The Goblin King | Characters

The Goblin King | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 4\'11\"
 Created: May 16th, 2006
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Title- The Goblin King
Name- Brom, son of Goreshweer
Stats- 4’ 11” tall / 151 lbs / 23 earth years old
Race- Goblin Male
World of Origin- The Kingdom of Airock on the planet Terra
Appearance- Olive-green skin, stocky well built, yellowish eyes,
Language skills- Goblins of Airock speak and write Goblinette a language
spoke also by Orks, Trolls, and other Goblin-kind. It is a guttural
language full of grunts, growls, and abrupt vocabulary.
There natural enemies were Humans so they also can
speak (but do not write) Common Tongue which is the
equivalent of English on Earth.
Other skills- Brom is of a noble and wealthy family therefore he would have
the highest form of education available to Goblins of Airock
which is roughly the level of a 5th grade student in an American
public school. He has basic math, science, and language skills
as well as an aptitude for mechanical skills. He is very intelligent
and picks up new skills quickly.

Apparel- Wears a metal clasp belt, dirty brown loin clothes, and black briefs,
but will wear almost any clothes he finds In Void City.

Hand to Hand- Brom is a Goblin warrior therefore he is an expert hand to
hand fighter and proficient in all bladed and blunt weapons.
He has a high physical prowess and acrobatic skill.

Natural Abilities- Brom shares all of the natural traits of the Goblin race of
Airock; Super Natural Strength-(He could punch his way
though a bank vault or throw a car) Perfect night vision-
Heightened Senses including a sixth sense that
warns him of danger-Advanced healing factor-
extremely dense and tough skin making it very
difficult to cut or puncture his skin- Very Dense
bones allowing him to fall from great distances
or take extreme physical punishment without
breaking any bones. All around very tough.

Powers-Brom absorbed magical energy from the magical rift he was banished through
that he has begun to learn to use as a power source for magical spells he was
taught as a boy. (Use creative license to illustrate spells like levitation,
telekinesis, blind opponent, illusionary magic, etc.)

Personality-Goblins of Airock are evil and self-serving. They are warriors before
anything else and are happiest in battle. They believe they are a
superior race and at the top of the food chain among Goblin-kind.
Brom is brash, cocky, and confident. He is a risk taker, but not above
calculating the odds. He is a sarcastic, crude, and power hungry. Like
all Goblins he craves combat, power, and wealth in that order.

Background- Brom was the youngest of three brothers in line for the Throne of Airock, the Goblin Capital City. When his father died, he was named King over his brothers, which made them furious. Goblin law forbids any members of a house or family to take another goblins life from that same family, making it impossible for Broms brothers to assassinate him without forfeiting there own lives. Therefore they made a secret pact with a rival House who had in their possession a magical scepter capable of opening rifts to other worlds. Magic was once a very strong part of Goblin theocracy and at the center of there religion. But at some point, long before Broms time, it had passed into obscurity and into Goblin legend. Brom was taught magic words of power as a child by an old grandmother but he always thought it was myth. That is why he never saw the threat until it was to late. His brothers used the scepter to banish Brom so that they could legally take the thrown. When Brom awoke, he found himself on Earth in a dark alleyway of Void City.

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