Copper Mouth | Characters

Copper Mouth | Characters

Copper Mouth by Fetus Man
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'11
 Created: July 18th, 2006
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He was born in the UK during World War II, witnessed the Battle of Britain first hand and survived a few fire bombings too. Rumors around the school yard when he was growing up was that Jack the Ripper was a distant relative of his, this may very well be true, but who knows. it very well would explain his future actions. never the less this made him pretty unpopular with the kiddies. He got into the killin' business when he was about 17 on the off chance that he managed to kill another teen by gouging his eyes out with his thumbs when he got in a fight over a girl. lets just say after that neither the girl or anyone else went near him. But he loved what he did so much, feeling the life of someone slipping away in his hands, he started doing small contract works, eventually word along the underground got him notoriety and he was eventually top of the killing charts in the UK

He was the deadliest assassin back in the 60's and 70's, if you really wanted a job done well and you had the money, you could hire this one man militia. His love of the adrenaline rush he got while busting heads eventually led him to Vietnam and the war that was being waged there. He loved it. Sometimes he would fight on the American GI's side, sometimes on the NVA's side, it didnt matter to him, as long as he was killing he was happy. Eventually the war ended and he was forced into hiding because his actions in vietnam got him too much attention and both the United States and North Vietnamese governments had a hefty bounty placed on his head. He was found a few times but no one ever found out, 'cause no-ones ever gotten away from the White Haired Devil


also, remember that coppermouth lives in the now, so he's aged but still can do what he does better than anyone out there

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