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Spunk Roger | Characters

Spunk Roger
 Gender: Unknown
 Height: Unknown
 Created: Prior to recording
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Real Name: Wade Gi \"Spunky\" Anderson
Alias: Spunk Roger
Age: 112
Gender: Male
Race: Lizardman
Weapons: Large two-handed sword, sawed-off 10 Guage shotgun, grenades, various bladed weapons
Fighting Style: Slow, heavy weapon blows. No unarmed fighting style, plain brawling (this throws out most finesse, but his opponents have a hard time predicting his slow movements)

Background: Wade was a simple farmer on the planet Feuda. Shortly after the planet was illegally taken by the Draconran government, he found it difficult to harvest and sell his crops. He feared the Draconrans would take his land. Afraid, he asked for help from various people. Eventually, he came to a mysterious human sorceress.

The Sorceress said she would help Wade Anderson, at no cost. Thankful, he went back, and the sorceress indeed helped. However, things turn out bad.

Half a space-time year later, the sorceress came to Wade\'s house, demanding compensation for her help. Wade pleaded and argued that she had said that she would help him out of the goodness of her heart. The evil sorceress laughed at his pleas.

The sorceress attempted to attack him, but using simple great strength, Wade knocked her away from him, though he had no combat experience. Infuriated, the Sorceress cursed Wade. Just to sadden and spite Wade, she cast the curse that she would keep the Anderson family alive for as long as Wade was alive. She then tore open a portal and threw Wade into a distant realm. The only thing Wade got his hands onto was an old 10 Guage two-barrelled shotgun.

Wade quickly made his way around, trying to find his way back. After pissing off the wrong person (I won\'t tell how, but it involves a gun, a country, and someone important), a very large bounty was placed upon Wade\'s head. He was attacked often. 2 years passed.

In a certain battle against a strange foe, Wade was wounded. He escaped and came upon a shrine. Inside was an old sage who brought Wade back to health, and taught him to use the greatsword. He sawed off his shotgun to help conceal it, and picked up some grenades. Wade took up the alias \"Spunk Roger\", not wanting to reveal his name.

Wade is known to carry many weapons, including a shortsword, greatsword, sawed-off shotgun, and two or three daggers. He even has a concealed blade in the toe of his boot. A quiet and reserved man, he never curses beyond the word \"ass\". He is a very faithful man, keeping his faith in the Gods, hoping they will allow him vengeance and to see his wife and child once again. And hoping that he will stay alive so that they will stay alive.

Wade is very slow to anger, never cursing even when furious, always reluctant to draw his weapons. He doesn\'t want to kill anyone. However, if someone should stand in his path to return to his own realm, he will not be so reserved.

Wade generally follows an honor code, however, he has been known to fight pretty dirty when it comes down to the important things to him. Dirty moves including smashing faces with his sword hilt, elbows, two-handed fist blows, knees to the jaw/groin, and the ever trusty blade-in-the-boot.

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