect the comics in which an artist isn't afraid of letting their characters get their asses kicked, but this story seems too short to really establish what went down. I like the idea of Kuma waking up after having the crap beat out of him and recalls the story through what he remembers, but you only had 3 pages to really establish what had happened. Also, as Hux mentioned about the establishing shots; for all I know, Kuma fought Mortido in purgatory, and they were just fighting for the sake of fighting (classic void meet and fight scenario). The art is kick ass if a bit overly detailed, but the story is just bland and confusing.

Overall it was pretty decent, but I feel that there should of been more time put into both comics. Vote goes to Jong.

# 19   Posted: Aug 21 2009, 06:36 PM
Jong- I really liked the feel in this, in the beginning it felt like a movie. I just love how you decide to show things, like what angles you chose for each panel. Though at times I couldn't really tell what was going on, like on page 3, panel 3 and 6. The action wasn't very clear on those but I could read everything else just fine. I'm glad you went with black and white with red. All the red stood out perfectly, especially with the lazers. The story was pretty sweet, short, but it was filling, you know? It was just right. I liked that you mixed some humor into it and I actually really love how you do humor. It's really subtle and clever and, I dunno, just feels different. I don't really have much to say, but I was exicted to see this and wasn't dissapointed one bit! Nice job :3

Gregos: Impressive! Your last battle didn't bring me in so much, but with this one, well now you have my attention! haha I'm a huge fan of very detailed black and white art and I liked how you work with it. But I do agree that you need to find a way to separate the characters from each other and from the background. You could just try doing flat colors over them or perhaps try having a thin white line outlining the characters? Other than that, I did enjoy it. The story was ok but what I really liked was the ending. I wasn't excpecting that and in was a nice suprise. I'm curious to see what you do next!

Great battle!

# 18   Posted: Aug 20 2009, 07:13 PM
Jong-Nicely done. I liked the dialog. The color was exellent also. I would have liked more detail in the background, ie. clouds and sky but other than that fine job. I have you by 1.
Gregos-Extremely nice. You always amaze. I love your style. I would definitely go for it on the color dude, I know you want to. cant wait for the next.

# 17   Posted: Aug 20 2009, 07:37 AM
jong, you're really doing nice work with the washes. nice work with them & really digging the limited palette. know it was only a week but slow down on the text or if you're that pressed for time, find a comic font. but the sloppiness of it kind of stood out against the art to me. otherwise just keep tightening up. work on your foreshortening some more.

gregos, the style you have going might work better if you had colors over top to differentiate what was going on, but as is, all of the little lines & details sort of muddle together. while i'm all for super detailed work, i think you really need to dial it back a bit & optimize your lines some. also, draw a proper background; not just a wall that you detail the hell out of. where did the fight take place? there was no frame of reference.

Darius Corry
# 16   Posted: Aug 19 2009, 06:35 PM
Ive voted evenly

 both were awesome in their own way

# 15   Posted: Aug 19 2009, 02:30 PM
Great Job guys.

# 14   Posted: Aug 18 2009, 03:45 PM
Gregos, yeah the only problem was clarity, everything is detailed the same. I would suggest either thickening the contour lines to help separate forms, or detailing background elements less.

Jong, I couldn't tell what he was sitting on when the comic opened. There were some awkward anatomy issues like Mortido's legs on the bottom left panel on page two. I like the color scheme and the textures and the action

overall great job everyone!

Community Manager
# 13   Posted: Aug 18 2009, 07:29 AM
This was all very pretty art from both artists although a personal thing is that there was a lack of a story other than, that guy there hit him.  Which isn't uncommon in Void but I can't help but want story at times.
Jong this is probably the best comic I've seen you do thus far.  The gray and reds are really well done.  I like Mortido's manner of speaking, trying to sound very tough, dark and slightly poetic but at times sounding like an awkward kid.  It was fun.  Even though nothing happened, it was a cool comic.

Gregos, you've shown us that you have some impressive skill with all the detailing.  Your monsters are pretty awesome, in this case being Kuma's arm.  If I may on page 3, Mortido's arm is really impressive but I feel that up against  Kuma's body which is equally detailed, it could be a little confusing.  The arm is awesome but perhaps there could have been space between the two combatants.  Or rather this led me to the other thought, that your art could become many times more impressive with color to help differentiate objects.  Even if it's a simple pallette maybe you could try it.  Last nitpick I have is his head on the last page, the angle seems a little awkward.  

Otherwise excellent art from the both of you.

# 12   Posted: Aug 18 2009, 04:31 AM
Holy cow...

That was great. Great job, both of you.

# 11   Posted: Aug 17 2009, 09:39 PM
i must say these where pretty good ill vote later

# 10   Posted: Aug 17 2009, 07:17 PM

Community Manager
# 9   Posted: Aug 17 2009, 02:45 PM
Wow, a week came and went huh?  Time flies when life sucks.  Anyways, this should cheer me up ;-P

Darius Corry
# 8   Posted: Aug 16 2009, 08:03 AM
Battle of the Special arms.

Aluísio C. Santos
# 7   Posted: Aug 11 2009, 07:03 PM

# 6   Posted: Aug 11 2009, 07:01 PM

# 5   Posted: Aug 10 2009, 07:06 PM
Oh, really?  

Community Manager
# 4   Posted: Aug 10 2009, 06:00 PM
Wow a risktaker...or is he just that confident?  ;-D

# 3   Posted: Aug 10 2009, 05:51 PM

# 2   Posted: Aug 10 2009, 05:48 PM
i think i just shit myself

# 1   Posted: Aug 10 2009, 05:45 PM
I don't care if it's not a death match. KILL EACH OTHER >83

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