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Esquellio Bonehead | Characters

Esquellio Bonehead thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'
 Created: July 24, 2006
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Meet Esquellio Bonehead. He is eighteen, and has pink hair. Esquellio, just in case you haven't noticed, is a living skeleton-boy. He fancies himself quite the sexy mofo, and therefore declines to wear a shirt, ever. He enjoys playing videogames, watching the history channel, rocking out like a freaking retard (this includes singing, which he can't do for shit - he does not realize this, and never will), and anything pink. He is not afraid to admit this, for as Esquellio would say, "Pink is the shit, you fucking fuck!" He will promptly deny any accused gayness, and curse further. He has a potty mouth.

Esquellio once met a fortune teller at a county fair, who told him that his destiny lay in the void. He misinterpreted her prediction of doomy-death for Void City and, failing to realize that the fortune teller voodoo woman was a fraud, came to seek his destiny. He is a silly skeleton-boy.

He is quite agile and flexible, thanks to yoga classes, and he uses such abilities as Jump All Over the Fucking Place, Flail-Dodge, Smack-Talk, and Evade Like a Pansy to combat his opponents. His main offensive attacks, however, come from his Magic Umbrella, which he usually employs similar to a baseball bat, or golf club. Which is to say, he whacks the living shit out of everything. If whacking fails to knock his opponent out, Esquellio will either Run and Hide, or use the Magic Umbrella's Gun Mode. The MUGM is activated by aiming the Magic Umbrella's tip at an opponent and shouting "BANG!" One bullet is fired for each "BANG!"

The MUGM is used only as a last resort in battle because sometimes the Magic Umbrella can be an asshole and won't respond to the "BANG!"s. This usually only happens when the Magic Umbrella is pissed off at Esquellio - probably because he changed the channel during the Antiques Roadshow, which the Magic Umbrella likes to watch.

Esquellio prefers whacking anyway, because it's more fun to hit someone than to shoot them.

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