Colt & Evida | Characters

Colt & Evida | Characters

Colt & Evida by Craqued
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8
 Created: July 31st, 2006
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COLT is: an animal activist that can strangely turn into animals himself. he works for a company called the animal security society (a.s.s) and has done everything from sniping fashion designers using fur to bombing tree cutters in exotic forests. he is pretty laid back with anything that doesn't have to do with animal rights. he is half hawaiian and half indian. he speaks only in hawaiian pidgin. he recieved his powers from an project called aumakua, an experiment which would allow humans to mimic any animal's sense. instead it allowed him to completely transform his body and mix and match animal parts or senses. he likes chicken adobo.

EVIDA is: a giant argentenian dog (about 5' at the shoulder). she was rescued by colt from a make-up company when she was 4. she had been tested with products most of her life, not all having favorable effects. from repeated chemical washings, her fur glows in the dark. she will eat anything.

SO far: the doofy duo's mission assigned to them by A.S.S is in it's first stage, to observe the animal population and see what the heck is going on. they are, of course, supposed to help out as many animals as possible as well while they observe. so far, about 5% of the animal population is developing powers similar to VOID residents and this is what they are there to figure out: why these powers and how powerful they are going to become.

but now they've hit a roadblock! a "hunter" has been stalking colt and evida via RADIOPONY, or a mechanical UNICORN (which used to be a real UNICORN unfortunately!!). Now with colt in a constant flux of forms and mind sets thanks to a poisoned dart, he's been discharged for a period of time from A.S.S. now wandering the streets getting in fights, begging for food and running around the city with his canine sidekick.

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