Queen of VOID 2006: Finals / Seel vs. Orange

Queen of VOID 2006: Finals / Seel vs. Orange

Queen of VOID 2006: Finals — Seel vs. Orange

by Dingo

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by Yosai

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Critiques & Comments
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# 55   Posted: Mar 4 2007, 11:22 PM
Well, Seel, it was a good way to go, unfinished business aside. The lack of completion in your comic did hurt you a lot, although there are some choices I question on the middle pages as well, but I don\'t know if they were done in haste or if it was intentional (the very bland action shot at the top of page 7 comes to mind). Some of it was damn impressive, which is what I\'ve come to expect from you, namely the build up and suspense leading up to the big dark Kreepy and the rain of blood. It\'s things like that that really make me wonder what a lengthy, full quality comic from you would look like, and just how much money you could make doing that. It\'s time for you to start gearing up for Pulpo, wouldn\'t you say?

Yosai, your entry was a treat as always. Dark and beautiful, the only thing that bothered me was the flashback of Estrella on page 15, which I felt could have been done with more subtlety. Everything else was golden, my favorite points being the initial encounter on page 4,  the absolutely STUNNING fall on page 13, and the follow-up on page 14. I have little doubt in my mind that you are indeed the Queen of Void.

# 54   Posted: Mar 4 2007, 10:59 PM
Both of you are some bad bitches. Eyecandy all over the place.

I definatly liked your sence of action and brutality. I loved that panel where Seel breaks Orange\'s arm and stabs here in the leg. Kreepy\'s re-appearance was also a good one. Great work eating those vultures, that shit was literally kreepy. You have some perspective issues with those buildings/houses wich need some touch ups. I liked the elbow and knee attack, however it lacked some dynamics or speedlines. On that last page P2\'s hand looks kinda odd, like it\'s his opposite hand. i like how you drew his face, Rtv!\'s could use some work, he looks cock eyed..maybe cuz he\'s a dickhead.
Good to see Seel finally get the upperhand over Kreepy though. I\'m not gonna compare this with precious work and shit...for a two week deadline with outside stuff going on, you did awesome!

I already asked you to marry me cuz of your colour work. Story was quite difficult to follow or i overlooked something. At some points the dynamics kinda died.
That page with all the blood is orgasmic! I love the blurry stuff. I like how you took a bit of Seel\'s previous fight where she gives Phil the cold scream unintentionally. That part was awesome where Seel got into Kreepy\'s world...i didnt get it at first but as i kept on viewing it made sence to me.

 Fukk this \"i don\'t know who to vote on\" shit. People talk about it like it\'s a poll. I voted according to my opinion and how i felt reading these....wich i don\'t remember cuz i voted last week, lol
Awesome fukking work gals.

I want to fight both of you soon. (not at the same time, that threesome would kill me)

# 53   Posted: Mar 1 2007, 11:09 AM
Hmmm... I guess I\'m with Kure too on this, this battle was good, but not enough to really get that \"Wow factor\" out of me.

Seel: Everybody has said what they needed to say and you\'re accepting it which I\'m glad you\'re doing. But I think the only thing wrong with your human faces is that you\'re making them too long. Like 4am\'s shrapnel girl long. You do draw a good face but you need to bring the nose and the lips up to make it look way better. Storywise I wasn\'t as impressed but you at least had something there. I do wish you\'d give your character\'s more weaknesses though, weaknesses make a character more intresting!

Yosai: I honestly liked your art alot better than seel\'s, but I\'m with the majority in saying that this comic didn\'t make much sence. I felt like I was looking at a Japanese teaser trailer that has the one big fight, the dynamic narritive that provides some story and clips of unnessisary scenes that just seemed to clutter up what was really going on. Other than that it was pretty good, though I kinda feel like it\'s out of my character\'s personality to lecture somebody who got hurt after a fight since he\'s had his ass kicked one too many times.

I voted you both evenly, no bias from me either. Good luck to the winner.

# 52   Posted: Feb 28 2007, 01:16 PM
Lmao, *dig not did. Sorry \'bout that.

# 51   Posted: Feb 28 2007, 01:16 PM
Seel- as always, I did your art. <3 You put such lovely details into your work, it makes me drool. As for the story, you did waaaay overpower Yosai\'s character. She didn\'t have a chance to breath, let alone get a hit in. For that, I gotta deduct some Entertainment and Creativity. I\'d like to have seen a bit more of an actual \"fight\" there. ;)

Yosai- Your work is beautiful, those painted panels really give you a unique style. It\'s a pleasure to look at, especially the background in page 4. That got me grounded. Some of your panels could really use a bit more detail, though- or some higher contrast. Uhmmm hmm... sorry, I\'d give better details but I\'m a bit pressed for time atm. XD; Your story was okay, I enjoyed it. You get my vote.

Great job the both of you. Props to all!

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 50   Posted: Feb 28 2007, 12:14 AM
Amen to that.

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 49   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 02:46 PM

ANYONE who doesnt have a constructive crit for these fights presented HERE by THESE artists, or who isnt adding anything thats USEFUL or IMPORTANT in ANY WAY, will have appropriate action taken against them by ME.

You all should know better then to say half the shit I have seen in here just now, some of you mroe than others. I expect better from mods as well. You shouldnt be fueling fires, you should be doing you best to avoid them and put them out. And STARTING them should be out of the question.

BACK TO TOPIC, people.

I havent had to be pissed at Void drama YET this year, and Im doing my best not to be now. Lets not start this year out with drama and crap that NEED NOT BE HERE. SAVE IT for somewhere else. These fights were both very good, and deserve crits and comments, and NOT outside bullcrap that ended months ago. Lets strive to be BETTER than we were last year and do BETTER things around here, and not resort to the same old dramatics.

Thank you.

# 48   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 02:32 PM
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# 47   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 12:53 PM
Here\'s my $0.02.  You don\'t want it, but here ya go anyway.  

Seel, once again you blow me away with an entertaining, action-packed, well-rendered, well-thought-out, and downright chilling tale of Seel versus... Kreepy.  D\'oh!  That wasn\'t the assignment, dear!  ^^;  Orange is a cool character, and I was really anxious to see what you\'d do with her.  You have the skills to make some really KILLER fight scenes.  If only you just let her get just a few more hits in!  I only have one complaint with the actual art, though, and it\'s that Orange looks cross-eyed in that one panel, the rest is gorgeous.  

Yosai.  WOW.  Like, almost everything is perfect, except I had to read it twice to understand what was going on, still some clarity issues, but that\'s getting better.  You did justice to Seel\'s character, too.  And the cute scene at the end was great!  It was surprising to see you step outside your box for a bit - from \"gloomy & mysterious\" to some honestly funny light-hearted stuff.  

Awesome AWESOME stuff, both of you.  Only one of you gets to be Queen, but I\'ll still worship you both.  :)  

# 46   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 11:05 AM
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# 45   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 10:10 AM
If you\'re happy and you know it clap your hands! C\'MON GUYS!

Seel, Yosai (When you read this of course)

I am proud of you both. Wonderful work. I can not decide whos I like better, so this is a equal vote from me. Again, Congrats to the winner and great job for getting this far.

# 44   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 09:26 AM
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# 43   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 09:24 AM
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Now  lessee....constructive crits...

Seel, yeah this wasn\'t your strongest battle because Orange didn\'t really do anything.  And obviously you\'re better at drawing anthros but keep practicing on your humans and you\'ll get there in time.  I must say I did like the panel where Kreepy ate the crows.  That was hot.  The ending was kinda lackluster but your story was easy enough to follow.

Yosai:  beautiful art but rather confusing as to what was goin on at times.  I have nothing to say on this side cause it\'s already been said in previous comments.

# 42   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 09:18 AM
Yall stay freezy, and keep da crits breezy, ya feel me?


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# 41   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 09:03 AM
Finally! They post it!

I love both of your stories! This was a great series of fights to read through.
I have a question though, does Seel not have Kreepy anymore? Did she get rid of it completely now?

# 40   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 08:44 AM
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# 39   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 08:12 AM
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# 38   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 07:51 AM
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# 37   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 07:08 AM
I really dont get why people say that orange half is a better story .. its basically the same story with a different ending.

Seel is upset and depressed, doesnt want to fight orange, orange pursues anyway damages her, she goes demon, she tries to overcome it. difference is, in orange battle she triumphs, in seels seel triumphs.

Some people may have understood  oranges story, maybe thier mind works similarly too yosais, or they spent longer doing it. But make now mistake the main point of  sequential art is to tell a story, to controll what the reader sees and thinks. If the reader has to stop and figure out what happened in a panel, you failed your mission. if you create scenes that distract from the main action or confuse teh reader, you messed up. Editors bitch about liitle things like a tangent, they will definately bitch if half teh people who read it say it was confusing.

Even though yosai\'s illustrations were better than seels, her ability to convey the story was much lower. Her work was very emotive, yet it was also very unclear.
Jade thinks it comes down to ass kissing but i disagree, As much as you people hate dragon ball and whatnot, and want deep meaningful exposition, thats only one type of story, maybe your not teh demographic of a charachter like seel, Honestly i see seel as a charachter for a younger audience, i dont expect deep meaninful philiosophical debates. Would i buy a seel book, maybe not but i wouldnt go so far as to imply that only an ass kisser could like it.

# 36   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 02:50 AM
My god they were both brilliant fabulous story lines, excellent artwork just my god has to be the battle of the century

# 35   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 06:02 PM
coudn\'t get my head to read all the coments... so forgive me if I say something that somebody else did

WOW guys!

Dingo, I can see why your not into stories that cut shorts. loved you stuff so far and this one is no exeption. my only point storywisly was that... well... your chracter was portrait as a freakingly bad ass while your oponant was easely dismiss.. at to be honest, I was a little desapointed by this.  Art is always good, pacing was awsome... can\'t wait to see more

YOSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOLY SHIT THAT WAS ONE ALELUYA PIECE OF ART!!! and you won that one big time. But...  and it\'s a mojor flaw in my book... the story and pacing is very confusing. sometime I coudn\'t tell what was happening... but not because of the art... it\'s all thoses inserts, thoses cells taht doesn\'t seem to make sence or even be part of the stories sometime. they alway look SO cool and SO good, but ultimitaly they hurt your storie.
but even with this major flaw, storiwisely, your\'s was a lot more interesting

good work both of ya!


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# 34   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 05:00 PM
I\'ve read most of the comments, and I\'m probably going to restate most of what has been said already here but quite possibly within all this repeat and so forth something new will pop up.

Anyway first of all Seel, I\'m very disappointed quality wise, story wise and character personality wise. I agree that yosai had a hard and confusing character to work with but I find that to be hardly any excuse for making her character a boring, lifeless... thing who\'s only expression was either pain or surprise. I may be getting this wrong but, that seemed very unlike her character to just stand there and not react at all when being viciously attacked.  She sent her birds in... kreepy instantly killed them, she tried to knife seel and then she gets slapped around and falls on the ground where as seel starts to fight with herself. Seel, honestly.. your part was boring as all know how. And the quality doesn\'t seem like your usual.  I know you were stripped for time so I accept that\'s the reason why this doesn\'t look up to par. The random colors (as I read in angie\'s post before) also weren\'t doing it for me, they were out of place and make the comic look rather unprofessional.

What i did like about yours though was the intro, the first page I personally think was golden. And I was so excited to read more (especially after being shown online and then having to wait MONTHS to see the finished product) I was ready for something super awesome but you never followed up. I also enjoyed page 3, up to the last three images where your human anatomy took a horrible nosedive. Her hands got tiny, her nose and eyes got HUGE and her lips constantly look pursed. Looking In a mirror I can easily point out that lips don\'t look all smooched up constantly.  I do LOVE the fourth panel on that page though it looks magnificent and just gets me for some reason.  And the first panel on your fourth page is beautiful.  I also agree though that your text bubbles look, very out of place. I also don\'t like how kreepy is white in some panels but that\'s personal preference.  Your movement starts to really pick up nicely when seel is fighting with kreepy, I enjoyed that part of the fight but it really shouldn\'t have been the main focus. And then at the end of the fight... everything just seems to have abruptly ended.  Another personal preference was that I didn\'t like your use of swear words in the text, not out of offense but how much they were used in secession. But again that\'s just a personal pet peeve.

I\'m sorry i didn\'t have a lot of nice things to say but after all that wait I wasn\'t really.. impressed like I usually am.

Yosai: As for quality yours was honestly amazing in most of your panels. You have a great handle on both human and anthro anatomy as well as backgrounds, surroundings and so forth.  Your first page blew me away, the second eh.. could have used some touch ups here and there it looks rather sloppy compared to the others. As far as the story goes though. I don\'t know your character very much so I can\'t really say much but Damn, it was confusing. I tried to finish it but I just ended up skimming after a while and having to go back and reread, which is a bad thing (for me) I personally like things to be straightforward and if they aren\'t they should at least be explained in the other comics. I\'ve read all your fights and each is just as confusing as the last. This story started out nicely but all of a sudden it just didn\'t make any sense whatsoever. starting around page 6 I believe and going on from there. I really wish your story was less confusing because your art was wonderful. I would have loved a good story to go with it. BOTH you and seel definitely need a lot of work on that area.  The actions in your fights were also very cluttered. I do like how you kept switching colors for the mood (such as blue for the fight and tan for the.... well I don\'t know where seel is but it\'s a different place I\'m assuming)

I like how you slipped some humor into your otherwise serious imagery, especially the last panel. After that serious... and seriously confusing match it was nice to get some dumbed down comic relief.

You look like you spent a good amount of quality time on yours since each panel (asides for a few here and there) look just as detailed as the last. What i loved most about yours was the quality. As far as entertainment went I had to give you a much lower score. I, personally, was not impressed one bit by yours or seel\'s story lines and that\'s honestly what I look for most in a comic.

I\'m sorry if these crits are exactly the same as all the other\'s I know how annoying it is to hear the same thing over and over again (from experience) But yes, overall I was disappointed with both even if in different areas.

# 33   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 03:13 PM
im gonna make this nice and simple. I\'m just gonna point out what good and what is not.

entry was excellent no matter what every one is saying about how its not very easy to read.
I read it with out any problem.
it seemed you actually took time to do a good job on your entry.
you did great job depicting dingo, and her inner problems.
i see were not drawing the whole figure is kinda off an issue but that the way you tell stories.
the only problem that i saw where them pages... that are kinda huge like a splash page. but they were not enought to make me not like the story.

well i hate to say this i saw nothing entertaining in yours. is basically the same rehash story you\'ve been doing since you started this demon thing. you seriously have problems drawing human face....i think you should go and like stop drawing furrie faces for like a month, and just draw human faces. it totally hurts looking a orange on your pages.
perspective is also bad right from the begining. and man i know sometime i do this with estrella give her more camera time but you take the cake on this... theirs little orange in this entry all she gets is mostly close ups. i would have given you better rating but you seem to totally slack on this entry.  i really belive you should have not gone past your battle againt Ayumi, and i truely belive it now.
maybe is time to turn in a new fighter one that is not a anthro.  so you can get your practice to force yourself to draw humans.

yosai has the better entry its a complete entry fully colored both character are depicted the way they are in their own stories.

Seels... has the same story but different opponent. you lack on portraying your opponent again. alot of begginers mistakes like perspective, background, seems very unfinished. with the colored backgrounds and  just plain characters looks bad... i ve seen all your other battle and you had put some effort to them.

my vote goes to yosai a better entry. and  a finished one.


# 32   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 02:53 PM
Hey Seel, I liked what you were going for in your comic even if it was a little unclear at times! I wasn\'t so fond of the coloured bubbled myself, and I think you could\'ve used some more dark tones/line weight even in the flashblack, but it was pretty cool :) A few poses were slightly awkward, but I like the hands. You did I a nice job and the story line was... minimal, but not terrible ^^ Even though yours was very good, I voted for Yosai\'s over yours.

Yosai! I really like your art! The red Seel text was a little difficult to read without a bubble or anything, and sometimes it was hard to tell which was a panel or not (especially with the darker scenes :D Fantastic shading, and I love the shapes and angles of your panels and frames :D But your story was pretty confusing ~_~ Maybe I\'m just dumb, but I couldn\'t really follow.

# 31   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 12:37 PM
To dinthe whatever your name is. sure they\'ll disagree on a battle like this. if they\'re fucking blind, have downs, or are an asskisser. facts of life.

# 30   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 09:31 AM
I don\'t want to step on any toes, but I\'m with Kure on both of these comics being a little weak.

Yosai, I think your art was very pretty, but the clarity brought down the comic a bit. Overall, I think you delivered a much more interesting read over Dingo, and I like the fact that you gave Seel solid attention and consideration in your story.

One thing though, considering your fixation with symbolism and abstract storytelling, you need something a little more solid art wise to balance out your storytelling style. When I read your comic I can understand whats going on, but I can also understand where somebody would get confused while reading it. First I suggest figuring out your layouts on paper, then scanning those in and painting over it. Some strong blacks and solid linework would be really nice to balance out the paint. Color can be beautiful, but it can also cause confusion when it washes out the image.    

Dingo, this submission was definitely not your best. Art and story were both weak in this fight for you. I\'m sure you\'re tired of hearing this, but you\'ve really gotta get your character\'s god complex in check. I mean I don\'t have the right to tell you what to do with your character, but I will say that this aspect of your work is really unappealing. I\'m really disappointed with how little credit you gave Orange in your fight. You\'ve also got to get a little more creative with your entries too. I jokingly guessed what your story was going to be with another member, and I was exactly right. Dingo beats up orange without a struggle and then fights her inner demon before it takes over her and forces her to destroy defenseless little Orange. You\'ve really gotta think outside the box!! I shouldn\'t be predicting your plot points!

As for the art, those splotchy paint fills do zero for me. There was only one panel that looked like you spend a good amount of time on it (first panel on page 4), but the rest of the backgrounds consisted of brick walls and those evil splotchy paint fills. Spend some more time doing background studies, and human face studies (your humans are really bad compared to your anthros). I hope your next entry trumps this 150%

# 29   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 08:43 AM
since everyone already commented, I\'ll just be simple

dingo, yeah you got nice lineart going on there, but the story made me a litttle ehhhh, I don\'t like how you handled orange at all, not knowing enough personality of the character is not  an excuse since you can always improvise rather than writing her as a sandbag to your character without proper fight heh. Your humans are pretty awful compared to your anthros, I hought you could draw humans better than this,  but I was a little wrong, but yeah, you know you\'re lacking in stories and others have put their crits well enough, so I guess good luck.

yosai, everyone said your drawings are cool, I agree your drawings convey certain atmosphere but I have to tell you that I dislike the fact you always draw the lines a little too incomplete. At first I thought it was your style, but now it felt like you\'re using too many shortcuts to convey the actions whereas you put alot of effort on drawing faces. Speedlines alone would never be able replace the basic figures (page 5,6 and many others for example) and when you\'re drawing an action scene, draw an action scene, I know you\'re trying to draw the \'effect\' of the kicks/punch/stab, but you need to realize that none of these pages create any impact. the flow is smooth- TOO SMOOTH even, we don\'t even realize what\'s going on. Some of the small panels are pretty unclear.

Remember, speedlines don\'t create motions. Figures do (or rather, the accentuated gestures of the figures do, speedlines are meant to help to convey the directions.)
But it is pretty, yos, and I know you worked hard on this, sorry if I\'m being harsh though.

sorry if I\'m too blunt haha

# 28   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 08:24 AM
......My God, That was amazing!

Dingo- Noice visuals! I found the comic easy to ready and very entertaining.

Yosai- Noice visuals as well. My only problem is that at some points its hard to tell whats happening but uhh.... other than that ya both did a great job!

# 27   Posted: Feb 26 2007, 01:15 AM
Seel, I appreciate what you were going for but the whole thing kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. I\'m not going to let that affect how I vote since I wanna sit back and let both comics stew for a bit before making a decision anyway, but that aside I don\'t like this whole evil spirit thing you have going on. You paced it really well and did some super creepy stuff like when Seel pulled herself out of the shadowstuff but I kinda have to question the why of the whole thing. I\'m not going to get emotional and complain about angstiness or anything since I don\'t feel thats my place and you should really be able to make a character however you want. Instead I\'m wondering what the purpose of Kreepy is at all. Is it just a point of conflict? Why did it just jump out like it did when she was otherwise fine? How did its appearance make it rain red? There are a lot of things I don\'t get about your character but it all just seemed like it was put in so you would have something to write about.

I completely agree that Orange is a difficult character to write for, much like Agent Black and I applaud you for not taking the lower road like some of their opponents have gone and made a joke out of the character, but I have to mark you for just completely wasting her without a struggle. I get the feeling I might not have been so disappointed had you done the brutal combat part better, however. It seemed like I was looking at the fight from the same angle and the movements were a bit stiff. Normally I\'m not much of an art critique since I feel thats one of hte least important aspects of comics but I\'m willing to toe the line since its more of a matter of paneling. Next time maybe you should try mixing up the angles a bit, adding more blood, or drawing it a bit grittier.

Orange, I read your comic twice over and I also read the fight with Estrella. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell was going on. This is partially because of the language barrier so I don\'t wanna fault you for it too much but I seriously suggest you find someone with a stronger handle on the language to edit things a bit. I know you\'re going for dramatic lines but the way you\'re framed I feel the reader is missing the point, which is never good.

I really hate to complain about this, possibly because I can\'t imagine ever having to more than once in a blue moon, but your art might just be a bit TOO good. And I hope you take what I just said entirely seriously. I\'m not trying to suck up or anything. The pacing seemed a bit put off just because my eyes kept lagging on each panel to try to fully register what was happening, especially around the falling/landing sequence. It almost seems like I\'m being unfair to say this but such complexity might be a bad thing. Know I\'m going to catch a lot of flak from Voiders who think drawing well is all that matters in comics but maybe if you made it a bit simpler or smoothed it out? I swear I actually crossed my eyes to or three times reading it. The fact that this was on a screen certainly hurt it because I had to scroll instead of taking your pages in all at once but just a heads up about that.


Past that, it\'s obvious you both put an insane amount of effort at least in the art aspect of your comics. Props for that. I love both your styles and I\'m seriously hoping both these stories go somewhere. Like perhaps some resolution with the Kreepy situation? Or maybe we could find out something about Orange\'s past? A bit of background or development is never a bad thing except if we\'re talking about CS or something.

# 26   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 08:55 PM
I don\'t even know what made me actually vote on this one. i think it was reading some of the retarded and obviously biased comments toward seel\'s comic. and the fact that i\'ve always been annoyed at some of the lopsided voting on void.  the art quality in yosai\'s was 10 times better. there weren\'t all that many anatomy mistakes for one, and her people didn\'t look like they all had downs syndrome. the effort put into the coloring is just icing on the cake.

the creativity in yosai\'s comic was 10 times better. how many stories have we read where the protagonist must fight their inner demons (oh my!) and ends up utterly destroying someone because they can\'t reign them in, but in the end they confront this \"demon\" and win? even the lines (\"i said...fuck. you!\") i\'m pretty sure i\'ve heard a million times before.  the whole story was convoluted and predicatable. at least yosai\'s had some degree of mystery.

you guys seem to think that seel\'s comic gets the win because yosai\'s was harder to follow. do you even realize why that\'s the case? because seel SHOULDN\'T have fucked up the paneling because her entire story was cliche and monotonous. i\'ll give her props on the beginning with the blood rain but everything after that was boring and i seriously would have fucking fallen asleep if someone wasn\'t pounding on their keyboards in the next room. i guess if you hit the keys harder the words look louder on the screen.

kure and a few others at least managed to hit the nail on the head. yosai could have done a lot better, and so could dingo. but to even attempt to say that dingo\'s comic was \"better\" just irritates me to no end. stop sucking up. it doesn\'t help anyone. sorry to be blunt, i guess i\'m going to end up being the fucking simon cowell, and i really don\'t give a shit. <3s.

# 25   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 07:14 PM
I think I\'ll throw my hat into the \"Yosai\'s story didn\'t confuse me, either\" ring. :3 Infact, I kinda liked how it was presented and told...I only wish that some things had had greater definition. Some lines felt like incomplete sketches and some of the pure paints didn\'t have enough contrast for me to instantly read them.

I can\'t really say anything about Dingo\'s that hasn\'t been said...but I do wish, too, that the middle section had been white+black, without colour or greytones. I think it would have read better than the greytones that were dropped.

Legacy of Phunk
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# 24   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 07:06 PM
Alas, before you all kill me, I would just like to say that both of the comics were really awsome on both parts. The feel of motion within the battle was way over the top and both were brain-meltingly awsome, but they differed in certain areas. My only problem with Dingo (as previously mentioned) was the fact that he completely discretted his own mortality and Yosai\'s boo-boo was the incomprehensible plot.

Great job on both parts and even though the art scale is tiped towards yosai I\'m still rooting for Dingo.

# 23   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 06:34 PM
I enjoyed this fight very much, so don\'t be put off by the following critique...


Dude, others have described your fight as self-indulgent, and I have to agree. Seel handled Orange like a dingo in a ward full of intubated, premature infants. Its already been established that Orange is a finely-tuned killing machine, so I personally had a lot of trouble believing that a videogame junkie (cool powers and demonic influence aside) would have been able to handle her with such ease. Seel is very likeable, but you sacrificed Orange completely to further the development of your own character. I understand that you used this fight to separate Seel from Kreepy ( a good move in my opinion), but you might as well have replaced Orange with a crash-test dummy. In terms of both action and expression, your rendition of Orange was entirely unremarkable. While some of your action poses were impressive, others were flawed in terms of perspective and anatomy. Art-wise, it was a bit lackluster compared to your last entry. That said, you have a very unique cartoony style, and your character is very likeable. You rendered Kreepy in a very interesting, visually appealing way, and took advantage of the twisted relationship she shares with Seel. Nice work with markers (as always c: ). Your half was the easiest to follow, so I gave you slightly higher marks for entertainment.

Yosai: From the look of it I\'m in the minority here, but I really didn\'t have (too) much trouble following your half of the story. A few of your pages could have used a little reworking, but as a whole, your story made sense. Art-wise, you were the clear winner, but in terms of entertainment I had to give this fight to Dingo, if only because her half was more straightforward. You made a number of spelling/grammatical errors, but all that means is that you should find a good proofreader before your next fight. As beautiful as your paintings are, the confusing dialogue completely killed them in some places. Physic already mentioned this, but good sequential art should be able to stand alone. In that respect, your entry could use a little work.

Good effort all around, but my vote goes to Yosai.

kure ji ori
# 22   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 06:17 PM
I ment the last QOV one.
And i respect the fact that orange is a difficult character but im sure there would have been someway to gett a much better story out of her.

# 21   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 06:09 PM
jesus christ yosai....that blew my fucking mind away  @_@;  i can believe you\'re not winning by more..... beautiful style, awesome story (some parts were a little confusing, but it didn\'t bother me as much as some of your other fights).

anyway, thanks for the C&C everyone...i know there is a lot of shit i really gotta work on, stories aren\'t my strong point and neither are humans, obviously  ^^;  i really wasn\'t pleased with my half of the battle at all. like i said, i\'m surprised yosai isn\'t winning by a lot more.  but yeah thanks so much for all of the comments and critiques, i\'ll try my best to apply them to my next fight and make it even better.

kure: \"...and it was a step down in quality from her last one\", quality? really?  O_o; from my veronica fight? coz that one wasn\'t even finished.....just wanted to check and make sure that\'s what you meant. if it is then....ouch  XD;;;  thanks though man, makes me wanna try to improve even more.

and in my stories defense, even if it might be a lame excuse, orange doesn\'t really give me much to work with, story-wise  :\\  her character isn\'t really developed at all, and in all of her fights she focuses on the stories of the person she\'s fighting. i know i coulda incorportated her more into mine, but.....eh just had to get that off my chest. like i said, my next fight will be better....promise!

thanks again everyone.....and yosai, thanks for the awesome battle  :3   *goes to read it again*

# 20   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 01:22 PM
Dingo, your pacing was phenomenal. The tension was almost tangible as that blood rain started to fall. Damn. I love your lineart, but I would have rated you higher on quality if you had shaded every panel. The panels you did shade were spectacular: Kreepy eating the vultures, for example, and Seel walking away down the alley (though you get a demerit for using cutpaste in those two panels). The scene change at the end was a nice way to mix it up, too, and I LOVED the touch of the new scar that Seel has. Kure has a point, though; your battle felt kind of self-serving, like Orange was only there as a tool for Seel\'s character development. I didn\'t mark you down for that, but it\'s something to stay away from in terms of creative storytelling.

Yosai, your art consistently blows me away. Your story was a bit less straightforward than Dingo\'s, as has been said, but for whatever reason I had no trouble following it. Maybe I\'ve been reading Pio\'s comics for too long. :D Anyway, I love how you incorporate your opponent\'s viewpoint into your battles: starting from that scene with Seel and Phill was a really nice touch. The one qualm I had with your story was that I could see where it was going. Your story and Dingo\'s were similar in that way: both characters are under outside influence to kill the other, but resist those forces in the end. Nonetheless, the bit with Seel finding herself in her own mind with Kreepy was a visually entertaining way to explore her character.

All in all, I am amazed by both entries. You girls pulled out all the stops for this fight, as well you should have, and it shows. I rated Orange a little higher on Quality and Seel a little higher on Entertainment, but it ended up being a tie game in my head. Beautiful work. Thanks.

# 19   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 10:09 AM
I think seels layouts and story telling was very good (visual storytelling) but her humans are definately weaker for her, especially the faces, you will probably need to study and figure out faces because in most cases even if youprimarily draw anthro\'s theres going to be humans in it, and it will look disjointed when yuor anthro look one level and your humans look another.

Yosai, on a pin up level it was very good, but the visual storytelling was highly confusing a ggreat many of the pages were a total mystery. The key in sequential art is to tell a story with pictures, i think that in that you didnt succeed
I graded these very similar, even though they are very different in strengths and weakness they still come out similar overall. If you combined each others strengths, yall would make a really great comic artist.

Kotori Ky
# 18   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 09:44 AM
Okay... good job both people. :D It\'s nice to see the battle still up. NOW, after saying that...

Dingo: Dull. That\'s the only word I can really fit here. You were dull story-wise and dynamic-wise. You gave Renji NO credit as a fighter. And that is one of the things that hits Entertainment scores first with me. The entire comic reeks of self-indulgent dullness. (This is nothing personal, dear. But honestly...) You also really REALLY need to work more on your humans. Seel looked fine, but Renji seemed very oddly put together sometimes.

Yosai: Surreal. Amazing painting, but the disjointedness was just enough to confuse people who haven\'t talked to you. It isn\'t your fault that this huge time lag happened, and that isn\'t really fair since it\'s obvious that you tied this fight DIRECTLY into the actions that happened in the Estrella fight. You had far more dynamics than Seel\'s battle, gave her more credit as a fighter, and took the time to delve into HER character\'s inner-workings, which got you a MUCH higher entertainment score from me. The text was still a bit hard at times, and I\'ll get capitalization through your head eventually. ^_~

All in all, it was a nice match, but my points go to Yosai. Great improvement shown on her story-telling abilities. I\'ll look forward to her returning and showing us even more improvement in the future.  

kure ji ori
# 17   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 09:31 AM
Am i the only person who felt let down by this battle?
Seels felt really self indulgant, like there was no point in orange even being there and it was a step down in quality from her last one.
Yosais was beautiful in everyway but i couldnt make any sense of what was goin on
It seems to me that both of you gals need to work on your actual story concepts more to stop them being either boring or nonsensical.

# 16   Posted: Feb 25 2007, 09:05 AM
Jeez Angie. How long did it take you to make that critique? 3 hours? 4 hours? 6 years?!

Just kidding. =P It\'s still a great detailed critique, nonetheless.

And great job on both of your comics, Dingo and Yosai.

# 15   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 10:01 PM
Whoa~ O_o

# 14   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 08:52 PM
Oh man this was close and tough to vote on, you both did great and I enjoyed both battles. My scores were fairly even

Seel-You know I love your stuff but I just have to give you shit about your fonts haha Text is part of the design, use it well! http://www.blambot.com is a great site where you can get good fonts for comics. Be careful with switching the fonts so much, it works fine for there being you know, regular dialogue then giving Kreepy\'s dialogue a different font, but it really wasn\'t necessary when Orange was talking. And duuuude capitalize them I\'s and names yo! Also be careful with the transparent word bubbles, this is really personal preference but to me it makes it a bit harder to read.

Page 4 is fucking lovely as hell, you did a great job towards setting the stage and the pacing was great here. You really set us up for being terrified of Kreepy, I was very impressed with this page. I didn\'t like that you shifted around in coloring certain areas like page 2 Orange\'s hair and eyes are colored but they aren\'t touched ever again in the battle. I think this was more of a time issue though, same with the bricks being black and white and then colored in certain panels. I think keeping all but the ending in black and white (aside from the red blood) would have added to the dark atmosphere you had going here.

I know you\'re going to stab me in the eye for again pointing out something with the text haha but on page 6 I didn\'t care much for the hand written text, I think it\'s the color you chose it to be. I know I\'m being anal but I took typography classes so anything about text drives me crazy. You did great with the action, it was all very easy to read and you had some great poses and dynamics going on. Anatomy wise you were pretty solid until that last panel with P2 his head and neck are looking kind of big. But all in all you did great, I know you were pretty stressed out about this fight but I think the hard work really paid off.

Orange-Oh damn that first page dude...I liked that you had gone back and referenced what had happened between Seel and Phill, I think some of your camera choices on page 2 were a little weird though. I could tell what was going on in those two mid panels but it would have been cooler if you had the camera zoomed out a bit more and you could have maybe seen more of the image of Kreepy. It would have been pretty neat to have a hint of Kreepy in most of those background panels so you could be all zomg some shit\'s gonna go down dude.

On page 3 I\'m going to be nitpicky about text yet again bwahaha(only being fair since I\'m sure Seel wants to eat my eyes now) I wish you had hand drawn that \"ARCADE\" sign, it just looks a little akward amongst all that lovely hand drawn painterly background. I think you could have given us just a little bit more information in the \"when things can get worse\" panel, I know what\'s going on just wish it was a little clearer. On page 4 that massive panel is lovely, I would have liked to see a little more contrast where the figures are though.

Between the end of page 7 and beginning of page 8 I think you could have had one more panel to show what was going on, like show Seel in mid transformation. On some panels the red text was kind of difficult to red, it would have helped to maybe give it a slight black or dark red border to make it a bit easier on the eyes. Other than those nitpicks I was very impressed dude, you did a great job at portraying Seel\'s character, a step up from the Estrella fight. Your stories are getting easier to read, so keep it up! Also adored the page with Angie and Phill, very cute haha

Great job to you both, it was well worth the wait and it\'s safe to say whoever wins deserves it. I haven\'t been so totally blown away by a fight in quite a while so thank you both for raising the bar once again.

1 comment
# 13   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 08:43 PM
i really like the quality and length in the comic by Orange. i liked how the Seel plot thing with kreepy went in that story. I noticed that it started where another battle of seel ended, nice touch.

# 12   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 08:02 PM
Orange gets an A in quality...beautiful painting, huge effort (19 pages?! And all of them colored, no less!), but slightly lower in Entertainment because I couldn\'t really tell what was going on...although I liked the last page XD It was cute and funny. Seel, quality was great on your side but you had mostly lineart so some parts seemed kinda flat. But your story was much easier to understand so you got a higher score in Entertainment.

Both of you had similar stories and they were both executed equally well, so you get the same score in creativity. Very nice to the both of you, but there can only be one winner. I won\'t mind if either of you win.

# 11   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 07:42 PM
Sweet Jesus, Yosai! Your painting work in your comic is just GORGEOUS! Fantastic work!

# 10   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 07:41 PM

Seel... whooooooa. That comic grabbed me by the proverbial nuts and wouldn\'t let go. Those second, third, and fourth pages... DAMN. Gave me chillbumps. And you did such an awesome job with those backgrounds... but they disappeared after page 6 and were replaced by a solid colour. :< I know it\'s important to put focus on your characters, but your middle pages seemed a little emptier than your first four or five. Apart from that, your half was fantastic. I can\'t get over that fourth page... <3

yosai: I love your art to death~ although this comic had me a little confused as to what was happening, and while there was obviously a lot going on, you did a great job portraying action throughout. After about page 10, it was easier to follow. That first page is beautiful. ;_; And I LOL\'d in that last bit with Phil and Angie. XD

Very good entries from you guys... You both are awesome talented artists. You\'ll both be getting high marks for quality from me definately, but I think Seel just barely gets my vote. Yeesh, I had a hard time choosing this one...

# 9   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 07:37 PM
holy crap.

I am like, lost for words.

I honestly dont know what to say. Amazing ._.

# 8   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 07:16 PM
oh man, I\'m totally blown away by both of these.  I\'m personally rooting for Seel, Orange, your comic was really well drawn, and had some length to put in some story, but I honestly couldn\'t make too much sense of what was happening other than the very beginning, and the very end.

Seel\'s comic, man, what a way to end it.  I was glued to my monitor in suspense.

Either way, when I can vote (haha, still too new.) you\'re both getting high marks from me.
This one\'s gonna be pretty close.

# 7   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 07:14 PM
Oh wow. The closeups. The expressions. The flashbacks with actions that speak louder than words. I really don\'t know how to vote on this because both of you showed off the same skills-- by that I mean the way the comic was built was similar, and I have to say it was very special. Like watching a movie. I liked better Yosai\'s when it comes to representing rapid movements, but Dingo\'s skills to take that kind of interaction into a comic got me wide eyed.

Whoever wins deserves it.

Hero Karma
# 6   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 06:25 PM
I don\'t care who wins this, I still soiled myself with glee.  Both were excellent entries

# 5   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 06:15 PM
Hoooooly crap ladies.

Seel - really nice, you had some great dramatic build up in some parts and those last pages were really nicely coloured.  You still need to work on your human anatomy however, as its quite clear you\'re less comfortable with them - i.e. hands  being too small, heads being too big, etc.  Still, great work.

Orange - reeeeaaally love art, but a little hard to follow.  I know that with a \'mysterious\' character sometimes things can get a little...convoluted, but you really need to work on your story clarity.

I really can\'t say who I voted higher, you both did awesome in different areas, great job.

# 4   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 05:05 PM

You should both marry me, right here and now.

# 3   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 05:01 PM
The gods listen

# 2   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 05:00 PM
oh my... awesome job both of you!

# 1   Posted: Feb 24 2007, 04:50 PM
* head explodes *

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