Dr Bibi Dov | Characters

Dr Bibi Dov | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'10
 Created: May 8th, 2006
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Bibi Dov, at 32 years the oldest son of a wealthy family, finished the top universities to become one of the best surgeons around. With his own reputation and the reputation of his family, anyone who wanted a succes-story to their surgery came to him, and he was a busy busy man. And slowly, after cutting and slashing into people daily, the nightmares came. The nightmares of deformed bodies, slithering and twitching and moaning, worse every night, devouring eachother, to grow bigger - moving masses of meat dominated his mind. He didn\'t treat people like people anymore, only seeing their moving organs as if their skin wasn\'t there, and he lusted for the shapes from his dream. At first, the \'mistakes\' he made were barely noticable. A bigger scar, perhaps, but soon the marks he made became bigger, cutting people much more than was necesarry. But it wasn\'t enough! He wanted to devour them, devour the masses of flesh while they were still moving and breathing, but his body was simply not made for that. In an act of madness, he did surgery on himself, moving muscles and bone to grant himself such a mouth that he could eat and eat all he ever wanted. And eat he did, patients disappeared, nurses disappeared, guests disappeared.. But after almost two years of terror, he got caught when he ventured out of the abandond hospital in search of another feast. A collection of doctors and professors were keen to see what made their former collegue come to this. His arms cut off for safety, he was put in a cell for the night...the strenght of his \'jaw\' severly underestimated. Out by bending steel and cement, this time in the middle of town, the mouth is hungry again.

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