Hot Chick | Characters

Hot Chick | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 2 ft
 Created: June 7th, 2006
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October 26, 2008: Month of the Dead

Fik once again resurfaces during October, when all spirits become especially active.
In a land where time doesn\'t pass, the year of self reflection has had its effects on the deceased chickus.
Now looking more like when he was young, a mysterious lantern is chained to his foot. What could it all mean?

May 17, 2007: Updated for the Speed Resurrection Tournament 2007.

Age: 15-18
Height: 2 ft without headthings
Real name: Fik

Hot Chick was once a normal member of the selfsufficient chicken-race, the Chickus Sentius, untill he and his best friend were kidnapped by a restaurant chain dealing in unusual delicatesse, where Hot Chick witnessed as his buddy was plucked, fried and served with hot sauce. Furious, he broke out of his cage and drank all the hot sauce bottles; with this heat he could call forth a fire only he could control, and burned down the restaurant.
Blinded by rage and vengance, he entered the Speed Death Tournament 2006 to prove his race was not to be messed with, and dived head-first into a sea of trouble.
His first kill was a young female forest-being, lost and a long way from home - he killed her to save her from what horrors were to come. With that first blood on his hands, he could not stop there.
But none of the kills he made were against those his anger was aimed at, and soon rage was overcome with regret and guilt.
Finally, in the last rounds, he was killed himself by the champion-to-be.

But the fire would not go out. It was not the hot sauce, but an innerfury that had ignited after the first dreadful event that started everything - the great sense of duty to right what is wrong. The heavy burden of failure, regret and guilt made this fire burn higher and brighter..

\"It can\'t end like this.\"


His left eye:
Cut open and blinded by Beta Model 06, this eye has been burned through and shows a part of Hot Chick\'s innerbeing.
It burns brighter with the amount of energy HC uses, but he still can\'t see with it.


The Chickus Sentius:
A peaceful folk residing in the mountains a way outside Void City in small villages, with one Elder in charge. They are very patient and avoid trouble or let it rest.
They can reach an age of 150, though they age the same speed as humans.

As for eating chickens, the Chickus Sentius look at it the same as humans look at eating monkeys. Really stupid monkeys. Which are not going extinct.

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