Diego | Characters

Diego | Characters

Diego by Ravist
 Gender: monsieur/garçon
 Height: 5\'4-5\'5
 Created: July 24th, 2006
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-SHEEPSKIN: the perfect male frequently displayed in movies. Rather normal vocabulary displayed.
Agreeable. Classic hero character. Will most likely always be on, unless person before self is all-
knowing of his true character.
-THETRUTH: unnaturally selfish, thieving, extensive vocabulary, lack of interest in sex, seems only loyal to self. Refrains from swearing, finding it to be unintelligent. Calm, calculating, rarely provokable by petty words. scornful of moral baggage. Respect only shown to those above him on the chart of power or intelligence, though is very shallow, as he most likely will be plotting to overthrow them. morbid sense of humor.
-PROMINENT WEAPONS: two identical jitte-like weapons (normally uses/carries only one). unarmed combat.
-LESSER WEAPONS: magnum revolver, /bladed weapons/.
-KNOWN VOID ALLIES: colt+evida,to be continued.
-KNOWN VOID ENEMIES: to be continued.


HISTORY: (just a little)

1) As people grow older, they tend to forget their childhood. At the presently estimated age of 16.25, Diego has already forgotten most of his childhood, from parents, to childlike joy. This would be, because he couldn\'t have cared less about them.

2) This is the result of one\'s being an orphan on the rough streets, and even worse, as a furry. Of course he used to cry at the age of, hm, two or three, but he stopped soon enough and became an independent individual.

3) held an early interest in persons\' reactions, and the power that it holds, especially in a smile, he quickly became a brilliant actor, holding the perfect image of the perfect him for her..or him: he smiles frequently, laughs often, is humorous, jokes around, is intelligent and athletic. This is the sheepskin that Diego wears, and has worn all of his life, gaining connection that he holds no feelings for, making allies of those that vex him.

4) His record a perfectly clean slate, scarless, tattooless, piercless, it is easy to view him as of holding the perfect life. People view him as of being popular, possibly attractive, clean, clean scented, sensitive, and living in a home, however most of these things are the exact opposite: he is single, a loner, homeless, thief, and above all, he is a /faker./

a) He was born, somehow, in VOID. soon after, he was abandoned, and left an orphan. He lived on the streets for a while in a malnourished and half-dead state, deprived of childhood, but then things looked up:

b) he learned to defend himself, he got a job, and learned how to act, gaining the sympahty of soft-hearted pedestrians. He discovered housesitting, the betrayal of eyes, of movies and combat. He realized autmatic status and respect gained by being by most ladies.

c) He got.. friends, he got real clothes, he got almost everything.

d) But somehow, inside, something isn\'t right behind the mask, and he\'s restless.


PERSONALITY: (fighting makes him sleep. o: )

1) chronic insomniac

2) kind of guy that you would /trust/, but shouldn\'t, meaning he has a unintentional front: he is good mannered, sweet, sincere, humorous, charming, laid back, and appears to seem a loyal and overall good friend, however due to his unorthodox independent childhood (furry orphan on the streets of VOID), he\'s what you could call a little /different./

3) he is quite sane, however his opinions on some things are a little outspoken, yet unheard as he keeps them to himself (in his head). But due to this, he is a

4) faker, and thus has strong control over how his emotions rule him physically (excellent actor and mentally strong.) Aware of the standards of society, and their moralites and appearences, and reactions to things, though he may not agree to them, he will pretend to. For example, a furry may be getting the crap beaten out of them in an alley, and though he might not give the slightest care, he will go and come to their aid in a flashy display of heroism.

5) is slightly buddhist (just without the belief in reincarnation, but very with the \'attachments=suffering\' thing), and mostly atheist (this being a non-prophet organisation, he is not at all religious or contemplating of a god). Thus, he lives in the present, not the past. He has no attachments (or any that are evident, save for cigarettes).

6) seems wonderful, but has the dark edge. For example, most normal people don\'t contemplate or wonder what the taste of their own species tastes like. This curiousity is what fuels his lack of sleep, alongside many other things unknown to himself.

7) He lives alone, and though he may not show it, he just might be a little lonely, inside, as sometimes he feels this empty thing inside, and when he does, he either goes on a rooftop and smokes a entire pack (not caring that he is killing himself, at it was the first thing to give him warmth as a homeless), or goes to a rave, only to, frequently, wake up next to an absolute stranger (that\'s never good.)


THE JOBS: http://www.freewebs.com/wolfy_page/job.jpg
He has two main jobs: by day a tattooist (though he has no tattoos or any piercings, and as a waiter at Le Gritto by night (and occasionally the bartender there, whenever the normal one is killed, which is often.) Otherwise, he does other strange jobs if he is short on money, including being a sweeper (aka bounty hunter), or making cheese rolls, or even selling cactus plants door to door


1) never recieved proper training on combat or fighting.

2) two prominent blade weapons: let\'s just say he read a little good stuff (BOTI) and became rather fond, and picked up a little something-something.

3) he picks up things frighteningly fast (mental prowess). Considering that he lives in VOIDcity, there\'s always lot of fighting and crime; he goes looking for these fights, watches them, and then mimics their moves that he fancies. Likewise, he enjoys hardcore combat movies, such as killbill, the matrix, banlieu 13, etc etc, and emulates plenty from those.

4) fond of blade weapons in comparison to firearms, and thus superior in skill in blades. Though his limbs may appear fragile, the muscle, in comparison to being /ripped/, are, instead, stringy and hold more strength that one may assume: he can wield cement blocks, mopeds,signs, to people.

5) he goes to a gun range occasionally, to keep his aim in practice (just for emergencies, as he likes being well rounded.)

6) guns aren\'t very effective on him in a fight, unless they set it up well enough; hé simply watches the barrel of the gun to evade shots (quick reflexes and a discerning gaze.)

7) capable in hand the hand combat. Having been raised in the rough city life of VOIDcity alone, and having lacked any teacher, he learned personally, in his own way, hence the best way. Having none to limit his creativity and logic in combat, instead of relying on previous experiences, he easily flows with events, flexible in the mind and body. His experience in this field is mammoth, as before blades, he only had his fists; as a child, he learned quickly following many near-fatal attacks by others (mostly furry-hating hoi polloi.)



Eyes] Blank when seen closely, yet black pupils seen from afar as mere pinpoints. Can dilate to encompass the entire eye area just as easily as shrink to almost nothing. This trait gives extensive range of optical mobility, providing both excellent night and day vision.

Ears] Long. scraggly. Highly sensitive. Naturally laid back in comparison to an average wolf, yet easily holds the ability to perk as wolves. Can, likewise, block out sound (fold of skin goes over inside parts)

Nose] keen sense of smell, which has been slightly damaged due to a past fight. Black. Wolf-like with sharply curved nostrils. A small curved bone rests behind the nostrils, therefore preventing them from being crushed, should anything ever collide with them.

Tongue] Top surface of the tongue is lined with miniscule spines, giving it a rough texture and helping him eat and/or clean itself; relating to a lockjaw.

Limbs] incredible strength (especially core), high jumping ability.

Skin] tough, thick. Easily fends off light toxins, pores closing up to them; heals at unnatural rate, it seems. In intense heat, the skin stretches and thins, though it is not visible to the naked eye; The skin\'s pores dilate. This helps him ?sheen? or sweat. In return, during intense lacking of heat, the pore close up entirely.

Immune System] strong. very. Can fight off poisons longer than most average persons, fights off strong diseases easily, with an exception, muscular dystrophy, etc. Diseases by bloodline, it means, which he lacks

Spinal Cord] Unnaturally long for his small bone structure, giving extra flexability.
Instincts] enhanced (cause unknown)animal instincts. laying eyes on him merely can cause the fur lining the back of his neck to rise instinctively, though this action is one so petite that it can not be seen even by the sharpest eye. it could be called a sight. or shining, as stephen king might place it.

Jaws] Upper jaw adorned with four pointed incisors et two larger canines, followed by thin, pointed teeth easily relating to a Veloceraptor. Tuned sensory organs sit on roof of mouth, like in a feline, and helps in \'tasting\' air. Powerful biting power, to the point of bone crushing, and even strong irons.

Bone] dense, yet susceptable to same injuries as humans.

Digits] unnaturally long to hold retracted claws, powerful in grip. Thin, not stubby in the slightest.

if you ever have any faq on him, note me via deviantArt, s\'il vous plaít.

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