Ms.Moppit | Characters

Ms.Moppit | Characters

Ms.Moppit by cyrine
 Gender: F
 Height: 5\'11
 Created: July 21st, 2006
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There once was an itty bitty spider, Mr.Spider was his name, he was quite smittened with a young lass. Sadly, this romance did not last long, since she soon blossomed into a young woman and married off. The little spider was distraught! how could the love of his life betray him so? A counter-measure was in order.

Mr.Spider soon found himself roaming his local convenience store for the mission necessities: peewee spy kit, night goggles, tiny little cameras that you can install in washrooms, and other such goodies ...rummage rummage rummage... when suddenly, in the corner of his teeny weeny eyes, he spots a super duper mannequin kit on sale! and thus, led to the birth of Ms.Moppit.

Ms.Moppit was made to resemble the girl whom Mr.Spider once adored (his memory is kind of fuzzy). Mr.Spider is actually the puppeteer that controls the actions of Ms.Moppit while he rests snugly on her head, pretending to be a little hat that she wears - rarely does anyone see through this. He\'s also a ventriloquist and acts as the \"voice\" of Ms.Moppit and never really talks himself. As a result, Mr.Spider has developed somewhat of a duel personality, he usually acts in accordance to what he \"thinks\" Ms.Moppit would want and do if she was really alive - an easy going, fun loving, and somewhat naive girl. However, it is important to note that Mr.Spider is likely to snap if anyone is rude or hits on Ms.Moppit... or (although rare) just go bonkos.

Combat wise, Ms.Moppit is able to twist, turn, tumble... pretty much move her limbs any way imaginable. Strength wise, she\'s pretty weak, maybe even below average, since it is Mr.Spider\'s webs that are controlling her and lifting things. However, she is extremely fast and can slice/pierce/break things through the momentum she gains from movement.
Mr.Spider rarely does anything during combat, he\'s usually just controlling the movements of Ms.Moppit - he is able to control her from any area, not just on the top of her head. The only combatant move he can do is hinder or immobilize the opponent\'s movements through his string/web - it is rare for him to do so, since it takes up too much energy and concentration.

Weaknesses? Ms.Moppit is extremely weak against fire, since aside from the skin like material that she\'s covered in, she\'s made of wood - a fairly strong wood material mind you! Also, if Mr.Spider is out, she\'s pretty much out too.

Why are they in Void? It gets awfully boring living around the countryside, so they decided to take a stroll and visit a big city like Void :)

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