Orange | Characters

Orange | Characters

Orange by Yosai
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'10
 Created: July 11th, 2006
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The Librarian log, 107x

Subject : code Orange
Age : disclosed, apparent 20
Access : Field Operative, outer mark
Class : Summoner/ Conjurer specializing in Carrion Birds. Trained in military combat with combat knives as preferred weapon

Warning : May prone to bloodlust and destruction. Recorded numerous disregard of authority while having high rate of success in missions. Must contact the batch for further inquiry

Subject has been filed for Plane Shifting and A.W.O.L, for following reasons : [ERROR code 2431-889. Please contact for further access]
Current location : [ERROR code 2431-889. Please contact for further access]



From a plane where technology and supranatural meld, it\'s unclear whether Orange is a demon in human form or (not uncommon where she originated) thought turns flesh. She has, however, all the limitations a human would have, like bleeding and injuries, probably even death. Having a full pack of vultures (not quite animals, more like manifestations of herself that resemble the species Gyps rueppellii, about 100 birds for an entire pack) accompanying her everywhere/ summoned at will, she can very well make them attack enemies or clean up the bodies of her fallen adversaries. Most of the time she won\'t resort to summon the birds since undoubtedly it will attract too much attention and counter productive to most of her missions (now, when the objective is to ~intimidate~..)

While not using the vultures, she fights using combat knives and relies heavily on her agility, along with her daredevil nature, an up close and personal combat would be more enjoyable, anyway.

Surprisingly hard to get a rise from, Orange is ambitious, goal-driven and utterly selfish. She smirks, not smiles, even in rare occasions when she does smile, it\'ll be condescending/ for mocking purposes. With her innate disregard to general concensus of morality and authority -or any other human values, at that, although the last would be a byproduct from her origin- it\'s a wonder how she can follow orders in the first place to finish her missions.

Extra Notes :
- The familiar : The one that sometimes perched on Orange\'s arm, slightly smaller than swarm/ summoned vultures, undestructible and undetectable but can\'t and won\'t attack on it\'s own. Will only observe the battle/ Orange from somewhere safe (you don\'t have to draw it).
- Occupies an abandoned old mansion in the outskirts of VOID City, where she and her birds stay. Usually even when sleeping, she keeps a few summoned birds around to keep alert and guarded.
- Eats and drinks, but not in the common human sense. She feeds off corpses of both human and medium-large animals by hunting and killing them first and use the summoned birds as her mouth(s), getting food and energy that way. Living prey is rare, but not unheard of, may eat leftover bodies she doesn\'t kill herself as she has inhuman immunity from diseases and germs from the food she consumes. Can drink normally, but either way is fine.
- Has some prominent markings under the clothes, if you\'re planning to dress (or undress) her in more reavealing outfit, please contact me :D


Order of Continuity (aka. if you\'re interested in her story aspect, read in this order) :

Orange vs. Agent Black : Qualia
Orange vs. Sol : Eclipse

QoV Round 1 - Aixa vs. Orange : Strings
QoV Round 2 - Danielle vs. Orange : Sugar, Orange and Everything Nice
QoV Semi Finals - Orange vs. Estrella D\' Muerte : Whom God Helps

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