Khimaira | Characters

Khimaira | Characters

 Gender: female
 Height: 14\' long
 Created: June 7th, 2006
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Name: Khimaira
Race: Brood of Ekhidna
Date of Birth: 286 AD
Place of birth: Greece
Age: 1708
Fighting style: Hunts like a female lion. If she can form a pack she will, but if not then she hunts alone. She will try to use fire and poison from a distance when threatened. Claws and teeth up close as well as poison spines…
Length: 14’
Weight: 320 lbs

- Can breath fire from any mouth
- Having over one hundred eyes, the Khimaira is never caught off guard. She can see in all directions and even when sleeping some eyes are always active. The drakon tail can see in the inferred spectrum. The main eyes (human head) have limited night vision.
- Skin is very tough able to resist most cutting edge weapons, arrows and small caliber rounds.
- Each snake head is poisonous. There are normally three to four spitting cobras mixed into the bunch. They eject jets of venom toward an enemy, usually at the eyes. The effective discharge range is at least three meters. Most of the snakes are vipers, the drakon tail has the venom of a Black Mamba. Bites are often fatal unless antivenin is administered quickly following the attack. Most of the poisons cause great pain and the spitting can cause temporary blindness. Removing the snakes from Khimaira kills them and causes great pain to Khimaira, but new ones snakes grow rapidly to replace any that are lost.
- Khimaira is herself highly resistant to poisons and immune to fire.

- Khimaira’s greatest weakness is her need for a host body. She can not remain in the physical world without one.
- Khimaira is not immortal... she can be killed. Large caliber rounds (9mm) will penatrate her skin. She has no special defense against anything order then fire or poisons... and although her skin is tough it can be broken.
- Khimaira is clever but arrogant. Her assumption of superiority over others has been used against her in the pass to great effect.

“Ekhidna bore the Khimaira, who snorted raging fire, a beast great, terrible, strong and swift-footed. Her heads were legions: one was with the glare-eyes of a lion, one the lips of a woman, and the third of a snake, a powerful drakon. But she also, in love with Orthos, mothered the deadly Sphinx .. and the Nemeian Lion.\" -Theogony 319-327AD

“She was of divine race, not of men, in the fore part a lion, in the hinder a serpent, and with the heart of an Amazon, breathing forth in terrible manner the force of blazing fire.” Homer, Iliad 6.181

“ a certain country of Asia, a terrible monster, called a Khimaira, had made its appearance, and was doing more mischief than could be talked about between now and sunset. According to the best accounts which I have been able to obtain, this Khimaira was nearly, if not quite, the ugliest and most poisonous creature, and the strangest and unaccountablest, and the hardest to fight with, and the most difficult to run away from, that ever came forth from Hades. It had a tail like a boa-constrictor; its body was like I do not care what; and it was with many heads, one of which was a lion\'s, and another an abominably great snake\'s. And a hot blast of fire came flaming out of each of its three mouths! Being an earthly monster, I doubt whether it had any wings; but, wings or no, it ran like a lion, and wriggled along like a serpent, and thus contrived to make about as much speed as both together.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1852

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