The Terrible Two | Characters

The Terrible Two | Characters

 Gender: A Pansy and a Tomboy
 Height: Boy: 5\'8 Girl. 5\'5
 Created: June 7th, 2006
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Two of you.. . One life.
-The Suits-
The two have been strapped to two dubious black suits, skin tight with a leathery feel, ALmost making them feel naked. It will feel restricting at first but the point of the suit is stress the body to a level in which it can perform well in a combat situation. The suit gives appreciable protection from the elements, and various kinetic assaults. It even recycles sweat into coolant

The String
Tugging on their non-dominant hands is a razor thin rectractable string that\'s being reeled in on their wrist contraption. When cut will retract in the contraption and trigger a bomb that is their suits. When they go too far, the string will snap off and retract in the contraption and explode the bomb that is their suits. There is no absolute knowledge to the length of the string but it\'s connected throughout the the whole suit so the farther they go, the more they feel a certain tightness tingling down their spine and legs.THe string is attached to a console that looks like a pager with three featurless buttons, The pager recieves information from a myterious figure that\'s manipulating them to fight in the SDT and is found to have a cold but humorous personality.
Otherwise, the string is fairly durable capable of keeping each other from falling (helps not stops,otherwise the string snaps out of reel ), almost invisble, almost frictionless (you can\'t stop it from reeling into the suit once snapped), and is sharp enough with the right tension.

THe Bomb?
Which brings us here. The hard reinforced plates on their suits that might as well be the anatomy of the bombs on their suit. But in fact the bomb is the whole suit.
Fueling the suit is an unknown organic compound that might as well be the active ingredient to it\'s explosive force . They can\'t be tracked by police in fact the suit is composed of very little metallic compounds. It helps heal the wounds on the suit (and effectively the wearer) and facilitates heightened levels of body performance (like a second set of muscles) when the wearer engages in high tension situations, it\'s reactive to sweat and body heat, but most of all it\'s fear and madness.
The bomb though simplistic, will only explode on very precise conditions like death and escaping from Void city. It\'s rigged with various electronics unknown to the wearer so as to keep tabs on them. It doesn\'t seem to mind that they engage in other depraved activities , so long as they are participating in the SDT.

The Players

Their names hardly hold any relevance at this point, only tags to the mundane lives that consume them everyday.

The Boy is a flightless dreamer who has seen the glory days of his youth, and is left with a shattered future marred with the reality of the real world. When at last the weight of such an uninspired life style has crushed him, when a fantasy world he\'s hidden has all been seen as what it is; fake. He remembers only the half concious meanderings of dissappearing his own life one day, the chokehold of the drug. And everything going white. Only to wake up again in a vacant subway car, a strange leatherclad person wearing a cat mask sitting in front of him. An emblem of a stiched up heart on her shoulder.


The Girl sat calmly as she went over the details of the deal in her head. She had been given all the advantages to make it through this tournament, but as soon as she inspected the reaction from the kid wearing a dog mask, she knew then that he would just weigh her down, and the wire that attaches the both of them became a bigger problem than she had anticipated. But his weakness, is hers now, and her desperation is his as well. She inspected again, the emblem on his suit: A bird flying endlessly towards a star.

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