Percy and Julian | Characters

Percy and Julian | Characters

 Gender: Both male
 Height: 3\'2 and 1\'5
 Created: June 9th, 2006
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He\'s a 6 year old orphan who gave half his soul to his \"best friend\" Julian. So they are connected and by soul if you kill the bear you kill the kid. Kill the kid the bear might turn back into a normal bear. Percy can control toys such as stuffed animals. Julian can become huge and usually takes knives out of nowhere(most likely his stomach) I suppose you can say the Teddy is posessed or something.
Percy is looking for his mommy, but doesn\'t know she is no longer alive.

Percy is your normal innocent 6 year old, He loves giving hugs and smiling. Yes, I\'m serious this kid is that innocent.

This child is not evil at all, all he wants to do is find his mommy and make friends.He does not comprehend the meaning of death, He was put into the deathmatch by Julian to see if the child could survive and make a good host, Julian protects the child most of the time since he needs the childs soul to walk and live. If percy dies there is a small chance that Julian get the rest of his soul. If not Julian is screwed. Also Julian told the child if he joined this SDT he would meet his mommy. And the child believed him (why wouldn\'t he it\'s his best friend)
Percy can\'t comprehend alot of things, He thinks everyone is nice and that there are no bad people in the world or that evil exists. Nothing scares this child he usually smiles and giggles most the time, He does get sad because he misses his mommy.
The child has no intention of killing people, but I\'m not quite sure about the bear.
Percy will believe almost anything Julian tells him. There is more to Julian then just changing size and attacking with knives, He also has many other things up his non-existing sleeves.

And the wind up in his head is to show that him and Julian are connected by soul.

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