Eighty-eight | Characters

Eighty-eight | Characters

Eighty-eight by Nibbles
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5' 8"
 Created: July 19th, 2006
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[Update: October 2016] Not as bored now that's she's studying magic (draconic runes and circles) through her dreams and under the tutelage of Zedan Dromer (who she went to for assistance with nearly fatal nightmares). Plays D&D regularly, and frequents her local comics shop. Having some housing difficultly with her neighbors--she bought her condo outright during a 'boom' cycle, now all her neighbors and landlord have 'busted' financially and would like it very much if she moved so her place can be sold again (it's all very shady). They like to claim she brings down the property value. [The building is set on an artificial island up on the reservoir above the dam. Very luxurious--or it *was*.]

She's been a bored as fuck teen who's hardly been out of the condo. The guys who've been after her have given up, and it seems like the overpriced martial arts classes she's paid for are going to waste. Even her bodyguard is getting tired of her shit.

(Blah blah, stuff you don't really need.))

Birthday: July 19th, 2106 (or XX06 if you want to use a wildly different era)
Western Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Blood Type: A

At the age of twelve Eighty-eight had never left the facility where she was 'born', never met anyone other than her father figure --geneticist Dr. Rainwater-- and had otherwise led a very sheltered life... Till he was murdered in front of her eyes by the group she knows only as 'The Sponsors'. By the age of thirteen, she was an accomplished thief and street escape artist, when a lucky find threw her life upside down--again. Now she has a new body guard, Jack, and the 'Sponsors' have gone silent--Eights wonders why.

The Doctor: Dr. Rainwater was a brilliant geneticist who abandoned his previous life twenty years ago to pursue a very promising subject. He became attached to Eighty-eight, and thought of her as his daughter. A very dedicated and kind man; when the Sponsors called for tests on #88 that he thought were cruel--he didn't do them, and fudged the results. Ultimately, that is what led to his death.

The Sponsors: The mysterious group that paid Dr. Rainwater for Eighty-eight's creation, and supplied the very unusual DNA sample to work from. They're motives for doing so are currently a mystery, but one this is for sure; Eighty-eight was very expensive project, and they're not ready to let her go.

The DNA sample: The sample the Sponsors provided Dr. Rainwater to work with was from a thirty-pound three-chambered reptilian heart found inside a three-thousand and five hundred year old amphora unearthed in Santerini, Greece. On the amphora was inscribed in an ancient language with, "Here Lies the Heart of the Dragon God." What that means to Eighty-eight is purely speculative, who knows after all, if divinity is genetic?

Abilities: (La la la, ignore all this if you want, it's TMI anyway.)

Wicked Tail swipe, and modestly prehensile tail.

Kevlar-esque Dragon Skin: If she is shot from a distance over 30 ft. with an average handgun, 90% of the bullets will deflect with the other 10% penetrating less than an inch. If closer than 30ft it's 50/50. To do any real damage to her with a projectile weapon you have to be point blank, a foot or less, to cause serious injury or death. Of course, this does squat for stab wounds.

Super-strong bones and tendons: She doesn't know it yet, but she's practically made for the sport of free-running. She's also very fast on four legs, has great balance, and good climbing ability.

Resistant to Elements: Resistant to all elements to some degree, but especially fire; enough to be considered Fire-proof. She doesn't need a roof over her head thanks to her "inner-fire" metabolism, which is basically warm blooded taken one step further, so that she never gets hypothermia.

A Little Extra: Some added strength and agility, compared to an average thirteen-year old, but still, she's thirteen! Oh yes, and claws, should she ever think to use them.

?????: Because of the possibility of being a demi-goddess, and having a long future of hardship and growth ahead of her, there are still many unknowns to the likely-hood of future powers. If anything, they'll show themselves under extreme duress.

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