Estrella D' Muerte vs. Jhonny Kicaz Ringo

Estrella D' Muerte vs. Jhonny Kicaz Ringo

Estrella D' Muerte vs. Jhonny Kicaz Ringo


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# 19   Posted: Jan 2 2006, 08:27 AM
estrella\'s battle was tight. i thought it was awesome use of motion & i even thought it was cool that it had no words. very entertaining comic!

# 18   Posted: Dec 31 2005, 02:29 AM
I was able to follow what gungrave was doing fine, but only because I recently joined, and one of the first battles I read was between Johnny and Res, very good =)  I did feel that gun could have done better, and the difference in how Estrella was portrayed was a little annoying to be sure.  Gungrave, the skechiness and warping in your panels isn\'t the problem at all... I think what you need to do is sit down and have 2-3 people who don\'t read much of your stuff go over each page in 3 seconds, and then tell you what they thought happened.  With the level of detail that can be done in your busy lives during the allotted period, each page should be just readable (minus any text) in 3 seconds.  I\'m not just shooting in the dark here... though I don\'t have a fighter (yet, now that holiday season is over, my work is finally giving me days off), I study Cartooning, and panel construction, next to perspective, are the two MOST underdeveloped skills you\'ll find in any cartoonist... and the two most vital.  I generally follow the 3 second rule for similarly sized pages... think 3 seconds per 8x10 section.  Pon... nice art, but while I could follow the flow of things a little better, I felt you were just as bad as gungrave when it came to making an easy to follow comic.  Plus you were short one page... still, I liked them both.  Keep it up you guys, I\'m going to be watching both of your battles from now on!  (Johnny is of course on my future challenge list =) )

# 17   Posted: Dec 30 2005, 01:06 AM
Damn impressive return, Pon, I dig your style so much. The comic was not up to your standards, but even at the level you submitted it at, I can see why you\'re ranked number 4 on the site. The motion effects you used were awesome, but there were times that the cartoony faces Johnny made didn\'t seem appropriate. Still, it was good fight and wicked art. Does this mean that Estrella has Koji\'s powers now? How much more godly can she get?!

Gungrave, like I said on your last battle, clarity is an issue. However, I had an easier time figuring this one out than your other one. I kind of got what you were doing with the kiss and all that, but I couldn\'t tell at all that it was Res at the end. The use of translucent people to show what\'s behind them works sometimes, but in this case it only added to the confusion.

Good fights from both sides, but the votes from me go to Pon hands down.

# 16   Posted: Dec 29 2005, 09:49 PM
oh and about the kiss

i like to throw in alot of things you wouldnt really see in a battle.
the kiss was about a past that one of johnny\'s personalities had with her.
and she was trying to take his heart like he took hers. not knowing he was
a skitzo.

the guy who saved him at the end was res
because i couldnt think of a way to get him out those trees
so i was glad i made them friends at the end of my first battle.

i need some serious work on my panels explaining my story.....
but thats why we\'re here right

# 15   Posted: Dec 29 2005, 09:47 PM
yeah you guys im sorry for the quality
i was thinking of doing this again in about a month or so
time flew and even i think this isnt my best work at all
i mean it wasnt rushed.. but it could have been 100 times better.
i started the first 3 pages and story like the end of the first week.
but the rest and inking was all a little here and a little there just trying to make
the deadline knowing the plans.

we must do this again.

# 14   Posted: Dec 29 2005, 09:30 PM
all i have to say is yeah i could have done better..but i dont like to makes excuses for my self.  i really dint put much dialgue between the characters because i hate to write chesse dialgue between 2 fighter who never met . and im drawing a fight here not a tea party. and for not showing faces well.. dudes hair falls in front of his face in reality if your hair was in front of your face you would not be able to see it.. i did forget to add more sound effex my bad on that part.

now for jonny.  to be honest i really think that it would have had been better if you dint bite
leasean cannonbuster and arkanium pages to fill up space in you fights. i was dissapointed very much... i know mimicing other artist is cool but.. wat your doing is not cool.  
and this fight well  estrella was not portrade the way she acts... if i would be able to grade your battle i would have given you D.. its cool and all but,  biting others people pages is not cool. and that my honest opinion. thnaks for the chance to battle you.

# 13   Posted: Dec 29 2005, 04:30 PM
i hear everyone say that this isn\'t either of your best works, and they are right, you both have or could do better works... but i think most people are forgetting that this was done over the holidays and that they each were also working on another fight at the time.  for the time and what each was going through it was pretty good.

for estrella\'s it is true that yours did fine with out words, a comic should be able to be told with out words and people should just follow the action, but it could have done with some more words even if they were just grunts or grones to let us know these people were \"real\".  as for you cheating on the faces, i can see how that could be thought but as people who know of your previous works we know you can draw them if you want.

as for jhonny\'s, confussion is the main thing i would have to say for yours.  why are they kissing? what is estrella talking about?  what happened in some of the pannels(hard to define what is going on i mean)?  and mainly at the end just what the hell?

lastly from a viewers stand point, you each failed to capture the essence of the other fighter.    pon, though jhonny has only had one battle under his belt it is hard to determine what kind of character he is, but i\'m not sure if you got it right.  gungrave, estrella is death who shows almost no emotion at anytime, and you have her making out with your guy, it doesn\'t seem at all like her character.

# 12   Posted: Dec 29 2005, 01:34 PM
Well there goes my hi hopes...

Estrella your style always worked for the action that you want to express. I hope your going for a suttle comeback and saving your best work for when you feel the need to put it out, because that was good but not Estrella D\' Muerte good.

Jhonny, Jhonny, Jhonny...
2 questions.
1 Estrella kissed you but what was the reason behind it?  and
2 Estrella says, \"thanks she owes you one\"...why? what\'d you do?

ok that was 3 questions but your panels didn\'t explain any of that. Clearifying what happens in your comics will do you alot of good. Especially against someone like Estrella you disappointingly did not put your best effort.

I\'m still an admirer of both your work and will continue to look forward to your future works.

good shit.

# 11   Posted: Dec 28 2005, 10:39 PM
Good battle both you guys. Need-less to say both you guys have a lot of skills, but we also know both you guys can produce much better work.  I\'m sure , like me, with the holidays time management was a huge issue.

Estrella, kinda seems like you were cheating on the faces.

Jhonny, it was diificult to understand a good portion of your panels.

Besides the obviouse mistakes, I think I saw that you guys could really put out some awsome work. Im really digging both styles. good stuff.

# 10   Posted: Dec 27 2005, 11:58 PM
im doing clean up now. this took forever
im not going to make it by the dead line. but ill still try to submit. im going to need another 20 minutes to a hour ;\\

# 9   Posted: Dec 27 2005, 07:18 PM
almost done
man this is going to be a close call.
ive been beyond busy.

# 8   Posted: Dec 26 2005, 09:57 PM
i uploaded my battle. goodluck. it was fun drawing johnny.

# 7   Posted: Dec 22 2005, 04:46 AM
I\'m really looking forward to seeing another work from you gungrave, I dare say, pump it up a notch.  I love your use of foreshortening without losing proportion... its something I pride myself in as well, although you are far beyond me in overall skill.  I hope to get enough free time to finish up the pre-work on my fighter and challenge you.  Good luck!

# 6   Posted: Dec 1 2005, 11:58 PM
yeah people
Estrella challenged me
this is going to be a fun one.
i got my inking style down from the last fight
-thumbs up-

# 5   Posted: Dec 1 2005, 03:54 AM
about bloody time.

doesn\'t it mean that Estrella challenged Ringo since she\'s the first fighter?

kure ji ori
# 4   Posted: Nov 30 2005, 08:01 PM
finally another pon battle! Rock on!

# 3   Posted: Nov 30 2005, 01:57 PM
Where the hell did this come from. I thought Estrella was NPC, oh Pon you sly dog.

# 2   Posted: Nov 29 2005, 10:58 PM
OH! YES! I have not been here once yet for an Estrella fight. God where\'ve you been? Go Jhonny I think you were the only one so far with a character and enough balls to challenge her. This is gonna be...well enough with cliches. Go! Fight! Go! Bring yo good ol fashin\' soul food can of woop as to the table, woo hoo! I dunno - whatever. I\'m so excited!...holy shit I\'m bipolar...Go star of death! Go \"kick ass\" is my middle name guy! good shit.

# 1   Posted: Nov 29 2005, 10:46 PM
 HO SHIT this is gonna rock fucking cakes and their uncle pies :D

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